Amazing Miles

I bought a new Ford Ranger in the year 2001. Against all advise from friends on purchasing this vehicle I decided to buy it anyway. I'm a traveling salesman for a distribution center in Maine. I put many miles on my vehicle on a daily basis, people are amazed as I am that my Ford Ranger has gone as long and as far as it has. To the day, my vehicle has 324,000 miles on all original parts. No transmission, no motor jobs. Just routine maintenance. I thought I would wright this letter to say "wow". I'm shocked and amazed. Thanks Ford, for proving your strength and longivity.
Sincerley, Danny Martin
Jay 04/22/2011
Too bad Ford is killing these truck. :-(
Ernest Pons 04/21/2011
My friend bought a new Ranger in 1995. He got 420,000 miles with routine maintenance. Now he drives a 2003 Ranger with the same, "Vulcan" engine.
Matt German 04/20/2011
Got me beat. I thought my 1999 with 240,000 was a lot. Can't beat Ford's quality!