Driven Hard But Still Moving At 276,000+

By Bill P.

I bought this early 99' F350 back in early 2007 with 80,000 miles on it since I was beating up my 2002 F150 and pushing it's limits hauling horses, hay and tractors. After replacing the front hub assemblies, i decided I needed something that I wasn't going to kill by over using it. So I found my F350 at a steal with only 80K miles on it. Now I have just over 276, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong. The only major thing I replaced was a transmission and that was only cause I did some damage hauling 18K lbs of hay WITHOUT trailer brakes so I was pulling the tranny down into lower gears manually, the constant shifting going up and down hills and never servicing the tranny after I bought it. So new transmission and I am diligent on the service for everything. 4 horse trailers, campers for hunting, 4 wheel low when hunting when pulling a camper to get to a good spot, pulling cars out of 4 and 5ft snow drifts... This truck has taken some abuse and is also my daily driver... and she keeps on going. I wouldn't be surprised to see 500,000 miles on it. Will only be a Ford for me.