Gonna Miss My Truck

Hi, my name is Carlos. I just wanted to inform you of my positive experiences I've had with my Ford f-350. It was my steady working truck. I used it to do all sorts of tasks that required heavy duty power. I am forever a Ford truck guy because of the reliability. I will always stick with your brand of truck. I can't fathom to bring myself to look at other brands. Unfortunately for me, I recently had to sell my f-350 dually due to the economy. I could not afford it anymore. But I hope to find in the next 2 years an affordable f-350 probably between a 1999-2002 and hopefully a diesel. I think you guys are awesome. It's been a pleasure to enjoy the high quality vehicles you make and wish it were sooner than later to own a Ford truck again. My truck was the best and handled the payload and towing I did. If you need me to send pictures of my f-350 I sold I will gladly do it. It was also awesome cause I plowed snow with it. I must say I feel empty without it and will keep you updated when I can buy one again. Thanks again for the best trucks on the market.
Suhail Sood 10/15/2011
That's an amazing looking truck. I am sure you have memories attached to this truck