This Story Is About A Rock Band And An E 350 15 Passenger Ford Van Part Ii

By John B.

It seems as if the first story was read by many and comment on by a lot. Just to let everyone know, people do read “Ford Social” and are a group that acts and helps their fellow man . . . this is part II of the story.
During the many tours that BOBAFLEX has been on since the original story was written it seems as if the van has become pretty popular, there were fans of the band getting their pictures taken with the van.
A Ford dealer in Delavan, Wisconsin, Gregg Kunes, owner of Kunes Country Ford, was made aware of the story on Ford Social and made it his quest to see if he could help the band in some way. Well Gregg looked high and low and finally found an RV that was just right for the band and was able to get a great deal for them.
The RV needed a few finishing touches to make it a home for them as they travel through out the country exciting their fans at every stop.
BOBAFLEX wants to thank Gregg, his sales staff, the mechanics that have help get the RV in perfect running order, Bob and Theresa.
The “BOBAFLEX” E-350 now has 298,000 miles on it. When BOBAFLEX was asked what are you doing with the E-350 . . . there answer was “WE’RE KEEPING IT!!!!” Built FORD tough and thanks Gregg for being “FORD awesome!!”
Brenda N 11/08/2012
What the heck, I have been trying for 5 days to leave a comment on here, come on Ford Social!!! BOBAFLEX is the best band ever, Ford, give them a truck, car, or car radio, they should get something!!!!
Sara Z 11/01/2012
I love the boys of BOBAFLEX!!!! The best band ever!!!! EVERYONE, support the Back Bar, Kunes and Theresa!!!
Ken L 11/01/2012
Big Bobaflex fan, the best live show ever!!! I'm going to drive over to Kunes after the first of the year and get my brand new Ford pick-up truck, you all come join me!!!
Jennifer P 10/29/2012
Girls for BOBAFLEX!!!! Now lets us all go buy are cars at Kunes, come on folks, lets support those that support our guys!!
Marion 10/27/2012
Those that have heard BOBAFLEX love BOBALFLEX, enough said!
Tim Z 10/26/2012
I never bought a Ford in my life, I am a big Bobaflex fan and now that you've posted their story, 2 times, I'm going to go talk to Gregg at Kunes. about a new truck Thanks Bobaflex for all the years of entertainment.
Scott 10/26/2012
Ford, lets give all your employees a BOBAFLEX CD for Christmas!!!!
Rich 10/26/2012
Ford and Bobaflex, sounds like a marriage to me. Bobaflex really is the best live band out there, Ford, how about one or two of there songas on the Ford Social page???
Dave 10/18/2012
Bobaflex is the best band EVER!!!! Buy a car at Kunes, everybody!!
Jonathan 10/17/2012
Big, big, big Bobaflex fan, thanks Ford Social, Thanks Gregg, Bob and Theresa, EVERYONE go to The Back Bar in Janesville for your concert needs and EVERYONE Go to Kunes in Delavan to buy all your cars, lets support those that support ours!!
Andrew 10/16/2012
Gotta love BOBAFLEX, the band is the best I've ever seen!!! I want to tahnk everyone also, as a fan, we all can't help very much but appreciate those that can. Thanks Kunes!!! I WILL be buying our next car there! Thank you Gregg, Bob and Theresa. Everyone support Kunes, The Back Bar and Ford!
Joe 10/13/2012
Thanks Ford for the SECOND Bobaflex story, they are one awesome band . . . I'm still thinking a Bobaflex song in a Ford comercial????
Travis M 10/13/2012
I love Bobaflex, the best live band ever and the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. I never owned a Ford but you bet I will be in Delavan, Wisconsin this spring getting my first Ford truck. Thanks Ford Social, Bob, Gregg and hot Theresa. KUNES Rocks!!
Kelly 10/11/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX at the back bar in Janesville, WI several times, the best live band i have ever seen there!! I work for a company in Rockford, we have 12 fleet cars and trucks, we will be replacing all of them starting at the 1st of the year at Kunes, see what kindness does! Thanks Bob from the back bar for helping out BOBAFLEX, thanks Gregg for your tireless efforts and thanks Theresa for being hot! Everyone Go to the back bar and buy your cars from Kunes, lets support these guys!!!
Bob B 10/10/2012
Bobalfex rocks!!!! Thanks Gregg, gonna buy my next Truck there, see you in the spring!!!!
Lorenza 10/06/2012
I'm also an Illinois resident and am a huge fan of BOBAFLEX, we see them anytime they are within 200 miles of us, GREAT live Band, the best i have ever seen. Thanks Ford Social for putting up story #2 of BOBAFLEX, hopefully there will be a #3 Christmas story with them all getting brand new Fords!! Thanks Bob, Theresa and Gregg, I believe Kunes also has a car dealership in Illinois?!?!?!?!
Ryan 10/06/2012
We love BOBAFLEX, the best live band ever, we're starting to like Ford and we WILL be making the trip from Illinnois to Wisconsin to buy are cars from now on! Thanks Gregg, Bob and Theresa!!!! Kunes, see you after Christmas!!!
Jo 10/06/2012
BOBAFLEX rocks!!!! And I'm now buying all my cars from KUNES!
Debbie C 10/06/2012
Bobaflex is not only the most talented band i have ever witnessed but the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, and they meet and greet EVERYONE!!! They stay at their concerts until the last fan has left. Ford, you really should do something with these guys! Gregg, Bob and Theresa, thanks, KUNES you're going to pleased with what you have done!!!
Tim 10/05/2012
I'm a big BOBAFLEX fan, the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. Ford should give the guys cars, it seems as if a lot of us read Ford Social because of them, Gregg, wait until you see your increase of sales!!! Thanks KUNES!!!!
Dale 10/04/2012
Huge Iowa BOBAFLEX fan, I saw them last weekend and each time they get better and better and they are the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet and more talent than any band I have ever seen. They stay until the last fan leaves!!! Thank you all for helping them get the RV, Gregg, Bob and Theresa, you guys rock. Gregg, I believe a lot of us iowa fans will be coming to KNES in Wisconsin to get our next car, what an awesome act of kindness, did you ever expect this sort of response?!?!?
Sam L 10/02/2012
Bobaflex IS the best live band E V E R ! ! ! Gregg, thanks for the kindness, you will be repaid 100 fold! EVERYONE buy your cars at KUNES!
JHB 10/02/2012
BOBAFLEX rocks until nothing is left, you guys are awesome!! Thank you to all of those that the support the best band on the planet. Kunes is the only place to buy a car!!!
Lee 10/02/2012
BOBAFLEX the best live band ever!!!! I saw them Friday night at Bar 3, what an awesome concert! And like a lot of other people on here, I'm going to check out Kunes, how about a good deal Gregg??? Thank you Gregg, Bob and Theresa for being hot!
Carla 10/01/2012
Bobalfex, great show in Iowa on Saturday!!!! Kunes Rocks!!!
Rigo 10/01/2012
Bar 3 in Rockford rocked on Friday night with BOBAFLEX!!!! Donna, great show!!! Thank you Ford Social, Gregg, Bob and Theresa. And Gregg, we'll be seeing you soon!!!
Eric 10/01/2012
We saw BOBAFLEX this weekend in Iowa, what a great show! BOBAFLEX is the best live band we have ever seen! Thank you Ford for posting another story of a great band, they truly are awesome. My friends and I WILL be traveling to wisconsin to get ore cars and trucks from now on, thanks Gregg, Theresa and Bob, you guys are unbelieveable!!! Now Ford, lets get a tune or 2 of theres in your commercials!!!
vp 09/29/2012
We saw Bobaflex last night at Bar 3 in Rockford, Il, it was my first time to ever see them, what an awesome show!!! I was a big fan before now i'm a huge fan!!!! It was the best live show I have ever seen. Nice RV, thank you Gregg, Bob and Theresa!!! We will be buying ALL are cars from Kunes from now on and we have a very big family!!!!
ERN 09/29/2012
BOBAFLEX rocked bar 3 last night in Rockford, il, what a great show!! Donna you know how to throw a party!!! We from Rockford will be buying ALL our cars from Gregg at Kunes from now on, we start next week!!!!! BOBAFLEX you blew it up!!!! Thanks to Bob, Gregg and Theresa and Theresa is hot, i saw her last night!!!
Alan 09/26/2012
Definately a huge BOBAFLEX fan, a machine shop fan and now a Kunes fan! I WILL be buying all my cars from Kunes from now on, thanks Gregg!!! Thanks to Bob and Theresa too, all you rock! See what kindness can do for you!
SE 09/25/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, I'm from Tennessee and we all love BOBAFLEX here, I think we're all going to Wisconsin to buy our cars though, if we don't make it Gregg, know we tried and that we appreciate all you've done to help them . . . Thanks Gregg!!! Everyone buy your cars and trucks from KUNES!!!!!!
Greg 09/19/2012
Great Band and even Better guys!! That's awesome you guys at the Dealership are so helpful to the boyz in Bobaflex. I know they appreciate it. Can't wait to see the RV and the show down here in Florida. That is Great you did this 'follow-up' story. Sorry it took me so long to see/read the story part II.
Rachel H 09/17/2012
I am only 21 and have been a BOBAFLEX fan for a few years now, they are the best rock band on the planet!!!! When I get my new car, after I graduate college I'm going to drive from Oklahoma to Wisconsin to get my new Ford, what do you think of that Gregg, see what kindness gets you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heather 09/17/2012
Bobalfex is the hottest band I have ever seen!!! Ford thank you for posting story #2 about them! Thanks for all those that have helped them along their way, thanks Gregg, Bob and Theresa! I live in Iowa and I am going to drive to Wiscnsin in the summer, after I graduate for my 1st brand new Ford from Kunes Ford!!! All you other fans need to do the same. What an awesome commercial this is!!!!!!
Jon W 09/16/2012
Bobalfex is also my favorite band, I believe i've worn out a few of their CD's. Great story, Ford Social thanks for posting another story of BOBAFLEX on here, I think the 1st one was pretty sucessful. As for Kunes Ford, I have never owned a Ford before but I can promise you, because of this story, I will own Fords forever and the only place I will ever get on is fron Gregg at Kunes!! Thanks Gregg for you unselfish act of kindness!!! Good things happen to good people!!!!
Jenna G 09/16/2012
I'm from the New Orleans area and have seen BOBAFLEX one time, as everyone else has said, the best live show I have ever seen!!! Sorry Gregg i won't make it to Kunes to buy my next car, so all you fans in the area please support Kunes Ford!!!! Ford, can the band all have cars too?
AB 09/16/2012
Yes Sir, BOBAFLEX is the best band I have ever seen!!! Why doesn't Ford hand out some Ford stuff at their concerts??? Thanks Gregg, I'm buyiing my next car from Kunes. Thanks Bob, i see almost every concet at the back bar. Thanks Theresa, i guess from the comments for being hot!
Brett G 09/15/2012
Bobaflex rocks me to my soul!! Ford, use their songs in a commercial or 2 . . . geeze!!!
Naomi C 09/15/2012
BOBALFEX has the hottest guys, WOW and their music is to die for!!! Thank you to all those that have supported BOBAFLEX thru-out the years and continue to support them. Gregg, I don't know if you believe in karma but I know you'll get back 100 times what you did for them, you too Bob and Theresa the same for you!
Shane S 09/15/2012
Bobaflex is the best band ever, thanks all those that helped them getting the RV, i wish I was part of that team!!! GREGG, you are awesome and I am a virgin Ford owner but I'll see you in the spring for my first Ford!!!
CJ 09/15/2012
I'm from Oklahoma and I love BOBAFLEX, thanks Ford Social for giving me a little more reading material about my favorite band. And Gregg, if I could I would buy all my cars from you, hey, all you BOBAFLEX fans out there lets support Kunes Ford, what a great team he has there!!!! John, Theresa is that hot??
Jenna 09/14/2012
The boys of BOBAFLEX are hott, I love watching them perform!!!! As for Kunes Ford you bet I'll be buying all my car from Gregg from now on!!! And the machine shop did rock on Friday ngith, thanks Kevin and Craig!!!
Zenobia H 09/14/2012
Huge BOBAFLEX fan, now a huge Kunes fan!!!
MWW 09/14/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever heard!!! It sounds like a lot of people reached out to help them get their RV, thank you to all!!! I really think that Gregg Kunes is going to get a few more sales per year, thanks especially to Gregg. And the Machine Shop does rock!!!
Julie 09/13/2012
I'm not going to mention how awesome BOBAFLEX was at the Machine Shop last Friday, i'm not going to mention how much i appreciate the help BOBAFLEX recieved from Kunes. I'm not going to tell Gregg that he will be selling me my next car or any car I ever purchase from now on. I'm not going to mention that Karma sometimes is a wonderful thing!! Thanks to all!!!!
Val M 09/12/2012
I live in Wisconsin and went to the Machine Shop on Friday night for the first time and it is everything everyone says it is, it was awesome, Kevin and Craig put on one heck of a show!! BOBAFLEX you rocked the roof off of that place, thanks for the great time. As for all you Packer haters, we'll see in January!!! Ford, thanks for posting the 2nd BOBAFLEX story on Ford Social, you have opened up your site to a whole new audience and heck yeah I'll be buying all the rest of my cars from Kunes Ford, thanks Gregg, the RV is awesome!!!
Alan 09/11/2012
The machine shop was rocking on Friday night thanks to an outstanding performance by BOBAFLEX, Kevin way to throw a party!!!!
Thanks to Gregg, Kunes will be my Ford dealer of choice!!!
RV 09/10/2012
I'm from North Carolina, I love Bobaflex and I'm thinking of coming to Wisconsin to buy my next Ford truck!! Thanks Gregg!!!! BOBAFLEX you guys are awesome!!!!
Debbie C 09/10/2012
Bobaflex at the Machine Shop was epic!!!! Kevin, another great show!!! Thanks Ford Social, Kunes, Bob and Theresa, the RV was awesome!!! What a great act of kindness, I'm probably going to get my FORD at Kunes like everyone else. We all taked about it on Friday night!!! BOBAFLEX ROCKS!!!
Allison 09/10/2012
I was at the Machine Shop on Friday night and experience the best concert of my life!!! Thank Kevin!!!! BOBALFEX you were better than i've ever seen you!! We all got a tour of the RV, thanks Ford Social, Thanks Gregg, Theresa and Bob, I really believe that there are going to be a bunch of us from Michigan buying Ford products from Wisconsin, and I hate the packer too!
Robert W 09/09/2012
Friday night I went to The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan to see the best live band ever...BOBAFLEX. Kevin and Craig have the ultimate music venue. Bobaflex had their new rv parked right outside for all to see. Thank you to Gregg at Kunes Ford for all your help. I'll be buying my next ford from you!!!
Jeff 09/09/2012
Kevin and the machine shop does it again!!!! Bobaflex rocked the roof off at the machine shop, what an awesome show!!! Bobaflex let EVERYONE see the RV, awesome ride!!!! Machine shop keep on rocking! BOBALFEX keep blowing up the crowds!! Thanks Kunes, especially Gregg, BOBAFLEX told us the whole story and invited all of us to buy are next FORD from Kunes, I will be making the trip in the summer!!! Ford Social, this is the best advertisement you have ever had!
Lisa 09/09/2012
I was at the machine shop on friday night, thanks for the party Kevin!!! Bobaflex blew me away, they were better than I have ever seen them!!!! I saw the RV, I think everyone there saw the RV!!!!! Thanks Ford Social, Thanks Gregg and I will be coming to Kunes, with my boyfriend to get our next car, now I need to sleep!
John J 09/09/2012
Kevin, you had the machine shop rocking once again with 4 national bands, prospect hill, ionia, non-point abd my favorive band BOBAFLEX!!!!! Kevin, the machine shop is the best!!!!! Ford Social, what another great story, you guys are awesome! Bobaflex blew it up on Friday night!! And thank you Bob, Theresa and Gregg. I am really going to drive to Wisconsin to buy my first Ford in the spring, Kunes, everybody at the show was on that RV, you guys rock!!!
john b 09/06/2012
A note to David, yes Theresa is hot, very hotttt!!! Thank you Ford Social for posting what seems to be the 2nd successful Bobaflex story. They are the best live band I have ever seen and they just keep getting better. All of you need to call your local radio stations and request "sound of silence" by Bobaflex then listen to them play it in your new Ford purchased at Kunes Ford in Delavan, Wisconsin. This site really work, Now everyone go out and buy a Ford from Gregg!
Heather 09/05/2012
I'm another Huge BOBAFLEX fan from Indiana, I'll be seeing them tomorrow night and can't wait!!!!! BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever heard!!! And like a lot of other people, I'm pretty sure I will be getting my next car at KUNES!!! Thank you Therresa, Bob and Gregg for helping BOBAFLEX out, i love all of you!
Sarah 09/05/2012
I'm Jumping on here too!!! BOBAFLEX fan, not a Ford fan but my family is going to give Ford a shot, because of the 2 BOBAFLEX stories! Kunes, we'll be heading your way at the beginning of the year. Thanks Ford Social, Gregg, Theresa and Bob!!! All those that read this make sure you see BOBAFLEX at a city near you and give Ford their props on doing these stories.
Mark 09/04/2012
We love Bobaflex here in Minnesota!!!!! I think we're going to have to make the trip to Delavan, Wisconsin to by or cars too. We also hate the packers!!!! Thanks Gregg, wait and see all of these BOBAFLEX fans buying cars from you, it's a wonderful thing!!!!
Steve 09/04/2012
I'm going to the Machine Shop on Friday to see my favorite band BOBAFLEX, they are the best live band I have ever seen. Kevin, you know how to book some awesome shows!!! Gregg, it looks like a few of us are coming from Michigan to get our next trucks, I'll see you in the spring and thanks for helping BOBAFLEX get the RV, I can't wait to see it!!!!!
Mark 09/04/2012
Our next company trucks will be bought from Kunes, thanks Gregg. Bobaflex rocks!!!
Jim M 09/04/2012
I have to stand up and be counted, I am a Huge BOBAFLEX fan!!! Not a Ford fan but with Ford Social putting 2 stories up on my favorte band, I'm going to go to Kunes and buy my first Ford there!!! Thanks Gregg, thank you for your act(s) of kindness!! See what that will get you!
Felix 09/04/2012
I am a huge fan of BOBAFLEX, the best live band ever!!! I think Ford should invite them to their Christmas party!!! I will be buying my first Ford next year From Kunes!!!! Thank you Ford and Gregg and Theresa and Bob, you guys all rock!!!
Ron M 09/04/2012
We play BOBAFLEX all the time on our overhead speakers, a warehouse of 500, it's the most requested. All our employees have seen the new BOBAFLEX post on Ford Social. I wonder how many are going to buy their new cars and trucks from Gregg at Kunes? Thanks Gregg for helping out our favorite Rock Band!!!
Sarah 09/04/2012
Bobaflex is awesome!!!! I've seen them a lot and each time its a new experience. Thanks for all thos e that helped Bobaflx get their RV, Theresa, Bob and Gregg, Kunes will sell me my cars from now on, I want a good deal!!!!
Kelly C 09/02/2012
I live in Rockford and I'll be getting my next vehicle at Kunes, thanks Gregg for getting them on the road for a sucessful wintour!!!!
Bobaflex, I saw you guys at band camp and you blew everyone else away!!! Rock them to the core BOBAFLEX!!!!
Jason B 09/02/2012
Jason From Tennessee, We love BOBAFLEX here too!!!!! The best rock band on the planet!!! And if I can, I'm getting my next car from Kunes, get ready Gregg cause here we come!!!!!
Rick S 09/02/2012
I'm from Illinois and I'm going to get my next truck from Wisconsin, how about it Kunes! Rock on Bobaflex!!!! Thank you to all of those that helped!!!!!
Paul 09/02/2012
We play the BOBAFLEX CD at work all the time, it keeps us going, the best CD in our rotation!!! I live in Washington and probably won't get a car from Kunes, but I want to, all you BOBAFLEX fans that our close, show your support and get a car from KUNES! Thanks Gregg, Bob and Theresa! Ford, pay attention to Ford Social!
Jo 09/01/2012
Its the holiday weekend and we're listing to our BLBAFEX CD and decided to add our comment, we're in Southern Illinois and we've only seen BOBAFLEX 1 time, we've been to a lot of live shows but, as everyone else has said, it is the best live show we have ever seen! Bobaflex we have followed you for a few years and love what you add to the music world. Thank you to all of those that helped bring BOBAFLEX to the next level, Ford, Kunes, Gregg, Bob, Theresa and especially all of their fans. And from the fans, thank you BOBAFLEX!!!!!!
Gerry 08/31/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX a lot, and I agree, the best live band ever!!!! And like just about everyone else here, I'm getting my next car from GREGG, see what happens when you reach out and do a good thing!
Joe 08/31/2012
Bobaflex and Nonpoint at the Machine Shop next weekend -sold out- I'll be there!!!!
David 08/31/2012
BOBAFLEX, better than all the rest!!! Thanks Gregg, Bob and Theresa . . . is Theresa hot???
Bentley 08/31/2012
a BOBAFLEX block party in Delavan, Wisconsin??? I'm there!!! Thanks Gregg!!! BOBAFLEX, you guys rock!!!!!
Sam 08/31/2012
Sam out of Flordia, a Bobaflex fan for a few years now, the best live band EVER!!!!! Thank you Gregg for helping them out the Van has seen better days . . . I'm thinking of coming to Wisconsin in the summer to get my new Ford, seriously.
Val 08/31/2012
Big, big, big BOBAFLEX fan!!!!! Going from Illinois to Wisconson to buy my new car at Kunes Ford in the spring, still hate the packers though!!!!
Taylor 08/31/2012
BOBAFLEX ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ford, thank you KUNES!!!!!!
JJ 08/31/2012
Bobaflex is coming back to the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan next weekend, i'll be there, my friends will be there, thanks Kevin for another great concert, you have that world wrapped up. Thank you Gregg Kunes, it looks as if a few of us will be making the trip from Michigan to buy our next car or truck from you. Kunes rocks, Ford Rocks and most of all BOBAFLEX you blow me away every time!!!!
JJ 08/31/2012
Bobaflex is coming back to the Machine Shop in Flint Michigan next weekend, i'll be there, my friends will be there, thanks Kevin for another great concert, you have that world wrapped up. Thank you Gregg Kunes, it looks as if a few of us will be making the trip from Michigan to buy our next car or truck from you. Kunes rocks, Ford Rocks and most of all BOBAFLEX you blow me away every time!!!!
Diane 08/30/2012
I'm from Illinois and saw BOBAFLEX with Korn in Madison last month, Bobaflex was the best band there. I know where Delavan is and a thank you to Kunes Ford, my family will be buying our next car there, kindness does pay off!
Tom W 08/30/2012
Tom here, I have been a BOBAFLEX fan for a few years now and each time I hear them they get better, everytime I hear "sound of silence" it give me goose pimples, what an awesome song!!!! Ford should really do something with a song or 2 of theirs. Thank you to all those that helped them get the RV, I think Kunes Ford is going to be bigger than they were, we're all going to get our cars there from now on!
Vicky 08/30/2012
i lloovvee Bobaflex, the best CD's in my collection of many. You guys rock harder than anyone!!!! i've met BOBAFLEX several times and they are as soooo nice, they stayed with there fans until the last one leaves the venue, then moved on to there next location. Thank you Bobaflex for all the entertainment. Thank you Kunes Ford, you guys will be surprised on how many fans are going to come see you about there next car or truck!
Tonya G 08/30/2012
Not only is BOBAFLEX a great band but they are all HOTTTT!!!! Thanks Gregg and Kunes for helping "my" band out!!!
Chris 08/30/2012
I'm a BOBALFLEX fan from illinois, i see them every chance i get, if any of you have not seen them live, go!!! . . . and I will be driving to kunes, next spring to buy my next Truck, thanks Gregg!!!!
Don G 08/30/2012
I can't wait to see BOBAFLEX at the machine shop AGAIN next week, the Machine Shop ROCKS, BOBAFLEX ROCKS, another sold out show!!!! And, I will be driving to Delavan Wisconsin to buy my next car, thanks Gregg, see what you did!!!!
Klaus S 08/30/2012
I'm a grandpa and me, my children and my grandchildren all listen to Bobaflex. Now me, my children and my grandchildren will all be buying cars from Kunes. I live outside of Milwaukee and it's really not that far.
Tom 08/30/2012
Thanks Bob from the back bar, you made this all possible, I love BOBAFLEX and Gregg, you are one of my new favorite people and you bet I'll be buying my next car at Kunes!!!!
Tom B 08/29/2012
Bobaflex, the best CD in my rotation, I play it all the time. Thank you to all that has helped BOBAFLEX get there RV, our next Ford will be from Kunes.
Mike 08/29/2012
I'm from Michigan and have seen BOBAFLEX at the Machine Shop several times, In fact I'll be seeing them there next week. Ford and BOBAFLEX should form some sort of bond, all of us BOBAFLEX fans love Fords, right??? Any way, I'll be drving my Ford truck from Michigan to Wisconson to Kunes Ford to get my next Ford Truck, how about a good deal Gregg????
AH 08/29/2012
Bobaflex in an RV???? AWESOME, thanks Gregg!!!!! My next car will be from Kunes!
Michael S 08/29/2012
Thank you Gregg, Bob, Theresa and Kunes for helping BOBAFLEX out, you guys are awesome!!!! BOBAFLEX I love you guys!!!!! Rock us till we die!!!!
Pat 08/29/2012
Ford use one of the BOBAFLEX songs for a commercial . . . it will work!!!!
Thanks Kunes Ford Country for helping BOBAFLEX out, I'm getting my next vehicle there, see you soon!!!
TY 08/29/2012
Rock your world with BOBAFLEX!!!!!
Sam 08/29/2012
I've been a BOBAFLEX fan since they were on TVT records and it is a shame on what TVT did to them. I would encourage anyone that has not heard BOBAFLEX to go to a concert, they are amazing, the best live band I have ever heard. Thanks Ford Social for posting another story about them, they deserve it, Ford take notice, you'll see a lot of their fans here, we follow them EVERYWHERE!!! Thanks Kunes Ford and Gregg, I haven't met you Gregg but plan to in the next few months when I'll be picking up my new Ford from you!
Michelle B 08/29/2012
BOBAFLEX you guys are awesome, my favorite band of all times, you rock me to the core!!!!!! Thanks Kunes, Gregg, Bob and Theresa, whoever you are for helping out BOBALFEX!!!!
SE 08/29/2012
I love "bury me with my guns on" the best rock song ever. I can't wait to see BOBAFLEX next month!!!! Keep on rocking BOBAFLEX and thank you Gregg, you are an awesome dude!!!!
Bill 08/29/2012
Bobaflex is rocking the country again and in the RV, thanks Kunes!!!!
Alisha 08/29/2012
Bobaflex rocks like noooo other and Kunes, you guys are awesome, you're going to need to get a few more cars in!
MWW 08/29/2012
I'm from middle Illinois, I have seen Bobaflex 10 or 12 times and see them everytime they are within a 200 mile radius, they are on heck of a rock band, the best live band I have ever seen. I am 3 1/2 hours from Delavan and will be driving up there at the beginning of the year to get my next car. Gregg, I'm not sure what all you did to help them but you must of done something in order for this to get posted, thanks from all of the Bobaflex fans for your kindness and efforts!
Jerry 08/28/2012
I have seen a lot of bands live and I have to say Bobaflex is the best I've ever seen, they are the most talented band out there. I like both Bobaflex stories on Ford social and am glad that Kunes is giving them a hand. I think that Kunes will see a slight increase in car sales over the next few months, I know me, my family and my friends are going to give them a shot!
ALAN 08/28/2012
Bobaflex, can't wait to see you in september!!!!!! Kunes, can't wait to see you in January when I pick-up my new Ford truck!!!! Thanks Kunes.
Joan 08/28/2012
I agree with everyone, Bobaflex is the best live band I have ever seen and I WILL be buying my next car from Kunes, that right Kunes, Kunes FORD, need I say more?????
Kayla 08/28/2012
Iowa BOBAFLEX fan!!! The best live rock band EVER, we are huge fans here and love to see BOBAFLEX as often as we can get them here, come more often!! Thank you Ford Social and Gregg Kunes, my husband and I will be getting our next car from you!!!!
Judy W 08/28/2012
Great news for BOBAFLEX!!! Thanks Gregg for helping them. My family will be buying all our cars and trucks from Kunes Country from now on!!!
Robert W 08/28/2012
Kunes Country rocks!!! I'll be buying my next car from Gregg. Thank you so much for making sure Bobaflex has a great ride!!
Amanda 08/28/2012
I'm a new but huge fan of Bobalfex and I appreciate what Ford Social and especially Gregg from Kunes Ford did. I will be a Bobaflex fan for a very long time and will be seeing Gregg in Wisconsin, even though it's 6 hours from here!!!!
Alan 08/28/2012
well Ford, you should make Kunes Ford dealer of the year, what a kind gesture. I'm a bobaflex fan and now am getting every one of my card from Kunes Ford!!!!
BOB 08/28/2012
Bob from Ohio, I saw BOBAFLEX at Rock on the Range and they were the best band there, they blew everyone else away. Ford, you should have had a Ford symbol on their drum heads. Thank you to all those that helped BOBAFLEX get their RV, they certainly needed it. I know that me and my family are headed to Wisconsin at the beginning of the year to get our next car.
CH 08/28/2012
I'm from Iowa and BOBAFLEX has a huge following here, every concert I have ever been to has been sold out. Bobaflex truly is the best live band I have ever seen. And thank you Gregg, I'll be drving to Wisconsin to pick-up my next Ford Truck.
Christa F 08/27/2012
I'm a recent Bobaflex convert, what an awesome band! Thank Gregg, Bob and Theresa, you guys all rock!
Mandy 08/27/2012
BOBAFLEX is the hottest band I have ever seen. As a fan we appreciate Kunes helping them out. I'll be getting my next truck there!!!!!
Kevin 08/27/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever seen, I've seen the van, I am so glad they got something a little bigger. Thank Gregg, you will sell me my next car!!!!
Chander 08/27/2012
I'm a huge BOBAFLEX fan, love them to death!!! I thought Ford was giving them a new van. Thanks Gregg for helping them out, it will come back to you 100 fold, I know we're going to buy our next car at our place, you are awesome!!!!
Scott 08/27/2012
Thanks Kunes Ford and all those there. BOBAFLEX is the best band ever, just listen, I'm sure you'll agree!!!!!
TIM 08/27/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, the best live band ever, lets have a concert in Delavan Wisconsin to celebrate!!!!!
Jamrs 08/27/2012
I live in Texas and love BOBAFLEX, I'm driving to Wisconson to get my next FORD, thanks Kunes and rock on BOBAFLEX!!!!!
Alan 08/22/2012
I know where I'm getting my next FORD!!!!!
lisa 08/22/2012
Bobaflex is my favorite band, you guys rock, thanks Gregg for helping them out, i have seen the van . . . again thanks for helping them out!!! :)
wally 08/20/2012
I'm, buying my next car from KUNES, thanks Gregg!!!!