Abandoned Van Carts Rescued Puppies

Last winter the Animal Control and Welfare Project DBA Summers County Humane Society got a grant from ASPCA to spay and neuter feral cats. About a dozen volunteers spent countless hours on cold weekends in February humanely trapping cats that had been abandoned throughout the county. One location designated for trapping was at an old trailer in the middle of the woods near Pence Springs, WV. The owner of the cats had passed away and the cats were left to fend (and breed) for themselves. We were very happy to find that the white Econoline Van that had been parked near the trailer had an unlocked door. We would sit in the van waiting for traps to fill so we could get the cats out of the cold and into a safe place before transport to the S/N clinic in Christiansburg, VA. Little did we know that the van we were using as a 'hiding place' would allow us to cart numerous animals to as far away as Hagerstown MD.

The family graciously donated the van to our organization. We knew it was serviceable even after it had been unused for a year. With over 200 thousand miles clocked it showed its wear but still ran. Jellied gas took months to 'work its way out of the engine' and we're still trying to get it to stop 'knocking and pinging.' Still, it has gone to Lexington, VA and Hagerstown, MD almost weekly. To date this year we have altered almost 300 cats and saved the lives of over 250 dogs and puppies. With stacked travel crates inside we have transported as many as 20 dogs and puppies at one time. Our goal is to secure a grant for a new Ford Econoline Van. But until then, this one is doing the job just fine.
Cheryl M 09/19/2012
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