Ford - Working As Hard As Me

By Jack M.

Some years ago I was in the market for another van. I am a flooring contractor and tend to work my vehicles pretty hard; the way I work. I came across a 1997 Ford Econoline E-150 Van with 55,000 miles on it, packing a 4.6L Triton V8. Perfect for my line of work. After I purchased the van I immediately switched it over to synthetic 5w30 oil and haven't looked back. The motor, transmission, or rear end have never been torn apart. That is saying something after being through some rough winters and 4 deer (2 on the side 2 on the front), each one on different occasions. Seems my van has better "luck" than some hunters.
My van just turned 435,000 miles this weekend and is still going strong. I drive it to work everyday and even use it for errands on the weekends. Thanks for the great van, it's done very well for me. Even with as good as this one has been, it is nearing the time for me to start the search for a new Ford Van to take over the family business.