In October, 1993, i bought my first new van. I had owned a few dozen since 1973, when I got involved in the custom van hobby. The van is an E150, shipped "conversion ready". All options, 5.4L engine. I ordered it thru a pool convertor, Crown Custom Coach in Rosemont, IL. They did a basic conversion on it, excwpt no windows and only 2 seats. Full fabric walls and ceiling and a carpet floor gave me the base I wanted. I picked the van up on a Wednesday night, and was headed for a van club party on the weekend. The party was in the Florida Keys, but on the way, I headed to Detroit to pick up a buddy. We enjoyed the trip, and had a great time in Fla. On the way home we went to Niagara Falls, NY for another friend's birthday party, then back to Detroit, and I continued on to my home near Chicago.In just over 2 weeks, the van had around 5000 miles on it. This was a foretelling of things to come. In 1994, the Van Nationals were being held near San Francisco, but instead of driving directly there, a road trip was in oorder! We left Chicago and headed northwest. The trip included St. Paul, Fargo, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Seatte, Portland, San Francisco, and the Van Nationals. We turned a 2200 mile trip into a 4600 mile trip! On the way home we visited Reno, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, Sturgis, Mitchell, and all the sites nearby. can you tell I love driving my Ford Van?
Today, the van has 322,000 miles on it, with the only major repair a trans rebuild at 265,000 (A4OD) It was shown at the Ford 100th celebration in Dearborn a few years ago, and will be at the 50th anniversary of the Econoline in Avon Lake, Ohio on August 12.
I also own a 2003 E250 with 287,000 miles on it, and a 1994 E250 with 285,000. Drive and maintain! That keeps them Ford tough!
My 1967 Econoline is under construction at present. I am hoping to have it at Carlisle in june of 2011.