Unfortanate Event Saves Family

Hi my brother has a real good job and can afford lots of mods and newer trucks. Well in 2010 1 year after me and my wifes exeprience my brother got into an accident. He was driving a 2008 Ford F350 4x4 with the diesel and huge lift kit and tires. He had two very young kids who were not even a year old and his wife all in the truck. The driver of the Ram 5500 Diesel never looked and turned to early smaking his trailer into my brother knocking my brother into a Chevrolet Van and the van and my brother falling into a huge ditch. My brother lives in arizona near me and was heading for Georgia for a bussiness meeting. He was in Oklahoma when he wrecked his truck. Everybody in the Van was critically injured one died. My brothers family all in ok shape other than my brother broke his leg. He lost the truck completely totaled. I got the call at 10:30 at night and as soon as I did I jumped in my F350 with my wife and got there as fast as possible. If it wasn't for Ford my brother would be dead along with his two kids. He last week got enough money again to get a new truck and he got a 2011 Ford F450 4x4 Diesel crew cab King Ranch he loves it alot. He just ordered the parts to have it lifted. His wife has a 2011 Ford Escape that is extremely family safe. I thank Ford for saving him and his family's life. Ford has saved my family alot. I was saved by fords set up on me and my wife's F350.