Ford Commercial.

While at work one day, there was nothing for the dump truck to do, so my boss said he needed some deisel fuel taken to one of our excavators that was clearing swamp land. Had to use articulating pit trucks because the site was so bad. I said I would do it. I hook a 50 gallon deisel tank on a trailer to my Ranger and took off. All the guys at work had been giving me flack about my pooch of a truck. I kept telling them that my girl was strong, and that you couldn't beat the 4WD with a stick. I arrived at the site, and the pit truck showed up. He said he would go tell the operator I was there, and have him come out to me. This guy was one of my biggest nay sayers. His Toyota could run circles around my Ford, in his own head. I told the pit truck operator to just lead me in, and that I would take the fuel to the machine. He asked in that? I said yes. He took off, and I followed, but stayed just to the side of his tracks because they were too deep. I pulled up to the machine, and that guys jaw hit the floor. He said " you should make a commercial for Ford" I told him that, see even his Toyota wasn't that strong. He said he never would have even tried it. I finished delivering the fuel, and turned around and drove out of the site. After work, I washed my truck, so my husband wouldn't know that I had done something stupid with my truck again, in his eyes. Thought I got away with too until he asked how the front plate got torn off the truck. Busted! That was the second time I've been busted by him. It just makes me smarter for furture stupid things. I have fun, but never put her someplace I can't get out of. That was a very good day at work.