Ford Truck Saved My Life

By John L.

Both my wife and I have always had Fords. We’ve just felt they are the best cars on the market. Whenever we’ve “strayed” we’ve always been disappointed and come back to Fords. My wife began with a 1964 Ford Falcon, a 1967 Mustang, Maverick, Torino, etc. and the latest is her 2005 Escape with 159,000 miles and still in wonderful shape. Until recently I had a great Ford Ranger 2003 truck with about 140,000 miles on it. The first accident occurred when a woman t-boned it while my wife was driving. She hit the truck so hard she knocked it into the next lane, going sideways. We were very surprised at the low level of damage, but I explained to my wife that Ford trucks are built to absorb and disperse energy, like a Kevlar vest. It was repaired and ran fine. The second accident occurred when a woman turning right (into my direction) only looked left. The damage was more extensive since it was front end, but after repair it ran fine. So many times you hear that once a vehicle is repaired it never is exactly right after that; not so with the repairs to this truck. On Monday, 11/4 I was driving to work and tried to avoid hitting a deer. I tried to correct (I am a retired firefighter and an instructor for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, University of Maryland, and teach Emergency Vehicle Operator Course), but couldn’t. I hit the guard rail, flipped the truck over, down a 10 foot ditch and ended up upside down… hanging in my seat belt. It had locked, holding me in place, just what it was supposed to do. The crash actually ripped off the cap (which was a Ford-built after-market cap). The windshield was shattered, the roof dented in (but intact), windows out on the sides, etc. Of course there was frame damage. The scene was so bad that when ems arrived they commented that no one could have survived that accident. I was taken to the local hospital and after being thoroughly checked and x-rayed, released a few hours later. I have a lot of good bruises, feel like my ribs were hit with a baseball bat, but I basically walked away from that crash. The truck has been deemed totaled; “Big Red” is history. I thank God for his protection and thank God for being in a Ford truck. I have no doubt in my mind that the truck, again, absorbed so much of the impact, the seat belt worked, and my life was spared because God had me in a Ford.