Ford Ranger Saves Two Lifes

My father has always loved having a truck, it started in 1992 when he purchased a brand new loaded (for the time) Black 5 Speed Ranger with the sunroof. It was an awesome truck. I remember it from my childhood and how much fun we would have in it. In December of 1998 while heading to work, my father hit black ice, and spun the truck around and hit a gaurdrail with the back end and the front end of the truck. It nearly totalled it, but didn't, and my father made it out with no injuries, you have to remember there was no airbags here, only seatbelts. After the accident we kept the truck 3 more years, and sold it to a friend of ours when my dad got a new truck thru Ford.

The friend we sold it to was a 16 yo (at the time) boy and had just started to drive. A week after he bought it from us (with only 52k on it) he went underneath of a schoolbus while trying to screw with the radio. The truck was a total disaster (we saw it at the junkyard) but where most people would have been dead, the person in the truck walked away with only minor cuts and a broken nose.

Well done Ford, I figured someone would like to hear that you not only saved one, but two lives, with an excellent product. My mother is currently looking at buying a new Escape and I hope that she does.