Toughhest Truck Around

i own a couple ford vehicles 1 is a 2003 ford econoline cargo van it is the best running truck and the toughest vehicle ive ever owned. growing up my dad always bought ford and im speaking from experience nothing in this world can compare with a ford. i put about 200 miles on my truck dailly and i have never had a problem with it and ive had up to 7,000 pounds on the truck and it pulled it like a champ. i just want to let ford know u make the meanest an badest vehicles on the road and i wont own anything else.
Shirley Albert 12/21/2009
In my country mostly people purchased vehicle from china, Japan and Korea because they let them make installments. Me, I compared to US made. US made is the best especially Ford. At this time economy crisis, therefore installment is better for your service. We will order with an installment amount. That way, I suggest you gonna have many buyers from this end.