Big Bertha

By John M.

This is our 1997 E-150 conversion van. Even though she only has 134,700 miles, they have been tough ones. My in-laws bought her in the fall of 1998 from Fort Mill Ford in SC. They bought it at a time in which our church had roughly 30-40 kids in our youth program. Our church had a 15 passenger van already but this black beauty had to pick up a lot of the slack. She has been down many a pothole filled dirt road picking up kids for our church. She's been to Charlotte (Carowinds) I believe twice, Western Massachusetts once, and many places in between. Her poor seats are well worn, door handles broken on a few occasions and the running boards are probably holding by a thread. She has never had any transmission or engine issues though. As you can see in the photo the engine hood is fading but it will be a sad day when we have to part with her. I never would have thought she would still be around. Thank you Ford for building such a tough vehicle. Our family does appreciate it. She's one of the reasons we keep coming back.