The Journey Is The Principal Goal

We are the Stringer Family. Between my husband and I we own 5 Ford vehicles. We own one 1982 Ford Bronco, a 2000 Ford F 250, a 2007 Ford F 550, a 2008 Ford F 350, and a 2009 Ford Flex. And they are all named.

We are an over-landing family. Over-landing can be described best as a self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road capable transport where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and sometimes spanning international boundaries.

We travel quite a bit in our 2008 Ford F350 Super Duty truck named Lumpy, who is fully equipped for all our adventure needs. The safari rack that holds the two tents was custom designed by my husband, Doug, who knew exactly what he wanted when he set out to accomplish the goal of equipping the vehicle with two Eezi Awn tents. The rock sliders on the side and the wench in front equip Lumpy with some of the basic necessities that are required when traveling this way. The tire gate on the back holds a full size spare using factory mounts for swing gate capability and a 14 gallon water tank.

We have named our family adventure traveling Lumpy Land Roaming. Already having journeyed to many destinations we hope to make the longest trek yet come May when we take the month to drive the Trans American Trail, which spans from Tennessee to Oregon.

As a family we have faced many challenges. Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and since then we have seen more than our share of hospitals. But this has only enhanced our craving for adventure travel. We know that life isn’t always on the easy road, but rather the one that has not been too clearly marked, not too sure where it ends, and quite off the beaten path.Life is immensely beautiful when it is full of unknowns. How easy it is to embrace every moment for what it is when you are content in not knowing what is ahead, breathing in the new landscapes around us, exploring new roads that bring even better views than the one before.

Mark 04/08/2014
That is Ford family dedication.  Great story shared.