Bad End To A Camping Trip

By Pam C.

We were going home from a camping trip in Sept. 2009, it was drizzleing. As we were going around some tight curves driving out of the foothills, our 5th wheel decided to try and pass the truck. Amazingly, our 5th wheel did not detach from our truck and we stayed upright even while the trailer pushed the truck into the muddy shoulder of the road. Despite a crushed corner on the cab, twisted bed, and 2 doors damaged no one was injured in the accident. During the Insurance apprasial and body shop check it was found that the frame had not even been twisted. Our Ford prevented an serious accident from being something much worse.
Chris Gaskins 03/26/2011
Glad you are safe. I also tow a 5th wheel camper, can you share what caused the accident?