Fords Rule

By Sam F.

The is my newest Ford she is A F 350 super Duty with A 7.3L turbo Diesel. She's my first real big truck.
I got it for towing A fifth wheel camper. My Camper killed my last Truck LOL is was a Dodge Dakota which should have had the towing power for the job. I have to say it was weighted and measured and came up wanting badly. I was able to do the first camping trip, blowed the rear end taken out 3 injectors
front brakes. Thats the last Dodge I ever get even if I, get the same deal I got on that one.
kyle 08/09/2013
unfortunatly i would have to disagree with your statement i have always had dodges and one of them i have right now is a 05 dodge dakota 4.7HO and it pulls a john deere 110 backhoe loader on a 27 ft gooseneck no problem other than slow acceleration fords are nice but i prefer dodges
Emma W 10/26/2012
super duties rocks. my dad has one in black :3
Andrew T 10/10/2012
Fords do not get the credit they deserve. The quality is so high without a hefty pricetag. Fords can pull.