Big Tonka Truck, Ford F-650

I work at a Ford dealer, just recently a customer traded in this truck. If you drive a truck like this everyone will move out of your way and no other truck can compeate with this F-650. This is a cool truck!!!
David 08/22/2011
I need one....REALLY. I pull a forty foot fifth wheel trailer and at twenty-four thousand pounds it's heavy. I may just go to the local Ford Truck Dealer and look for one. Probably will have to order it since I like all the toys (moonroof, power heated and cooled seats, power everything else and, of course, the navigation and Sirius XM satellite radio system. Will make a great addition to my F-350 Dually and my Lincoln MKX
Eric Rucki 07/24/2011
I want one!
Ingo Breuer 07/19/2011
Great truck!
Brandon Valiquette 07/16/2011
I LOVE F 650's There BOSS!=D