Miracle Of Ford

My name is Stacy, I've owned Fords all my life. I've seen vehicles get some miles ,
but nothing like the Ford van I've driven for the last five years.(for a water company
Who has fleet vehicles) It is a 2000 E-250, a purchase from a Ryder rental
At 126,000 miles. I now have 445,000 on it, same engine and trans.
NO motor work or transmission work, just brakes, radiator, water pump,
Brakes and more brakes. As far as maintenance, I was very slack,
Oil changed every eight to ten thousand miles,tune up at seventy
Five thousand or so. It's never left me stranded, and I travel two
Hundred miles a day. People flip when I tell them the milage,
I give credit to God first, and tell them to buy a Ford! This is a
True story.thanks Ford