All Because We Drive A Ford!

While my husband and I were attending a Toby Keith concert recently, a young man came up to us as we stood in the lawn seating area and asked if it was just the 2 of us.  I answer, yes.  He asks what I drive, instinctivly I answer Buick but my husband just laughed and said but we brought the Ford!  To our surprise this man tells us he works for Ford and that they are upgrading our seats to the pavilion.  He reassures us it is not a joke!  So we go to the pavilion only to find our new seats are 5th row, dead center of the stage!  By far the coolest night of our lives and it is all because my hubby drives a 13 year old Ford truck!  Thank you Ford for making our night very memorable!
John 07/26/2013
just to add to my wife's story.  This is the second Frod truck I have owned.  I had a 1986 F150 that my wife and kids nicknamed the blue beast and wouldn't ride in it.  But if anyone needed anything towed, hauled or pulled out I would help.  Was a sad day when I had to get rid of it - had 248,000 miles but just couldn't keep the body together anymore and when the clutch went had to send her away.  The concert was the best we have seen at Blossom!!! Thanks to Toby Keith and Ford!!