Happy Customer

I just wanted to express my opinion about my 1997 Ford Ranger. This truck has 150,000 miles on it. It has been to the garage only for tires, oil changes, and once for a new battery. This truck has no rust, everything works, and it runs like new. That surely has something to say about Ford quality!!! I look around and I see many trucks, and it amazes me when I look at Chevy's that are much newer than my Ford, that simply are falling apart!!! I swear by Ford, and that will always be my vehicle of choice, as long as they keep putting out quality!! In these times with gas prices on rise, I can't imagine having repair bills too. Thanks Ford!!
jennifer nein 05/27/2011
I have a 1995 Ranger with over 260k miles she's been from texas to oregon over several mountain ranges and still no major issues in four years. She's used every night as a spotter truck for a repo company and still outlasts full size trucks...
never has a better line of trucks been made by far...
lucas 04/27/2011
I have a 1996 with over 300,000 mostly road miles on it with no major repairs too :)