A Van That's Built Ford Tough!

By Ryan C.

I am so thankful that our van is built Ford tough! We drive a Ford E-350 because we have a larger family and pull a travel trailer. Sometimes I hate having to drive around a gas guzzler but it sure protected my family! We were in a two vehicle accident a little while ago and I can't sing the praises of Ford enough.

We were stopped on a four lane road waiting to turn left, it had just started to rain lightly and traffic was moderate. Suddenly the rear of our van was slammed into from behind by a car going 50+ miles per hour. We were pushed into the oncoming traffic but avoided any other collisions. Everyone in our vehicle (my husband, triplet daughters, son and I) were all fine, a little shook up and sore, but not significantly hurt. Our van ended up with relatively minor damage, mainly a smashed bumper, some damage to the rear doors, the towing hitch, and a dent in the rear passenger quarter panel. The other vehicle didn't fare so well...the front end was completely destroyed.

One of the first comments my husband made after the accident was, “We're getting another one of these!” I just wish it was a bit easier to find a newer E-350 to replace it!