My Ford Transit Connect Turns Heads Everywhere

To Ford Motor Company,

I have been in the dry-cleaning business since 1982. Over the years I have developed a large residential pick up and delivery service. We go out four days a week to the surrounding communities, and pick up and deliver customers clothing. This service has become the corner stone of my business. I have owned a 1990 E150 window van, and most recently a 1997 E150 cargo van. Both vans were used for this service. When my 1997 van approached 200,000 miles, I started to contemplate my next delivery vehicle. My two Ford vans were dependable and spacious, but may have been overkill considering the weight and volume that we usually carry. Now that gasoline had increased to over $4.00 per gallon, I had to also consider gas mileage. I visited my local Ford dealership to look at the newest versions of Ford Econoline cargo vans, and literally ran into a 2010 Ford Transit Connect cargo van. It was the only one on the lot, and no one really new a lot about it. I took it for a test drive, and immediately became interested. It was the perfect size for my business, and offered a considerable increase in gas mileage.

I spent that evening researching the Transit Connect. I found it had been used extensively throughout Europe, had an excellent track record, and was getting good reviews from automotive magazines. I purchased a Transit Connect the next day. I immediately contracted with SweetSpot Marketing to develop a graphic design that would compliment the very European style of the Transit Connect and promote my business. I am very happy with my Transit Connect, and equally as happy with the truck wrap design developed by SweetSpot Marketing. Have you ever considered running a Ford Transit Connect Truck Wrap Design Contest? I think it would promote the brand and increase truck sales, not to mention stimulate business for graphic designers.

I park my Transit Connect in front of my store every day. It has become the most effective form of advertisement I have ever had. People walk in my store everyday and even stop me in traffic to talk about my new Transit Connect. Thank you for bringing this vehicle to our market, it’s nice to know that Ford thinks about the needs of small business.

Yours truly,
Charles D’Angelo
Oak Neck Cleaners

Power to T.C greatest thing to happen to small business world wide, we love our Transit Connects!
Scott Monty 11/02/2011
Charles, thank you SO MUCH for continuing to make Ford a part of your business! We're so happy to hear that the Transit Connect is a good fit for your business all around.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communciations
Ford Motor Company