The Spoken Written Goal

By Rob V.

I bought a 2500 heavy-duty Chevy 6.6 L diesel truck. It was beautiful did everything I needed. but it just didn't feel right. I traded in my 2007 Ford F250 for the 2013 6.6 L diesel truck. The kids didn't quite have the room. And it wasn't the truck I dreamed about. I was joking around with my brother-in-law before I bought the Chevy. And he told me "you know a Ford just wants to work" But the Chevy truck when you get it after a hard days work it gives you a hug as it's telling you I'll take you home everything will be all right. (I was stoked) I had to have a Chevy. Three months later there's a dent in the side of my new truck, what happened? I leaned against it to unhook the hitch in the bed. (5th weel) my chest pushed it in. I didn't love this truck, I was mad at myself because I didn't spend a little bit more money to get what I dreamed about. Two days later I found a piece of paper  I wrote back in in 2011, it told me a goal that I must achieve. At the top the list I had wrote 2012 Ford F350 lariat attempts to fall in love with my Chevy I put about $2000 worth of extras on. Bed cover, running boards, cts edge programmer, leather seat covers, carpet protector. I also took the loss of $3000 from the trade in of the Chevy to my new 2014 Ford F350 lariat. all in totaled I lost $5000 to achieve my dream. By the way I wouldn't change a thing. I find the failure is my best friend when it allows me the knowledge and experience to do, be and have what I desire. The story my brother-in-law told me, It wasn't true my Chevy was a codependent pile of Poop and every time I see somebody driving their Chevy, I have nothing but compassion for their poor decision. The truth, if you want to come home as a man to be loved by your family there is only one choice. safety the comfort and the power. -ford - I believe that everybody Should drive Chevy truck so they can know exactly why Ford is the best. (I'm fairly certain that I saw in the dictionary next to the word Security a picture of a Ford F350 it simply said "yep" lol Thanks Team
Ford Social 09/11/2014
Hey Rob, glad to see you're back in your Ford for good! We're hoping you continue to reach for your goals. Don't forget to enjoy the ride along the a way! - Ford Social Team