First Ford Truck Ever

I'm an entertainer. I'm on the road constantly. I recently had a Chevy Tahoe and it was a terrific car. I loved that car. I put 230,000 miles on it in just 4 years. The only problem with it is that it was not meant to pull a trailer ALL THE TIME. I had an accident and ended up totaling the tahoe, or the "Tahotel" as we called it because of so many nights I had to sleep in it. It just so happened that The ford dealer had a new F-350 for sale. My Tahoe was a luxury SUV so my standers were very high. I have to be in this vehicle all the time. It needs to be comfortable, good looking and, powerful. The 2011 F350 is the truck for me. It's a beautiful beast as I like to call it. Its has all the creature comforts of a luxury car, and the raw power that I require to haul all of my equipment. I could not be happier with this truck. I see people staring at it when I pull in places. Its an awesome machine and I can't wait to write more about my FIrst Ford Truck.