Forever Runnin Ford

In 1998 I was getting the oil changed on my wife's car and the was a promotinal box and a card to fill out to win a Honda Accord DX on July 4th at a local Honda dealer.Well I filled it out and a week later they called my name on the country radio station.So I called them back and they said I was regiseterd out of 25 finalsts to try a key to start the car.Iwas the 22nd name to wait in line and It was my turn,3 keys left and I picked 24 because it's my Sept 24 was my birthday.Well the car started and I won the car with my 1 year old and 5 year daughters.Took the car to my local Ford dealership and traded it for my Ranger plus a couple grand. Took my daughters to kindergarten in it and now high school and college. I have 308,000 original trouble free miles on her.It has the 2.5 liter and a manual transmission.
One day I'll give it to my younger daughter and hope I can get a f150.
Thanks for building a "Great Truck" and not taking the goverment bailout!!!
My best, Kerry Cole