Double Or Nothing!

My father owns a hopper bottom grain bin manufacturing company in North Dakota, and during a particularly busy summer a few years back, he asked me if I'd be comfortable delivering some of the smaller bins. I jumped at the opportunity. He informed me that I'd be using his '05 F350 for the deliveries. I wasn't entirely confident that it could be done, as I'd only ever seen grain bins being hauled by massive semis. The power that machine possessed became clear the moment I pulled onto the highway on my first delivery. I delivered a handful of bins with ease. Then my father, as he often does, raised the stakes. "A farmer down in Kirby, Wyoming needs 2 bins, and he needs 'em now. You're doing a double haul!" he exclaimed. Again, I argued that it couldn't be done. "It's a Ford!" he replied.

I watched the ranch foreman's jaw hit the dusty Wyoming ground as I drove onto the work site pulling two bins at 12 1/2 ft. in diameter each, and slowly began to back them into place. "How the heck did you haul two bins all the way from North Dakota behind a pick-up?" He asked dumbfounded. "It's a Ford." I replied.
Ford Social 08/11/2014
High Five Delani! That sounds like some mighty fine interstate driving on your part. We are proud that your Ford Super Duty truck was up to the task. Thanks so much for sharing your Super Cool story! - Social.Ford