Still Going Ford Strong

In 2002 I purchased a Ford E-350 with the 7.3 engine. I am proud to say after 10 years of tough over the road driving in all weather conditions it is sill going with over 1 million miles on it! can u beleive it Most people do not but I have been it's only owner and can verify all miles! When they say FORD tough they really mean it! I would like to tell all the good people who made it THANK'S FOR A JOB WELL DONE! I now have 2 more and will continue to buy FORD TOUGH! Anyone that may think I am just telling a story can stop by for a cup of coffie and I will show u all the maintenence records u care to see and milage reports to prove my claim. Thank's again to the good people at ford

Chuck Gibson
Painesville Ohio