Cross Country Ranger

Just one year ago I purchased my !st brand new Ranger, and my 4th truck in the Ranger family. Since then I have rolled over 22K miles. I hardly use my Ranger as a daily driver, seeing as I live at work, where I drive a Ford. I bought my Ranger for one reason, to see America in a real American made truck! In the past year my Ranger has been through 23 states, from the foothills of Mt. Hood Oregon, to the banks of the Mississippi., and even a short run down to Sonora, MX. In the next few years, my goal is for my Ranger to touch soil in all 50 states, Including Hawaii. I've got a good jump on it, but couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to see our great country than behind the wheel of my Twin Cities, MN built Ford! Below is shot of my Ranger on the Little Big Horn Battle field, Sioux land, MT
T C 09/29/2012
After you tour all 50 US states take your Ranger on a tour of Canada, we have 10 provinces and 3 territories with a gazillion miles of highways (ok more like a few hundred thousands of miles of roads and highways) your Ranger can cruise on.
john m 09/07/2012
ford should start building the ranger again. good fuel economy, well built and ford tough. even make it electric., they can go to the moon and run around it on a electric vehicle. the internal cumbustion engine is not pratctical any more. fuel cost too mutch. BRING BACK THE RANGER.
mark 08/25/2012
Let us know what they think about shutting down the line when you get to the Twin Cities. I bought my first Ranger last fall just for that reason ... after 7 million of the things were produced there I wanted a jet-black Ranger Sport, 4x4, manual transmission, limited slip as a testimony to all of the great line workers in that state!