In the summer of 2007, our business purchased 2 Ford E-250 Econoline Cargo Vans. One was totaled in the summer of 2011, with approximately 450,000 miles. It's twin had it's original spark plugs changed on 3/27/12 with 437,776 miles on them. This is the first time that the spark plugs have been changed on that vehicle and after 400,000+ miles, we thought it would be a good time to change them out. The plugs hardly had any wear and tear visible to the eye. We are amazed at the dependability that these spark plugs, as well as vehicle itself has given us over that last 5 years. We have been purchasing these cargo vans for commercial use and they take a beating. And because of the way they handle the day to day stresses of our business, we will continue to buy them. We have included a picture of the spark plugs to prove that these vehicles are trustworthy and a testament to the Ford name!