Black Betty

in feb of 2007 I bought a 1995 Ford Ranger XLT, It had 241 000 Miles on it, I had been a previous Chevy S10
Owner. I want to say this is by far the best truck I have ever had. Right now she has 257000 miles on the original engine. She has never given me a major problem. I still get 26MPG Highway, she has only failed to start once time and that was because I left the lights on and killed the battery. This truck means alot to me because I bought it from the Adoption agency that handled my son's adoption. I nicknamed her " black betty" after the Bad Company song. I also turned her into a harley edition.

it may not be much to look at, and I am not winning any races in her. But this truck has taken all that I have thrown at her and purred like she did 15 years ago. I plan to give this truck to my daughter as something she can have from her brother. That is why I am sending this to you. This truck has been a perfect running truck during the whole time i have owned her. I read online that you plan to end the Ford Ranger line. I honestly cried, deep down I see that truck as a part of my son. I hope you don't end these trucks. In Houston Texas there are so many rangers on the road. All different years too.
All in all because of this tired old truck the ford motor company has made a lifetime customer of me, A former chevy lover. I spent two years towing my s10 each month for all the money I spent on that truck i could have bought several rangers. the best thing about this truck line is they are so dependable and the are very easily to get attached too.

yours truely

Jennifer Bergerson
Houston Texas