The Ford Traveler Van Really Is A Traveler!

After our fifth child turned one we decided our Windstar might be too small. Husband is a ship captain and carried a Ford Traveler Van from Tacoma, WA to Alaska. He liked the looks of it, and the big engine too. We purchased our van from Oregon, and had it sent up to Tacoma, WA where our five children and I flew in from Delaware to do a Cross Country trip in our new van! We timed it so we arrived when my husband was due to get off the ship. We met him in Tacoma and picked up our new van which was being stored in the shipyard. We fell instantly in love with the van. We were the first family around to have a VCR built in our car! The HUGE storage space was more than anyone we knew, that wasn't driving a truck. We traveled the West Coast and into British Columbia.. then slowly (32 days) made our way back across the USA. The van was comfortable, spacious and the TV screens saved us at times and our boys hooked up an Xbox and played videos. We eventually traveled across the USA again and into Canada. The van has visited 46 states with the seven of us, and now has 277,000 miles. We love that van like a family pet! All of our family and friends love this van and we were elected to do the driving anywhere because of the van. Sadly, today I picked the van up from the shop with the bad news that the head gasket is about to explode! The cost is more than the van is worth. So I drove her sputtering home to clean her out and say goodbye. The baby, who was 1, is now 12yrs old and the oldest who was 12 is now 24yrs old. We are planning to drive the van to the salvage yard after all 7 of us are here so we can say goodbye. (Husband and son are out to sea. Both are merchant marines). The adventures of driving up Mt. St. Helen, and through Death Valley at 123 degrees, to the Grand Canyon, on down to Graceland and up to Niagara are endless. We have wonderful memories. This van has never before had any major issues and is just now beginning to cost money for maintenance. It is an incredible vehicle, with an incredible engine and we got much more than our money's worth. If I thought for one second this one big repair would be it for a while, I would not hesitate to pay to have it fixed. Thank you Ford for giving us the best cars we have owned! (1985 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1989 Ford Taurus Wagon with jump seat, 1995 Ford Windstar, 2001 Ford Traveler Van, AND a 1993 Ford Explorer we bought from our elderly neighbor for our teens to drive in! (We just sold it with 150,000 miles and still running great!) Thanks Again!