Ford Ranger Saves Two Mens Lives From Burning Infurnonfurno

The Little Truck DID!!

Two Big Rig Trucks collided on Interstate 5 on the Grapevine spilling huge commercial pipe all over the hwy. And caught fire, at that moment we pulled over the one truck was on fire and unable to get out of his truck, the fire was already up to his leg's John tried to get the driver out of the burning truck, but the door was crushed, the driver looked in John's eyes and said "I'm dying" John "No your not" John ran to his Ford Ranger backed it up took a chain tied it to the the door in two places then to his Ranger and floored it, the smashed door came off and John was able to get the burning victim in the back of the truck to secure him until Fire and Paramedics arrived. This man is alive right now in critical condition but would have died in moments if it was not for The Little Truck that Could and DID!!! Thank you FORD! This little truck has hit the media all over Kern Counties and L.A. Counties.
John Hughes
Updates for the Fire Victim that was willing to die himself in order not to hit hundreds of cars piled up remains in critical condition - Prayers needed!!