Ford Van Used To Rescue 1,000's Of Dogs And Puppies

My name is Maria Schau and I work at Tails Humane Society in Dekalb, IL. 2 years ago, an animal rescue group in Vian, Ok. donated their old van to our shelter. Save our strays had been using it to transport puppies and dogs, from the high kill shelters down south to our shelter as well as several other shelters, up north. Sadly, the overpopulation of animals is a huge problem down south and 100's are destroyed daily, because there aren't enough homes. We have so many wonderful homes up north and are able to place these little ones. When we were given the van, it had almost 400,000 miles on it. We have been using it to transport animals from down south and to take adoptable animals to the off site adoption events in the surrounding areas. The van now has 510,962 miles on it and is still going strong! This van has helped to save 1,000's of puppies and dogs! We hope it lasts another 500,000 miles, so we can continue to rescue more animals!
Maryann Gorzelany 11/21/2012
I commend on your commitment to help the animals who are in desperate need to find loving families. Your efforts are well noticed. Thank you!