Family Christmas Ford Trucks And Suvs And Car

Hey all,
My family has owned Fords for life. My oldest of two younger brothers he is a plumber: 1989 F350 4x4 crew cab (235,000 miles with rebuild kit), 1989 Ford F250 4x4 (165,000 miles), 2012 Ford F350 Dually diesel 4x4 crew cab King Ranch (52,000 miles), 2012 Ford F150 Raptor 4x4 Crew cab (41,000 miles) 1993 Ford F350 crew cab 460 V8 (141,000 miles) 2000 Ford F350 diesel crew cab long bed 4x4 (151,000) 2012 Ford Escape 4x4 (42,000). Myself: I am an auto mechanic and rancher: 1988 Ford F150 4x4 (121,000 miles), 2002 Ford F250 4x4 Crew Cab Triton V10 (132,000 miles), 2012 Ford F350 4x4 crew cab diesel XL with power everything (22,000 Miles), 2012 Ford Explorer AWD 401A (31,000 Miles), 2002 Ford F550 4x4 diesel western Hauler bed (122,000 miles), and a 2002 Ford F350 4x4 diesel crew cab dually (141,000 miles), 2002 Ford F250 diesel crew cab 4x4 (121,000 miles) 2008 Ford F250 4x4 crew cab diesel(82,000 miles). My sister whom is a rancehr owns a 1993 Ford F250 4x4 460 V8 super cab (242,000 miles with crate engine and new tranny), 2000 Ford F250 2wd super cab diesel (141,000 miles), 2011 Ford F450 crew cab diesel 4x4 (13,000 miles), 2012 Ford F550 4x4 crew cab western hauler bed (12,000 miles) 2012 Ford Econline E350 4x4 converted triton V10 (121,000 miles). My youngest brother whom is a chef: owns a 1986 Ford F150 4x4 (121,000 miles), 1984 Ford Bronco 2 4x4 (220,000 miles), a 1977 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (15,000 miles), 1999 Ford Explorer V6 RWD (156,000 miles), a 2012 Ford F350 diesel dually crew cab (71,000 miles), two 2007 Ford F150 4x4 crew cabs (114,000), a 1999 Ford F350 4x4 crew cab diesel (152,000 miles). My parents own a 2012 Ford Explorer AWD (25,000 miles), a 2012 Ford F250 4x4 crew cab diesel (91,000 miles) and lastely a 2012 Ford F450 4x4 dually crew cab diesel (51,000 miles). We all love Fords alot we use them for work and play plus meeting with the family. Built Ford Tough. Plus this last Christmas we had all of our vehicles over at my parents house all lined up side by side. The line was to long for a Photo.