Amazing E150

By Dan J.

I am the Administrator of a donated car program at Minnesota Valley Action Council here in Mankato, MN. We recently received a 2001 Ford E150 from an anonymous donor with over 518,000 miles! The vehicle runs and drives beautifully and is NOT leaking fluids or suffering from any major problems! In the eleven years I have been doing this, I commonly see vehicles with 250K or 300K, but 518K is far and away the highest mileage vehicle I've ever seen. And, it's in amazingly good condition!
mary 10/04/2014
Truly amazing. Nothing else on the road like it. The van that just keeps giving and giving. No pun intended.
james n 08/28/2014
Comment on this story!I have a 1990, with 532,000 miles and it is still running. It a custom E-150 with a 5.8 engine. It's used to take our member to and from Church. The 351w, is a very hard engine to kill.
anthony 09/03/2013
that not even broke in yet !!!!!!