Built Ford Tough

We bought our van in 2006 and it had just over 22000 miles. We use the van for work and drive alot in the Mid-Atlantic States. I have always been a Chevy kind of guy and this Van really suprised me on how it has last with all of the driving that I do. I have put the van thru the wringer and back doing alot of driving on Interstates. This van has made a believer out of me when they say built ford tough. Now I have just over 556266 miles and still going strong. The only major repair on the van has been a transmission. I have also had to replace the ball joints but I figured with the way I drive that is normal wear and tear. If this van ever breaks, which I don't think it ever will, I would definately buy me another just like it cause nothing is built ford tough except Fords. I figure that the van will lasts at least another 500000. When that happens I will be back on here with another story.
T Craig-P71CV 09/24/2011
Wow! That's pretty impressive mileage on your van. I bet there's still 500,000 more good miles left in her yet. I could never understand why people put down Ford. Every Ford car I have owned have been great. My current Ford has 149,000 miles, I've owned her for ten years now with no problems with the exception that I had to replace a fuel pump last month, but other than that this beast just won't quit. I'm a true believer in Ford cars and trucks. I'm reading comments on this site and other sites in regards to Ford and it is amazing to see how many people love their Ford cars and what's even more amazing is to see how many miles most people get out of their cars and trucks. Found On Road Dead? Fix Or Repair Daily? I think not! Built Ford Tough - definatly YES! I'll take a Ford over GM or any import any day.