A Ranger Fan

Since the 80's I have been a Ranger fan. I worked as a laborer for a home builder, they gave me a ranger to help me. I beat the living hell out of it and it still ran. I then bought a 1989 extended cab and drove it daily 25 miles or so on the Stevenson expressway to downtown Chicago. It still ran. Finally I bought my friends 1999 ranger step side as I watched him down to his last hour in 2002. I still have it. I had watched the "Rolling Thunder" on power block's "Truck's!". I liked how they moved the front axle forward and put in a kick butt suspension. I wish the designers at Ford would take a look and figure out a way to put those ideas to mass production. I will keep on buying Rangers as long as they are available. And I would like to see an FX4 updated version as the winters here in Chicago can be quite nasty. Thank you. Also may I suggest a way to shift from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive to all wheel drive? On the fly too? Just a thought.