Portrait Of A Ford Built Tough

 385,500 + miles and still going strong! I am an E-150 Cargo van that was "born" (made) in 2006 and "adopted" (bought) by a couple in Arlington, Texas in Oct.  2006. I am the youngest of the family ranging in age back to the eldest, a 1977 LTD II and including many "foster siblings" (leased pick-ups), one of the last of the Crorwn Victoria station wagons and even a little "foster" (used) 1993 Escort wagon. I really am in great shape for the amount of traveling I have done. In the beginning I got a new set of "shoes" (tires) every year as I was running 3,000 miles a week from Dallas to Shreveport for Kodak. As I worked at night, I have had 3 new pairs of "glasses" (headlights) and alternators and one round of "oxygen" (filters). Two months ago I had to have a "pace maker" as my "heart" (battery) gave out. All the rest of my "parts" are original and that's not bad for a guy that has been around as much as I have. And I still look as good as the new kids on the block! When I go in for my check-ups, the "interns" (mechanics) line up for a ride as they don't often see someone my age still going strong. I guess I am kind of a legend. I have been through blinding rain, tornado weather, the baking sun over 110 degrees, blowing snow and roads so icy that cars spun out  into the ditch and 18-wheelers stopped - but I kept going! I would like to rest a little and maybe retire but I am the last at home. There is no one to take my place. So I will keep going as long as i am needed - because I am built Ford tough.