Gets Him From Point A To Point B, And All Thats In Between, Running On Over 600,000 Miles. Now Thats Built Ford Tough:)

just wanted to share, nothing runs better than a Ford, and we're living proof of this. my husband is pushing over 600,000 thoundsand miles in his 1986 Ford Ranger that was passed down to him a couple of generations back. he took this job in N.c. so ''Putt-tter's'' (thats what i call his truck:) has been back and forth to G.a. The Good Lord, knows how many times. and still taking him back and forth everyday to work:)while were living here. and did i mention, its the same age as he is:) the only thing is we just had baby #2 and now we cant all ride 2gather, but he would'nt have it any other other way:) He takes Pride in that truck, and he takes pride in work, and a wonderful family man and father. And still takes time to wash it, change the oil, and keep her running great:) Just wanted to say thank u FORD, for being so dang dependable to us:) We would'd have it ant other way:) Have a Blessed Day, Savage Family:)