Franken Ford

We bought our 96 Ranger in December 1995 first car bought brand new we drove this truck from Dec.95 until Feb.2012 the odometer stopped working at 211,950 and that was about 3 years ago.We loved this truck it only had one little dent on the tailgate and it drove great we really took care of it.We had to get a different vehichle for our daughter in a wheel chair and we bought a Ford Freestar and was going to have it modified for the wheelchair but after we bought it I was told they dont do that to those vans anymore because of safety reasons so unfortunately we had to buy a dodge already modified.Anyways back to the Ranger we sold it to our son who had been asking for years when we get a van for his sister he wanted the Ranger within less than a year it's been either hit or wrecked 5 times and we had to give it the name Franken Ford because it looks like it's been through hell but it will not die!Ford's are awesome!!!