A Rock Band And An E 350 15 Passenger Ford Van

By John B.

It is the dream of all musicians to make it “to the top” and as any musician knows you have to “pay your dues” with long hours of practice, acquiring the equipment you need and traveling countless miles. The band, over a period of time was able to purchase all the equipment they needed and had saved enough money to purchase an E 350 15 passenger Ford van and a trailer to haul their equipment from one concert to another. They were hitting the road. For 2 years they toured over 200 days per year, each concert drawing a little more followers. They were eventually picked up and signed by the TVT record label, their song “Home” hit the charts and reached #1.
Unfortunately and to their dismay (and the dismay of all of their fans) the record label shortly after signing them went bankrupt. The next few years were filled with legal battles, cost, turmoil and expenses that no one should have to endure, in fact some of the band members called the E 350 Ford van home for a short time. They lost all rights to their songs and even the band name.
They had to start all over again, eventually they were able to get their name and their songs back. They have recently released a new record under their own label and are touring, they’ve exploded back on the music scene, the crowds are bigger than ever and the band is being heard again. They are now in the middle of a national tour and they have been invited to play at “Rock on the Range” the largest concert event of the year.
After it all of this they still have the same Ford van (with over 225,000 miles on it) they started with and actually attribute part of the success of them picking themselves up to their E 350 15 passenger Ford van (it’s always been there for them).
The band is “BOBAFLEX” and do a cover song of Simon and Garfunkel, “Sound of Silence” and the word that ring more true to us as their fans is from that song “people writing songs that voices never shared”, it would have been a shame for them to give up and not be heard again.
Thank you Ford for your “unknown” participation!
ms3fande 11/19/2013
I've been on this motorhome and I have to tell you, it's not that great...It's basically worn out...But I guess it was better than the Van.
Robert W 08/22/2012
Make sure you read part 2 of the story under trucks E series. As it turns out Bobaflex went to Kunes Country Ford in Delevan Wisconsin and bought a motor home. A big thanks goes out to Gregg the owner who continues to help the boys of Bobaflex. Everyone who needs a car or truck should go see Gregg.
john b 08/13/2012
we're posting part II of the story!!!
Robert W 05/15/2012
Hey FORD, I've been following this story since the beginning and I keep seeing more and more comments asking FORD to please help Bobaflex on their journey with a new van for their safe travels throughout this country. I'm wondering why nothing has been done. There are so many people on this site willing to buy FORD products if only FORD would help BOBAFLEX. So I guess the ultimate question is.....FORD, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? ARE YOU GOING TO LET ALL THESE FANS DOWN??? There are enough fans willing to buy a FORD to more than pay for you to give BOBAFLEX a new van!!! So come on and help these great guys. Rock on the Range is this weekend and it would make a great venue to present the new van. I'm going to say thank you in advance for helping our friends.
Mersadie 05/10/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best band that I have ever seen or heard. They are getting better and better. I leave the show wanting more but satisfied!!! BOBAFLEX you guys ROCK!!! Where can I buy my new Ford at?????
Jim 05/10/2012
BOBAFLEX, We'll be seeing you at rock on the range with 76,994 other people, we can't wait. You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!
RJH 05/09/2012
BOBAFLEX, I'll be buying my new FORD soon, hopefully they are taking care of you there. You deserve everything you can get, you guys are awesome!!!!
Frank M 05/09/2012
I have met BOBAFLEX and seen them live several times, the best live band I have ever seen and the nicest guys. Ford is missing an opportunity not using them for something.
Mark Green 05/09/2012
I am a newer fan of Bobaflex and a friend told me to see them live, I have been a fan ever since. Bobaflex rocks!!!
Andy 05/09/2012
Bobaflex on Saturday night at the back bar in Janesville, WI, We love Bobaflex here. Make sure all of you Wiconsin fans show up, it's going to be a party!!!!!! Still waiting to hear anything from FORD?
Ben S 05/08/2012
BOBAFLEX, see you at Bar 3 in Rockford on Thursday, BOBAFLEX see you at the Back Bar on Saturday, I will be getting BOBAFLEXED!!!! FORD, you need to get BOBAFLEXED too!!!!!
SSH 05/02/2012
I live in Wisconsin, work in Illinois, Love BOBAFLEX, drive a DODGE and am willing to go to a FORD as my next car . . . anyone listening????
jamarie 05/01/2012
I can't wait to see BOBAFLEX live in Wisconsin next week, will they be driving a new FORD????
Molly 05/01/2012
A BOBAFLEX fan for a while, as everyone has said, they are the best band out there, FORD, give them a few minutes of your time and you'll see.
DAN 05/01/2012
BOBALFEX blows everyone else away!!!! Welcome back to "Rock on the Range'!!!! FORD should be there and see the BOBAFLEX power!!!
Mike T 05/01/2012
BOBAFLEX is better than alllllll the rest!!!!
Jamie 05/01/2012
Like everyone else on here, thanks Ford for posting the BOBAFLEX story, to listen to BOBAFLEX live is an experience that I will never forget, Ford, if you can help them, I'd be buying Fords for the rest of my life.
London M 04/30/2012
Bobaflex is my favorite band, I see them everytime they are in or near Wisconsin, I'm waiting to get my new Ford, I want a red one, should i order it???
SVR 04/30/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, who doesn't????
Alan 04/30/2012
I'd have to say I'd buy a Ford as my next truck if Ford did something for BOBAFLEX. BOBAFLEX rock!!!!!
HT 04/30/2012
I'm from New York and we love Bobaflex here, I'm tellling you , If Ford gives them a Van or helps then, I'd drive to California to get my first new FORD, Interested?? BOBAFLEX ou guys are the best I've ever heard, keep on rocking!!
Andy 04/26/2012
How long until I see a web concert; "Bobaflex presented by Ford?" I can see the ads with BFX guys touting the merits of van.
NA 04/26/2012
BOBALFLEX can't wait to see you at rock on the range . . . with a new FORD, maybe????
SS 04/25/2012
Bobaflex will rock my life forever. FORD, it would be awesome if you could help them get a new van.
Kathy 04/25/2012
BOBAFLEX as mentioned, is the best live band i have ever seen, ROCK on BOBAFLEX!!!!!
Carla 04/24/2012
A huge BOBAFLEX fan from Iowa!!!! BOBAFLEX ROCKS!!!!!!!
RF 04/24/2012
BOBAFLEX, BOBAFLEX, BOBAFLEX, that's what you hear at one of their concerts, how about hearing a thank you to FORD???? It can happen.
Francisco 04/23/2012
I'm a fan of Bobaflex, I've been a fan for just a few years now and i just wanted to say their music is inspiring, Ford, we take care of our own, I'd love to see everyone in a Ford in the next few years, I know it will be on my list.
Adrienne 04/23/2012
Big, big, big BOBAFLEX fan, i love those guys live!!!!!!
Rick 04/23/2012
I got the Bobaflexd shirt, can I get a Ford one yet????
Ed B 04/22/2012
BOBAFLEX this page gets more comments than you facebook page, thanks FORD!!!!!
RN 04/22/2012
is there anyone on here that would not buy a FORD as there next car if Ford gave BOBAFLEX a van?????
Ed B 04/22/2012
Bobalfex at Rock on the Range, who could ask for anything more!!!!
Jim 04/22/2012
Allen 04/22/2012
What a great rock band!!! BOBAFLEX, you are the best!!!! I'm pleading with FORD to use them in some way, it will be paid back in droves!!!
RN 04/22/2012
I'm going to rock on the range to see my favorite band Bobaflex, Ford, are you going to be there???? What an opportunity!!!
T 04/22/2012
I've seen the "BOBAFLEX MOBILE", I've had my picture taken with it . . . . I think they need to retire it and get a shiney new one, Ford, just think of the publicity . . .
MM 04/22/2012
I've been a Bobaflex fan for a while now and after you see them live I don't know how you couldn't be. Bobaflex you guys rock like no one else. FORD should at least you a song or two of yours in their commercials, it's the right thing to do!!
BD 04/21/2012
I'm also a fan of BOBAFLEX, i love their music and if any of h\\ou haven't seen them live, you just have to.
Jay B 04/21/2012
I wish i could get them a new van, the one they have is in serious trouble, and back to the west again last week. FORD, what can we fans help do for them???
SCOTT 04/21/2012
I can't wait to see BOBAFLEX back in Rockford, it was a blast last time, it will be better this time. FORD, they ARE the best live band ever!!!
Tracey 04/19/2012
I've been a BOBAFLEX fan for a few years now and have never seen a band perform like them. They are the best live show ever!!! FORD, take notice, we'll be watching . . . .
BD 04/18/2012
Ford, I'll come and pick up the van for BOBAFLEX, where is it sitting?????
KK 04/18/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, you guys are the best!!!! The best live concert I have ever seen!!! Come on FORD, lets all rock together!!!!!!!!!
Adam 04/18/2012
BOBAFLEX, we all love and support you, you guys are the best!!! Keep on rocking!!!!
BD 04/16/2012
BOBAFLEX is an amazing band and the guys are awesome, they take the time with all of us. FORD, if you haven't reached out to them i'm disappointed.
Robert W 04/16/2012
Hey FORD, what's the hold up on helping these guys? I saw them in Lacrosse, WI and now they are out in Seattle, Washington. I hope to see the new van at Rock on the Range. BOBAFLEX is such a great band with great guys and they deserve it. THANKS FORD!!!
ELAINE 04/15/2012
Like many others on here, I agree, BOBAFLEX is the best rock band I have ever seen or heard . . . I WANT BOBAFLEXED!!!!
Mitch 04/15/2012
BOBAFLEX you are the best!!! I've seen the white van, in fact I have a picture of me and my friends by the van. I'd try and get that thing enshrined somewhere!!!!
Misty 04/15/2012
BOBAFLEX, you still haven't gotten a new van??? Come on Ford, is there anything ou can do for them!?!? Can we fans help in any way???
Crystal 04/15/2012
I am a huge Bobaflex fan, can I be a Ford fan too????
BRAD 04/15/2012
I've bee a BOBAFLEX fan for a while now and they are the best rock band out there now and they keep getting better and better. BOBAFLEX needs to rock FORD'S world, give them a listen FORD!
KC 04/15/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best thing out there, the best rock band i have ever heard!!!!!
vwp 04/15/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX twice, it just isn't enough, I can't wait until BOBAFLEX is back in the area!!!!
Jim 04/15/2012
BOBAFLEX, I love you guys, you make my day, your CD is the best one i have. FORD, come on now!!!!
Bob 04/14/2012
Bobaflex lives!!!! We love you guys!!!! FORD,come on now . . .
Talia 04/13/2012
A new van would for the band would be great! Help 'em out Ford why dont ya
Linda 04/13/2012
Fabulous band. Should be number 1!!!!!
Milt 04/12/2012
BOBAFLEX, you're on your way to the top, you are the best rock band out there, keep on rocking!!!
Connor 04/12/2012
Ford, thanks for posting the BOBAFLEX story, it really is inspiring, I've seen BOBAFLEX and those guys are as good as everyone says, I would consider them the best rock band out there now.
Paula W 04/12/2012
I was in the group that went to the machine Shop in Michigan from Chicago, what a great time, this was my 1st visit to the Machine Shop and that place is awesome!!!! I was disappointed to not see FORD there, this is the best advertisement FORD has ever come up with. FORD do you think anyone that has seen this blog or has commented on this page will not consider a FORD for there next car?!?!? BOBAFLEX, you do deserve a Van for this. (I we all saw the older one, it could use and extreme make over!!!)
JKC 04/12/2012
Each time I hear Bobaflex they get better and better, Each time I see a Ford they look better and better . . . let's work something out and buy some FORDS!!!!!
sherry h 04/12/2012
Bobaflex is a great group of guys who love what they do and their fans, they travel alot and deserve to be safe.. thanks you Ford for wanting them to be safe also.
dwayne 04/12/2012
BOBAFLEX, you are the greatest rock band on the planet right now, keep on rocking!!!! FORD, lets marry these guys!!!
Ryan 04/11/2012
FORD, all of us BOBAFLEX fans are loyal, especially when you help out our guys!!!!
Alyx I 04/11/2012
After reading this article and seeing several shows by these guys...i can honestly say. I'm not surprised. They are more concerned with playing the best they can and putting on the most intense show rather than what they are driving. These guys are, in fact, the most dedicated people to the music industry and their fans. For them to spend 90 percent of the year crammed in this van just to make it to the next show proves they have nothing but love for what they do. make music that people will love
Jerry B 04/11/2012
I met BOBAFLEX in Rockford, il after I read this article, they are everything everyone says they are, amazing. I have a small business, I own a Navigator a Jeep and 3 Dodge pick-up trucks. After reading this blog and after meeting BOBAFLEX my work replacement trucks and personal vehicles will be Fords from now on. I'm not sure if you have an agreement with BOBAFLEX or not but they are the best advertisement you could ever get.
Lorenza V 04/11/2012
Bobaflex really is better than any other rock band!!!!! YOU guys are awesome!!!! Great show at the machine shop on Friday!!!!
Deidre G 04/11/2012
8 yrs of Seeing these guys put Energy into this band. Been to many shows, met many of people and Watched them Grew into a musical success of what they have become today. I've heard all the stories of their vans breaking down in the past, and they would still manage to figure a way to out to the next show! Ford Thanks for keeping them safe in the past, And Please give them a new van! It would only help better them to succeed and move forward not only in the Music business but in many other ways
Jerry J 04/11/2012
BOBAFLEX, you guys rocked the machine shop on Friday night, we came all the way from Chicago to hear you . . . it was worth it!!!! I drove my new Ford truck, where's the new Ford Van????
edgar b 04/11/2012
How many bands classics have been used in auto advertising? Maybe it's time to help give back to the music!
Millions on silly us verses other auto makers ,what's one FORD converted super touring rig donated from FORD gonna hurt, that tickets machine would be seen and and envied by so many people and other bands and so many states I'm sure the guys would mind a huge logo on the rig reading something like "ROCKED TO YOU BY FORD " .
I have personally worked on this ole E-350 when ever it lands in the midwest, new tranny, new injecters, new coil packs, new water pump,new heater core, 225+k miles hard hard miles on her and I can't believe she's still going, no chevy could ever take this abuse,, and yes this is home on wheels, until you've witnessed it you can't imagine up to 8 people travilng thousands of miles a week it is truly home on the road for these magical musical artists I'd like to see FORD maybe do a dollar for dollar match with the fans of this incredible band that's already on the the virge of becoming the next timeless classic in music,that would be advertising money well spent! Edgar Iowa.
LISA 04/11/2012
BOBAFLEX, you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelley 04/11/2012
KEVIN, thanks for bringing BOBAFLEX back to the Machine Shop, it was the best show I have ever seen there!!!! FORD, how about coming to one of these shows?!?!?!
Sean 04/11/2012
I saw the BOBAFLEX show at the Machine Shop on Friday night, The best I have ever seen there, it was out of this world!!! I was hoping to see Ford there, it was right in there area!
Paul 04/11/2012
My Dad got me listening to BOBAFLEX, I've been to a few concerts since. BOBAFLEX really is for all ages, it's a great live show!!!
Jessica 04/11/2012
BOBAFLEX, I love you guys!!!! FORD, you have to listen to these guys, you have to talk to these guys, they are so into their fans, we never leave unsatisfied. BOBAFLEX pours their hearts out on stage, truly the best live rock show i have ever seen!!!!
JoshhOULE 04/10/2012
Without this Van, I never could have met the Power of Bobaflex! They toured through our town (Missoula) during some of the worst storms!
Reliability is an Understatement!!!
Peggy 04/10/2012
These guys are amazing, they are a fun loving fan dedicated group. They take time to talk to their fans, not just sign an autograph and move on to the next. I saw Shaun melt when a young fan wanted his autograph at a recent show, he not only provided an autograph, but gave the young fan a hug actually picking her up in the process. This young person will always have that wonderful memory of a "rockstar" taking a moment to really appreciate his fans. Marty is the same way, he always takes time to really talk to each and every fan that he meets. These guys are for real, great musicians, great fun, and most of all down to earth folks. Keep supporting them FORD, they truly deserve it! Fan for life!
Terry P 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX all the way! if anyone deserves a new van, its those flex boy's \m/
Shanda Robinson 04/10/2012
I've been following these boys for almost 6 years now and have yet to be disappointed! Every show is like I'm seeing them for the first time and I love every second of it!! They more then deserve all the success coming their way, and it would be even sweeter If they had a new van to do so many more awesome things in :))
Jennifer P 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX is an awesome band!!!! I have so much fun to their music! :)
Julz 04/10/2012
Bobaflex is awesome........they deserve bigger and better......thank you Ford for giving them even more exposure
Maria 04/10/2012
Bobaflex is a great band all around, awesome guys to hang out with and always put on a great show. I have had the pleasure of seeing and working with them on several occasions, they are by far one of my favorite bands.
chris 04/10/2012
Best Live band ever! Go Flex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RYAN 04/10/2012
Come on FORD, give em a van!!!! BOBAFLEX we love you guys!!!!
Theresa B 04/10/2012
Hey FORD I've been reading all the comments and agree with them that BOBAFLEX is awesome!! Please, Please help them with a new van. Thank you!!
Nicolas P 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX had an awesome show at The Machine Shop on Friday night. Too bad FORD missed it. PLEASE FORD help these great guys. Put them on the road with a new FORD.
Rick 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX is involved in a few charity events also, not only are they the best rock band out there, the nicest guys, they give back!!!! FORD, can you help them???
RH 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX songs are the best, if I'm in a down mood I listen to their CD, it's awesome, the best one on my playlist. I think FORD should download the BOBAFLEX CD in all their cars!!!!
Brent A 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX you are driven, the best live band i have ever heard!!!!
paul w 04/10/2012
BOBAFLEX and the Machine Shop on Friday night, now that was a party!!!! THANKS Kevin, another great show. Where's Ford when you need them.
Greg F 04/10/2012
Great guys of BOBAFLEX, you guys do pick it up a notch. Keep on rocking like you've been doing, everyone will know you soon. FORD, take notice, these guys are the real deal!!!!
TRA 04/09/2012
Friday night at the Machine Shop with BOBAFLEX was the best day of the year so far, it was awesome!!!! FORD, we were hoping to see you there!!!!
DF 04/09/2012
Huge Bobaflex fan for a very long time now, they're like wine, they get better with age!!!! Rock on Bobaflex, congrat on the Rock on the Range invitation!!!!
Paul 04/09/2012
We love BOBAFLEX in OHIO!!!!
Michael Scott 04/09/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best live band I've ever seen, FORD, you have the best truck i have ever driven, you guys are awesome together!!!! Let's get it done!!!!
Ed 04/09/2012
Bobaflex, you guys were awesome Saturday night at the Varsity Club in LaCrosse, WI. You guys are band to the bone!!!! Where's the new FORD van?!?!?!?!
JTP 04/06/2012
BOBAFLEX, see you guys at the machine shop tonight, I can't wait!!!!!!! Rock on Kevin!!!!
Michele 04/06/2012
Bobaflex is the hottest band in the country!!!! Thanks Ford for posting their story, now, what can we do as fans to convince Ford that giving Bobaflex a cool, tricked out van is a finacially great idea?!
Marthe 04/06/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX, do you know how long it takes to read all of these awesome comments???? My work is going to have to start paying me overtime!!!!
Lisa W 04/05/2012
Thank you Ford for posting this story of my favorite band, they really are the best!!! See you guy at the machine shop on FRIDAY!!!!!!
Dale 04/03/2012
I'm looking forward to seeing BOBAFLEX at the machine shop this friday night. Kevin and Craig, you guys know how to throw a party!!! FORD, come on out and join us, you won't be disapointed!!
Tom 03/29/2012
Got to love Bobaflex, just listen, you'll understand!!!
Greg J 03/29/2012
I've be BOBAFLEXed!!!! (Nice t-shirt!)
Karl 03/29/2012
Bobalfex - the Machine Shop - Party till I drop, sounds like a pretty darn goooooood weekend!!!
Bob Mac 03/29/2012
I have been fans of Bobaflex for a long time, I've been waiting for them to climb their way back to the top, they have the talent, they need the resources, anything that FORD or any of us can do wold be awesome!!!!
DJB 03/29/2012
Simply awesome band - Bobaflex you guys rock!!!
Carol B 03/29/2012
Love Bobaflex, Love Bobaflex, LOVE BOBAFLEX!!!!!! Keep on rocking forever!!!!!!!!
JB 03/29/2012
Ford and BOBAFLEX, now that's a team . . . at least we think so!!!!
Jim 03/29/2012
BOBALFEX is my favorite rock band of all time, they are the best out there and they are just getting started again!!!! Come on FORD, see and meet these guys, they're awesome!!!
Rick 03/29/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever seen and they took the time after the concert to talk to everyone of their fans, dawn was breaking as we left. Thank you BOBAFELX for supporting your fans!!!
Paul C 03/29/2012
BOBAFLEX, we're all behind you listening to your CD's at home and in our cars as loud as we can get them!!!! We'd like to try out the CD player on our soon to be new FORDS!!!!!
M Scott 03/29/2012
A huge fan of Bobaflex and getting to be a big fan of FORD, FORD thank you for posting the story of BOBAFLEX, we out here love them.
Zac 03/29/2012
FORD, listen to what we're saying, we love BOBAFLEX and are asking is you could help them in some small way, we would appreciate anything you can do and will show our gratitude to you for it. Thanks!!!
AL 03/29/2012
Bobaflex, i'll see you at the Machine Shop on April 9th, FORD, come on out and party with us!!!!
Chris 03/28/2012
I've seen Bobaflex 5 times and each time they get better, I appreciate Ford for putting up their story, I'm glad they were able to pull thru, they are great mussicians and great guys, they always have time for their fans!
Tom 03/28/2012
Bobablex fan thru and thru, we all should be!!!!
Zack 03/28/2012
Love the band BOBAFLEX, who doesn't????
Pat O 03/28/2012
Got to admit to being a huge BOBAFLEX fan and really proud of it. They are a breath of freash air to the stale rock market. FORD, we are asking to give them a hand, they are an independant band and have more talent than anyone I've ever heard. They just need help getting to where they belong.
Tyson 03/28/2012
Lets get this party started!!!! BOBAFLEX you guys are the best of the best!!!! Can't wait to see you in Rockford next month!!!! FORD, this is Chrysler town, get on over here and show them what you got!!!!
Sam 03/28/2012
Looking forward to Easter weekend - BOBAFLEX and the Machine Shop, now that's going to be a party. FORD, it's in your back yard come on over and see what we're all taking about!!!!
Ray M 03/25/2012
give them a new van , good publicity FORD
Pablo 03/24/2012
Bobaflex is awesome and that van has def put in some work.id really like to see them roll up in the Ford E650 bandwagon one day,they deserve it and their van could use a break lol
mark worthington 03/23/2012
YES, Ford, i think they all could use a new Mustang!
Janet 03/23/2012
BOBAFLEX, I love you guys forever!!! Keep on rocking!!!!
APC 03/23/2012
ROCK on the RANGE!!!! Congratulations BOBAFLEX, I'll be seeing you there!!!!!
Shiloh Branch 03/22/2012
I'm from Mason County West "BY GOD" Virginia....and I too BELIEVE Ford should give these Guys in the BAND....a "One-Up"...so to speak....I'd like nothing more than to see a 60sec Commercial During next years SuperBowl...about the Incredible E350 (w/225,000 miles on it)....and some of the Bands antics....oh yeah.....!!!!!!
Skeeter P 03/22/2012
Bobaflex is the best band around .love these guys they are going all the way to the top.
Les 03/22/2012
Huge fan of BOBAFLEX and Ford, I'd love to see something work here . . . how about it???
Guy 03/22/2012
BOBAFLEX, we will remember you for years and those of us that have seen and met you will never forget, you guys are the best. FORD should use you for something, just look at the response of those little of us that know about this.
Yolanda 03/21/2012
I love BOBAFLEX *muhaaaaa*
GREG 03/21/2012
I am a big Bobaflex fan, like a lot of people have said, if you hear and see them live, you're hooked!!! FORD, listen to these guys!!!
MH 03/21/2012
BOBAFLEX is one rocking show I'll never miss again, honestly people if you haven't seen BOBAFLEX live put it on your bucket list, you won't regret it!!!!
BOB 03/21/2012
I am so impressed with BOBAFLEX, I've seen them 5 times now and they are on my agenda everytime they are anywhere near me. Congrat on getting to play at Rock on the Range, that is awesome!!!
Ken 03/21/2012
BOBAFLEX - if you see them, you'll love them, that's all there is to it!!! FORD, if you drive them, you'll love them - a marriage made on FORD Social.
Jerry 03/21/2012
I'd love to see BOBAFLEX pull up to Rock on the Range with a New Ford pimped out ride, what do you think people would think???
Mark 03/20/2012
I've been a BOBAFLEX fan for a while now and they get better each time I hear them!!! BOBAFLEX rocks!!! I'd love FORD to help them out them I'll get my new truck, probably a FORD . . .
Matt M 03/20/2012
BOBALFEX is the best live band I have ever seen too!!!! I have meet them on several occasions also and like everyone has commented, they are the nicesest guys you'd ever want to meet, they are not rushed talking to you, they make you feel as if you matter. BOBAFLEX, we your fans are behind you 1,000%, hopefully FORD can help you out in these difficult times, we would show our appreciation to FORD for doing so!
David 03/20/2012
Go BOBAFLEX . . . GO - I love BOBAFLEX!!!
Karen 03/20/2012
BOBAFLEX live in all of us that have heard them, they should be programed on a FORD radio!
Jim O 03/19/2012
BOBAFLEX I can't wait to see you guys next month, if any of you haven't seen them live GO!!!! They are the best!!
AJ Smith 03/19/2012
ive been up close to this van several times over the years, BOBAFLEX always seems to show up early and leave late. they love their fans and even more so, we love them. keep rocking and i hope to see you guys back in louisville, ky soon.
Jenifer M 03/19/2012
What a great article about a great group of hardworking guys! I Love Bobaflex!
jerry joyce 03/19/2012
since bobaflex has shown how good your van has been for them I do blevieve that you guys should hook them up with a new one so that they can continue on entertaining the people that love them sooooo much.... thank you so much ford
Nick 03/19/2012
It's great to read this story about one of the hardest working up-and-coming rock bands, my friends in Bobaflex! Keep up the good work, guys!(and take it easy on that van. Afterall, it is a Ford! :P)
C 03/19/2012
I love Ford and Bobaflex!!!!
Dave 03/19/2012
MKC 03/17/2012
I think I'll take the Mustang out, put the top down and listen to my BOBAFLEX CD as loud as it will go . . . how many other people would be saying that if FORD helped BOBAFLEX with a van????
Scott 03/17/2012
BIG, BIG, BIG BOAFLEX fan!!!! the best concert I have ever seen was BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss together, you can't do any better than that!!! Ford we would be eternally indebted to you if you could help BOBAFLEX!!!
Michele R 03/17/2012
Kent 03/17/2012
I'm a BOBAFLEX fan too, thanks Ford for putting their story up to share with all of their fans. They are the best live concert i have ever seen and they are getting better!!! BOBAFLEX you do rock!!!
Marty Ray M 03/17/2012
Thanks for spreading the word about Bobaflex!
GRS 03/17/2012
Rock on the Range with BOBAFLEX, now that's a weekend we probably won't remember!
Melinda 03/17/2012
BOBAFLEX is for everyone, it doesn't matter sex or race, I see everyone at BOBAFLEX concerts and they are all rocking their heads off. FORD. BOBAFLEX is awesome!!!!
Mark 03/17/2012
You'll love BOBAFLEX if you hear BOBAFLEX, lets goet the word to the world!!!!
Hillary D 03/17/2012
This band is amazing!!! If anyone deserves a new van from Ford, it wwould have to be Bobaflex, hands down. These guys have worked so hard to get where they are today. They are a reallygreat band and are so good to their fans. It would be so awesome it Ford gave these guys a new one!!
Ben 03/17/2012
I have to admit everytime I hear a BOBAFLEX song on the radio or on my CD player I'm thinking of FORD!!!! FORD, thanks for posting the story, you guys have enlightened me!!!
BBM 03/17/2012
I love the BOBAFLEX guys, they are so musically talented and the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, as others have said they meet and greet every fan at every concert i have ever been to and I believe I have been to a lot. FORD, it would be such a feel good story if you could help out an independant band like BOBALFEX and help push them to the top. They just need to be heard!!!
BreyLynn 03/17/2012
Bobaflex is an awesome band!!!! Their music rocks and their members are fantastic people. Can't wait to see them make it HUGE one day and say "I grew up around those guys and all their sacrifices they have made paid off and their dreams came true!"
Great idea, FORD give them a sweet pimped out van!!!!
auntie barb 03/16/2012
Mahalo FORD for not getting bailed out & for promoting one of the best bands I've ever seen in my very long rock fan career! BOBAFLEX RULES!!!
Liz D 03/16/2012
Only a FORD could withstand 225,000 miles with BOBAFLEX!!!!!!
Bobaflex Warrior 03/16/2012
Thanks Ford for giving one of my favorite bands a great vehicle to travel America! Would love to see a signature van for them pumped out by Ford!!!! Make it happen:)
Dennis W 03/16/2012
it's great to see the guys from WV, or as I used to call them our neighboring state local band, back at it and climbing the charts one rung at a time!
Erik 03/16/2012
Ford really needs to sponsor them and give them a new rig!
Jessica B 03/16/2012
BOBAFLEX is one of the most down to earth bands out there! They are always out meeting their fans & taking pictures with them. The music world is better because of them! Can't wait to see them play arenas!
Carmen F 03/16/2012
If you haven't yet, you've gotta see these guys. They put their all into their music/shows/tours and are great people, too. Keep on rockin' guys! Can't wait 'til you get back to WI. Great story for a hell-of-a-band!! Bobaflex warriors baby!
Debbie W 03/16/2012
Woowhoo guys I worked for Ford Motor Company for 21 yrs at some of the dealerships in management this store is sooo true about this amazing band I now work for a production company and have seen the guys plenty of times in the same van if any band in this business so deserve a new vehicle to tour in it's these guys they work so hard and travel so far come on Ford endorse them with a new touring rig and this will show other bands that working long and hard,you can over come any hurdle to make your dreams come true..... Just think of all the fans that would go out and buy a Ford when they see their fav band being sponsored/endorsed by Ford Motor Company...TY for the write up on the guys they so Rock!!!!!!
Scott S 03/16/2012
Bobaflex are a group of real people who bust their butt for their music and fans. That van has brought them up to the upper midwest numerous times and I hope it keeps them coming back again and again! Every ounce of success they deserve and thanks Ford for making the van that gets them from show to show!
SX 03/16/2012
BOBALFEX is the rockingest Band I have ever seen in my life!!!
RB 03/16/2012
Ford, how about leasing BOBAFLEX a really cool tricked out FORD van, for a great deal?!?!?! I like the BOBAFLEX signature van!!!
Laurie 03/15/2012
Can't wait to see BOBAFLEX at the Machine Shop on April 6th, come on FORD, meet us all there . . . PS, Please bring a new van with you!!! :)
GARY 03/15/2012
Rock on the Range - BOBAFLEX, what a good time coming!!!!
SS 03/15/2012
Thank you FORD for posting the BOBAFLEX story, they really are a great band, I guess like a lot of other people have said you have to hear them, you have to see them, it is an experience of a lifetime. FORD, I'd like to see them in a brand spanking new FORD van!!!!
David 03/14/2012
There is no bigger fan of BOBAFLEX than me, I love you guys and yor music!!! Keep on Rocking!!! Ford, you should hear BOBAFLEX live, it's an experience!!!
KORY 03/13/2012
Alan G 03/13/2012
Great story, great band, BOBAFLEX is better than anyone else out there right now!! Ford, great vans . . . need i sa anything else?
Jake 03/13/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX, you guys are awesome, the best I have ever heard!!!
PGM 03/13/2012
I'm going top Rock on the Range to see BOBAFLEX, who's with me?!?!?!?!
Amber 03/13/2012
I love the band, I love the music, I love BOBAFLEX live, they are the best rock band I have ever seen!!!! Ford, you're not bad either. Thank you for putting this up on Ford Social, it's an inspration!
Melinda 03/13/2012
The greatest rock band there is, just go watch them and you'll see. FORD, invite them to play for you, you'll be amazed!!!
RN 03/13/2012
The best, the best live band I have ever seen. BOBAFLEX is in a catagory of it's own!!
Li 03/13/2012
Great story about on heck of a band, I am a big Bobaflex fan and if there is anyone that has ever seen them live, then they are a fan too!!! I'm hoping FORD can help them on their journey to the top!!
Steve D 03/12/2012
Got love the BOBAFLEX fans!!! You guys rock. Now lets build them a FORD van they won't forget!!!!
DP 03/12/2012
BOBAFLEX - bad to the bone!!!
MKM 03/12/2012
BOBAFLEX lives in our hearts!!!!!
TES 03/10/2012
FORD - you should trade a van for some of BOBAFLEX's songs, I can see how that would work for both of you!
Ron 03/10/2012
Illinois fan here and i've seen BOBAFLEX in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and and the Iconic Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. People, if you haven't seen them - GO to a show, you'll be left wanting more, they are the BEST you will ever see!!!!
Mike 03/10/2012
Great band those BOBAFLEX guys and the nicest people you'd ever want to meet!!!! Keep on rocking!!!! I don't know what else to ask Ford, all you other people beat me to it, oh what the heck, FORD please give BOBAFLEX a new FORD BOBAFLEX mobile!!!
A KENNEDY 03/10/2012
Big fan of BOBAFLEX, what a great band and the nicest guys, they spend so much time before and after the show they make us feel like we're part of the family. And what a family the McCoy brothers have!!!! Ford, lets give them a hand, they need to be heard!!!
DBJ 03/10/2012
Bobaflex, you are the most diversified rock group I have ever heard!!!! You guys are unbelieveable!!!! FORD, you should take notice!!
Jeffrey 03/10/2012
Bobaflex is coming back to the Machine Shop on April 6th, lets all go and support these guys as before, I don't remember a time when the Machine Shop wasn't sold out with BOBAFLEX!!! Thanks Banana for play their music!!
Steve 03/10/2012
BOBAFLEX FOR PRESIDENT, now that would be an awesome idea!!!! FORD would be the presidential vechicles!!!!
Phil 03/10/2012
BOBAFLEX I don't think you realize how much of an influence you have had on a lot of people, your music is inspiring and with the economy the way it is you just make bad things go away for a while, you guys are so talented, we love you more than you know. Keep doing what you're doing, you guys ROCK!!!!
Laura 03/10/2012
It's Saturday early in the morning and I'm at work . . . no social life here!!! I'm getting thru listening to my BOBAFLEX CD, it picks me up, gets me going and just makes me feel good!!! BOBAFLEX, THANKS!!!!!
Rand 03/10/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX . . . we never get tired of saying it or hearing it!!! BOBAFLEX rocks like no other band, none!!!! BOBAFLEX is the best ever!!! ROCK on BOBAFLEX!!!! And FORD, your help would be appreciated and of course rewarded!!!!
Tom 03/10/2012
Michigan fan here and can't wait to see BOBAFLEX at the Machine Shop in Flint on April 6th, all you Michigan fans sell the Machine Shop out!!!! (like last time)
ETL 03/09/2012
What an honor the be invited to play at Rock on the Range, BOBAFLEX, congratulation, you deserve it!!!! Come on FORD, 80,000 screaming fans screaming for Ford and BOBAFLEX!!!
Al B 03/09/2012
I'm with everyone else . . . the best, absolutely the best rock band on the planet. Those of you that haven't seen them live, you need to go, it is an unforgetable experience!! I promise you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George 03/09/2012
UNMATCHED live band, BOBAFLEX you are the bestestest!!!!! FORD, come on now . . .
Bonnie 03/09/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, they are the nicest guys I have ever met, and have more talent than any band I have ever seen. I'm thinking a new Ford van should be in the future!!!
Tim 03/09/2012
I was an Iowa observer of the BOBAFLEX, Royal Bliss show on Saturday, the first time I have ever seen either of them live. I am now a huge fan of both. Talk about a Rock Concert!!!! I saw the White Van also . . . Yep, Ford if you can help get them a new one, we would ALL be grateful!!!
Kevin 03/09/2012
Bobaflex, yo are the best band I have ever heard. You are rocking our pants off . . . keep on rocking, we'll keep coming!!! And FORD, if you help them just think of your reward . . .
Scott 03/09/2012
FORD, can you PLEASE give BOBAFLEX a van, it will make all my friends happy and they will be able to do their national tour. I heard they are going EVERYWHERE this summer!!! BOBAFLEX is the best of the best!!!!
BW 03/09/2012
I want to say something cleaver here but, I'm not that clever and it's toooooo early. I am a huge BOBAFLEX fan and hope that FORD can work something out with them some way!!!
Bruce 03/09/2012
Bobaflex, what color is the new van going to be??? (FORD, hint - hint). BOBAFLEX, we love you guys!!!
DW 03/09/2012
Yep, the best live band I have ever seen!!! Yep the best truck I have ever driven. BOBAFLEX and FORD, you both rock!!!!
Bruce 03/08/2012
Just an incredible group af guys that have talent like I have never seen before. BOBAFLEX you do rock!!!
L Spencer 03/08/2012
Dang this is enjoyable reading all these comments, some of you have a little to much time on your hands!!! I'm a BOBAFLEX fan and agree with everyone that says it's the best live band they have ever seen. FORD, you can use a song or two of theres (I'm sure), then give them a new van!
Kelly 03/07/2012
I'm a big BOBAFLEX fan, I love the band and have seen them several times, they get better each time!!!! I'm hoping that FORD will give them a van or help them in some way . . . we'll all be grateful!!!!
Bri 03/07/2012
BOBAFLEX live is better than anyone else!!!! FORD, PLEASE help them get a van, or a very large bicycle!!!! BOBAFLEX I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Layne 03/06/2012
I've seen the BOBAFLEX van . . . it might of seen better days, it got them where they need to go, now i think it needs to go. BOBAFLEX you guys rock!!!
Ralph 03/06/2012
Bobaflex the best and the baddest band i hasve ever seen!!!! They rock you and leave you wanting more!
TL 03/06/2012
I still can't get over the concert on Thursday night in Madison, it was the best i've ever seen and heard!!! FORD, see these guys live!!!
JNB 03/06/2012
A big BOBAFLEX fan for a long time now, i always see them whenever they are close, they are the best rock band out there, now and where do I order my signature BOBAFLEX van???
Matt 03/06/2012
I think we're going to keep the BOBAFLEX story going on forever!!! FORD, thanks so much for posting it!!!
BB 03/06/2012
I'm all for have a FORD BOBAFLEX national tour, how about it FORD!!!!!
UK 03/06/2012
I like the idea of a BOBAFLEX signature van, heck, I'd get one!!!!!
Gary 03/06/2012
Another of the many Bobaflex fans in the virtual world. I love the band, I love the music, I love the live concerts and to meet the guys was the best!!! FORD, you need to meet and hear these guys live, they will blow you away!!!
Matthew 03/06/2012
What an awesome group of people we BOBAFLEX fans are and we just want to see BOBAFLEX go all the way, with FORDS help it will be a little easier!!!
Noreen 03/06/2012
Bobalfex ownes Madison Wisconsin!!!! What a great SOLD OUT concert on Thursday night, I did call in sick on Friday, I'm still pumped up!!!! Come on now FORD, Please get them a van!!!!
Stef 03/06/2012
A HUGE BOBAFLEX fan!!!! They rock you all night long!!!!! What a great concert in Madison on Thursday night!!!!! BOBAFLEX need a kick butt FORD like Royal Bliss has!!!!
Paula 03/06/2012
All us fans ever see if the rock star image that's portrayed on stage, we don't even consider the countless hours driving, the countless hours setting up and the countless hours of practice. BOBAFLEX we know you have paid your dues and know that it's time to reap your reward. With sponsors such as FORD, it will help. FORD, please help them!
RYAN 03/06/2012
I'm agreeing with just about everyone, Bobaflex is the best rock band on the planet, Ford is one heck of a car, I think Ford should do a Bobaflex signature van!!!
RYAN 03/06/2012
I'm agreeing with just about everyone, Bobaflex is the best rock band on the planet, Ford is one heck of a car, I think Ford should do a Bobaflex signature van!!!
Rick 03/06/2012
My whole family loves BOBAFLEX, they are the best rock band out there right now!!! Ford, you have to be able to use their music somehow - they are an independant band and need to get out there somehow, with a little help from FORD they could blow up!!!!!
Mike 03/06/2012
Mike from Michigan here, BOBAFLEX will be a the Machine Shop again on April 6th, it's like being in heaven seeing them after 2 months. Really, if any of you haven't seen BOBAFLEX live you really, really, really need to. Now that they will be coming back to Michigan, Ford, can they stop by Dearborne and pick up a new van????
Scott 03/05/2012
Bobaflex - Madison show - unbelievable!!!!!!
Brent 03/05/2012
Kind of a big fan of BOBAFLEX like everyone else, it seems wherever they go the crowds are getting bigger, I think they're finally being heard. I guess it's all bout being at the right place at the right time. I have been a fan for a long time and always thought that they were going to make it big, they have that "it" thing. FORD, I'm sure they are struggling and anything you can do for them is like doing it for us. As many have mentioned, you will reap your reward!!!!
Reed 03/05/2012
This seems more liike an appreciation for BOBAFLEX, which I am all for, BOBAFLEX you guys are awesome and have given us hours upon hours of pleasure. Ford should listen to OUR voice and think about giving them a van, they'd sell 1,000 more cars in a year, I think that would be worth it!!!
Gregory 03/05/2012
Bobaflex destroyed Madison Thursday night (in a good way). The best concert I have ever seen. Keep on rocking BOBAFLEX!!!! Now, can we get Ford to give BOBAFLEX a van?!?!?!
Marcia 03/05/2012
BOBAFLEX ROCKED central Iowa on Saturday night, I'm still tapping my foot. I just want to throw a little jab to FORD, please give them a van, the old ones not going to make it very much further, it's kind of making a weird pinging sound which can't be that good?!?!?!
TINA 03/05/2012
I can't stand it not making a comment, you guys were unbelievable in madison on thursday night, the best live show i have ever seen, and the van, needs a little TLC OK a lot of TLC, it has severed you well though!!!
Curt 03/05/2012
Even with a small glich in the sound system, Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX rocked Iowa to it's roots!!!!! I'd say BOBAFLEX, you need a Ford like Royal BLiss has, dang that's a hotel!!!!
Doug 03/05/2012
BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss were unbelieveable in Iowa on Saturday!!! The best show I have ever seen!!!!
Monica 03/03/2012
BFX is a great band!!!! Me and my sister saw them for the first time at Gigantour and have been warriors ever since!!! please consider giving them a van!!! Their current van is like a second home! Since 8-9 years ago meeting them they have only used 2 vans and they could really use one with lower miles!! BFX will ROCK your world!!!!
PAM 03/02/2012
After last nights show in Madison, I'm convinced that Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX are the best bands on earth!!! ROCK ON guys!!!! Come on FORD, we all saw what was left of the van, even though it's still intact, please help them replace it!!!
Jim 03/02/2012
My wife and i were at the Madison Wisconsin show last night and we couldn't have been more entertained!!!!! Great show BOBAFLEX!!!!
Jack E 03/02/2012
Thanks BOBAFLEX for keeping me awake all night and falling asleep at my desk . . . the best time i ever had!!!! Ford please give them a van, we saw the old one last night, not a pretty sight!
Les 03/02/2012
Bobaflex, you blew up Wisconsin last night, the best i've ever seen, heck i was going to give them me and my buddies car after the concert last night, they were that good!!
Ray K 03/02/2012
South Texas loves Bobaflex!!! You guys need to plan a tour our way!!! We have ways of getting vans from people here . . . come on Ford, give them the VAN!!!!
MN 03/02/2012
Michigan Bobaflex fan for a while now, i saw them at the machine shop the first time 4 years ago, I have been a fan ever since, they bring it everytime!!!! Come on Dearborn, let's get Bobaflex a Ford Van!!!!
Jeff O 03/02/2012
I'm a fan of BOBAFLEX but have never seen them live, according to everyone here, it's a pretty good time. I will be seeing them tonight in Quincy, IL with my favorite band Royal Bliss. I'm also looking forward to seeing this white van . . . I'll bet there are a few stories in that thing!!!!
MPM 03/02/2012
We went to the Madison show last night, my co-workers made it in on time, I have no idea how, I just got here!!! I believe i was witness to the best concert i have ever seen. BOBAFLEX, you really are the best!!!
DHD 03/02/2012
I think all of use that went from work are going to make a comment, FORD give BOBAFLEX the van, they deserve it after last night - UNBELIEVABLE
Rick W A 03/02/2012
A couple of us guys went from work to the Madison show, it was the best concert we have ever seen, what a great line-up, Wayland, Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX, it was unforgetable, and since everyone else is asking, FORD PLEASE GIVE BOBAFLEX A VAN, take a look at the old one and you'll do it out of sympathy!!!
al h 03/02/2012
i was at the epic sold out madison show last night, it was unbelieable, mind blowing rock! anyone that was there will never forget it! bobaflex you are the best and keep getting better.
CS 03/02/2012
BOBAFLEX all I want is to say is WOW, you and Royal Bliss in Madison last night set the bar at a new level!!!!
Ford, give BOBAFLEX a Monster Ford Truck like Royal Bliss has!!!!
Stacy Y 03/02/2012
Ford, can you please give BOBAFLEX a new van??? By the way BOBAFLEX rocked Madison to its core last night, tthe best concert I have ever attended!!!!
Ben 03/02/2012
I went to the Madison show last night with Wayland, Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX, HOLY MOLY, it was the best concert i have ever seen in my life!!!!! I can't believe I am at work, i'm going to have find a corner to hide in for a few hours. I'm agreeing with a few of those that have commented on the Royal Bliss FORD black 650, geeeeeze, now that's a TRUCK!!!!!! BOBAFLEX thanks for taking it to the limits again!!!
CC 03/01/2012
I'm getting ready to leave work to go and see BOBAFLEX tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, it's a 3 hour drive and worth every bit of time it takes to get there and home. They really are the best rock band I have ever seen. Now I might be a little late getting into work tomorrow but that's what sick day are for. Ford, I want to thank you for posting their story, it sounds as if they have definately paid their dues. Anything you can do for them will be reward from us their loyal fans. Thank you for anything you can do!!!
RR 03/01/2012
3-01 Madison, Wisconsin, be there - BOBAFLEX with Royal Bliss!!!!!
Prepare to be rocked!!!
Pat 03/01/2012
it's funny that all these comments for bobaflex seem to be from all walks of life. I consider myself a white collar worker and I love bobaflex, they cross all demigraphics, all races, they seem to be a band for everyone that likes rock music. I have met them like many others on here and they are the nicest people that you'd ever want to meet and they have a great sense of humor. Good luck bobaflex, Ford would be lucky to have you involved in any of their promotions.
Jim 03/01/2012
BOBAFLEX, come on back to FL. We love you here!!!! I'm hoping new FORD van!!!
Michael S 03/01/2012
Tyson 03/01/2012
Bobaflex, you guys are the best, you rock like no other, I know you need a new van, i've seen the old one, we've all seen the old one. If I were you I'd get every band member a new Mustang, those things are AWESOME and let each band member bring his own equipment!!!!! Ford anything you could do would be great!!!!
Rob V 03/01/2012
Bobaflex in the house, now lets get them in a NEW FORD VAN!!!!!
Jim C 03/01/2012
Sold out in Madison, WI. FORD, bring the van here tonight, you're going to see a show of a lifetime!!!! BOBAFLEX ROCKS!!!!
Allen 03/01/2012
I think Ford should give BOBAFLEX a VAN just because they're such a great company and all use BOBAFLEX fans can stop whining and start buying FORD products . . . BOBALFEX we love you!!!! FORD, we're starting to love you!!!!
Jack 03/01/2012
What do you get when you put BOBALFEX & Royal Bliss in concert on the same day???? THE best time you will EVER experience!!!! Good luck BOBAFLEX on getting a new FORD van, we're all behind you. You need to get one like the Royal Bliss FORD F-650, now that's a RIDE!!!!!
Tony 03/01/2012
I'm so excited we're going to the SOLD OUT Bobaflex show tonight I'm wearing depends, and I'm only 25!!!!! I love those guys!!!! Ford, you should come too, you'd get what we're all raving about!!!! (no elderly people wearing depends were injured during this comment)
Bill S 03/01/2012
Someone give Dave a cough drop . . . he's choking, I think I get what he's trying to say though, FORD PLEASE GIVE BOBAFLEX A VAN, WE LOVE THEM AND WE WILL OWE YOU A LOT, I'M WILLING TO GIVE MY FIRST BORN!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Bill M 03/01/2012
Also a fan of Bobaflex, one of the best live band I have ever seen, in fact I'll be seeing them again on Friday night, it's going to start my weekend off in the best way!!!
Adam 03/01/2012
Can't wait to see BOBAFLEX tonight in Madison, Wisconsin!!!! Actual I might forgo the concert to see this van everyone is talking about!!!!
Michael S 03/01/2012
BOBAFLEX you and Royal Bliss in Madison tonight at a sold out show, who could ask for anything more??? Come on down FORD!!!!!
Karen 03/01/2012
Going to the SOLD OUT BOBAFLEX show in Madison WI, can't wait!!!!! BOBAFLEX you guys ROCK!!!! I'm saying FORD give them a Van, a few Cars and a dirt bike!!!!
Brad 03/01/2012
A group of us are going to see BOBAFLEX tonight (Thursday) in Madison, it's about a 2 hour trip, we hope to make it home by Sunday afternoon!!!! BOBAFLEX, FORD needs to see, hear and meet you, because you really are the best!!!!
Matt 03/01/2012
Bobaflex is the best rock band there is, if you haven't seen them, you need to, put it on your bucket list . . . and speaking of buckets . . . FORD, the white van . . . you need to see that too!!!!
Greg 03/01/2012
Bobaflex, see you tonight in Madison, why is there a concert on Thursday night, you know none of us are going to be at work tomorrow. 3 day weeekends ROCK!!! BOBAFLEX, Madison loves you!!!!
Marc 03/01/2012
All of us from work will be going into Madison tonight to see BOBAFLEX with Royal Bliss, what a great time that will be. I'm giving notice that I feel a little fever coming on, I MIGHT be calling in sick tomorrow. Bobaflex, the best live band ever!!!! I'm pleading with FORD to gvie BOBAFLEX a new van, you can have the old one and my old lawn mower!
Kayla 03/01/2012
Looking forward to seeing BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss in Waterloo on Saturday, I will have my dancing shoes on and ready to party. By the way FORD . . . how abot it, I'm a believer in karma, I'm positive you'll reap your rewards if you can help BOBAFLEX with anything!!!
Jake 02/29/2012
Ohio BOBAFLEX fan and we love them here!!!!!
DAVE 02/29/2012
(cough cough) FORD (cough cough) Please give (cough cough) BOBAFLEX a (cough cough) new FORD (coucg cough) Van!!!! (cough couch) Sorry all, cold and flu season! :)
B Norman 02/29/2012
I am very fond of the band BOBAFLEX, I saw them a while ago and am kind of waiting to see them again . . . great live band, a lot of emotion in their music, as good as I've ever seen. i can understand why everone that sees them likes them, they are really that good!!!
Andy 02/29/2012
I have to say that when our company went to the Bobaflex show a few months ago, i was impressed, now that was a good time. So much heart in their music. I think if Ford were to get together with them it wold be a great idea!!!! BOBAFLEX come back to Northern Illinois!
Joe H 02/29/2012
As a few people have said, we listen to BOBAFLEX every now and then at work, it does get the guys going!!! FORD, if you can, give BOBAFLEX a van!!! We'll owe you!!!
BOB 02/29/2012
I'm also a fan of Bobaflex, you jusy have to see and hear them to understand!!!!
Rhonda 02/29/2012
I'm glad it takes me almost a whole day to read these comments . . . some of you people are spending to much of your work day on this site. I am a fan of Bobaflex, they are a great live band and I'd do just about anything to see them live. We've meet them a few times and are great guys. i know that their van has kept them safe so far but it needs to go, FORD if you can help get them anoter one you'd make a lot of people happy and obligated to you, thanks in advance for anything you can do!!
William 02/29/2012
I'll be seeing BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss tomorrow night in Madison, FORD, do you want to join us??? It's going to be a gooooood time for all!!! BOBAFLEX is the best live band you will ever see!!!!
FORD, please show up with their new van . . . I'll buy the drinks
FRED 02/28/2012
I love the suttle way people are asking FORD for a van for BOBAFLEX, no hidden comment here!!! P L E A S E ! ! !
Gerry 02/28/2012
I love reading all of these comments, even though now it's taking me about 1/2 a day!!!! Bobaflex, you are the best band I have ever seen live too!!! Keep on rocking!!!!
Joe 02/28/2012
Got to hand it to us BOBAFLEX fans, we're saying what we want to say hear, Ford lets us prove our loyality to you!!!!
John 02/28/2012
I'm a BOBAFLEX kind of guy!!!
Craig 02/28/2012
Illinois born and raised and i'm a huge fan of our Brothers from West Virginia, Bobaflex, I love those guys!!! Nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Go ahead Ford, give them the van and see what your reward will be, i'd say a pretty safe investment!!
michael 02/28/2012
I'm going to ad my 2 cents here . . . I am a big fan of BOBAFLEX and have been a fan through all their struggles, I'm seeing them anytime they are close, i'm hoping Ford can get them a van, the white one has seen way better days!
Jen C 02/28/2012
Bobaflex is my all time favorite band they rock like no other, they really are the best rock band!!! Bobaflex I love you guys!!!!
David 02/28/2012
Bobaflex, see you guys on Rock on the Range, hopefully driving theat kick butt new FORD!!!!!!!
O Bentley 02/28/2012
I am a fan of BOBAFLEX and hope that they can get a Van from FORD or at least one heck of a deal, come on FORD, lets get them ready for the Rock on the Range concert, drive up there in a shiney new FORD, how awesome wold that be???
William 02/27/2012
what the heck, I'm jumping on the Bobaflex band wagon, they truely are the best live band I have ever seen . . . Ford, you should see these guys and an invite to Rock on the Range . . . please!!!!
Pat 02/27/2012
I love the BOBAFLEX story, I love the band!!! Thanks FORD for putting it up, it's an inspration!!!
Laura 02/27/2012
I saw Boabaflex a few weeks ago with some girlfriends and we are sold, they are the best live band we have ever seen and I was the designated driver!!! Bobaflex, you guys do rock!!!
Catherine 02/27/2012
Corporate Illinois fan of BOBAFLEX here, I saw them a few weeks ago for the first time at Penny Road Pub and i was impressed, I can understand why people are saying that BOBAFLEX is their favorite live band, and i have to agree. Now lets get them some real transportation!!! Ford, how about it???
Corky 02/27/2012
Rock on Bobaflex, keep on playing the best songs I have ever heard, a lot of heart and soul go into those songs!!! If Ford won't give you a Van, come to Belvidere, Il and get a Dodge, (even though Ford makes a better product)!
Susan 02/27/2012
Bobaflex, I will see you in Madison on Thursday evening, I can't wait. Bobaflex is the best live band in the world!!!! I say, FORD, give them a van and we'll all be buying those Ford products, you'll see.
Trish 02/27/2012
Welcome to the big time baby!!!! Rock on the Range, it doesn't get any better, it doesn't get any bigger!!! Way to go BOBAFLEX!!!!!
Carol L 02/27/2012
BOBAFLEX, I'll be a fan foever, you guys are the BEST live band I have ever seen, let us know what we need to do to get you another FORD. Because you are the best and you deserve the best (FORD)!!!
RJY 02/27/2012
BOBAFLEX come back to CHICAGO!!! We loved your show about 1 month ago, I love the CD, I loved the concert and i think the van needs a lot to love. Come on FORD, let's get them a Brand New Ford Van!!!!!
Bill 02/27/2012
Huge BOBAFLEX fan, have been for a while, congrat BOBAFLEX for getting thru the initial struggle, we're all counting on you getting thru all the other ones. FORD, it would be great for you guys to give them a hand, as an independant, it's got to be tuff getting thru all of the milestones. We all hoping and praying for BOBAFLEX's sucess!!!!
Jane C 02/27/2012
I love BOBAFLEX too, Come on FORD, give em the Van, it will be one of the best investments you'll ever make!!!!
Jay F 02/27/2012
I'm asking Ford to give Bobaflex a Van, I promise my next truck will be a Ford truck!!! Rock on BOBAFLEX!!!!
Jay F 02/27/2012
I'm asking Ford to give Bobaflex a Van, I promise my next truck will be a Ford truck!!! Rock on BOBAFLEX!!!!
jf 02/27/2012
I've seen the white vand and I'm saying it definately needs replaced, definately, it's not doing so good. I am a fan of BOBAFLEX, I am a fan of Ford, let's get these 2 married and get a Ford Van for BOBAFLEX, who's with me????
WJG 02/27/2012
I'd have to say, like just about everyone else, BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever seen, ROCK on BOBAFLEX!!! Rock on the Range has a great line up, CONGRATULATION BOBAFLEX!!!!
Andris 02/27/2012
I've had Fords since I was old enough to drive, I stepped out a few years ago when Dodge seemed to be picking it up but now i'm back to Ford. What a great product, you guys have come a long way in the last few years, I believe the best on the market. I am a fan of Bobaflex, they are a great band, I've seen the white van and it is road worn, if you can help them all of their fans would show you their appreciation.
Laurie 02/27/2012
I'm a BOBAFLEX fan like most of us that have made comments, i've seen the white van, I've heard the white van and I admit to having no mechicanical apptitude I'd say it's getting ready to give up the ghost . . . FORD, if you can, please help them get a new van, the one they have has been awesome, I just think it's at the end of it's life.
LB 02/27/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX, I haven't been a fan very long but if they keep doing what they are doing, I'm going to be a fan for a very long time. FORD, you guys rock and hopefully you can help BOBAFLEX on their merry way!!!!
Doug P 02/25/2012
The band is awesome and are paying the price of creating success a second time! Never stop.
Scott S 02/25/2012
I've been smitten by the Bobaflex bug, what a great show, you guys do keep on rocking!!!! I'm thinking Ford should give them a van or at least one heck of a deal on one, how many people have commented and looked at this site since the Bobaflex story????
Phil 02/25/2012
I was coaxed into going to see BOBAFLEX one evening and since then, I'm a huge fan. Those that haven't experienced BOBAFLEX, give them a change, you will be amazed!!!!
Amy 02/25/2012
What a great band, BOBAFLEX, you are the best rock band out there!!!! The best live show I have ever seen, just the best!!!! I'm with everyone else, come on FORD, give them a van!!!
AD 02/25/2012
You Bobaflex fans, your comments are outragous!!!! ROCK on Bobaflex, Rock on Ford!!!!
Laurie 02/25/2012
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BOBAFLEX, who couldn't?!?!?!?!?!
Lynn 02/25/2012
Ford, thanks for having such a cool tool, the Ford Social, what a chance for us, the little people to express our opinions. I have been looking at this site for a while and I've never seen such a reaction to a story as I've seen with this one. All you BOBALFEX fans out there are dedicated. Keep on following your dreams BOBAFLEX, it looks as if you are definately going in the right direction!!!
SP 02/25/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX, I think my family and my friends love BOBAFLEX, what a great band and the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, Ford please give them a van so they can keep touring, I think the white van needs put out to pasture . . . or buried with it's guns on
Marge 02/25/2012
BOBAFLEX, we can't wait until Thursday, we're looking forward to your sold out show in Madison!!!! Tear the place up and let's get FORD to get you a new van!!!
Stephanie 02/25/2012
I think since some of us are working today (saturday) we decided to put our comments on FORD SOCIAL, well, we LOVE BOBAFLEX, the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet. And when it comes to a rock band, they are simply the best!!! FORD, hear us when we tell you, they are the best rock band out there!!!
Brenda 02/25/2012
A few of us from work are going to see BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss on Thursday in Madison, it will be a great time. FORD, can you get them a van??? What a passionate gesture on your part, you'd have all of us owing you!!!
George 02/25/2012
Bobaflex, I'll be seeing you this week, my wife and I can hardly wait. Back on the road again, got to be a tough life. It would be so much easier with a new Ford van, don't you thing?!?!?!
Milt 02/24/2012
I'm a grandpa and I love Bobalfex, they rock on, I rock on!!!! I'm fond of Fords, I'd like to see Bobaflex in a new Ford, that would make my day!!!
Paula 02/24/2012
Bobaflex is really the best live band I have ever seen!!!!! I love Bobaflex!!!!!
GV 02/24/2012
BOBAFLEX, the hardest working and best sounding band I have ever seen!!! Rock on forever BOBAFLEX!!!! I'm with giving them a FORD van too!! :)
Chris 02/24/2012
I'm agreeing with most everyone else, i a huge fan of BOBAFLEX, huge! I love their CD and live, there is no better band!!!
Lisa H 02/23/2012
I just wanted to say the men of BOBAFLEX are hottttt!!! Rock on BOBAFLEX!!!!
Jason D 02/23/2012
The rendition of "sound of silence" is amazing, Bobaflex, you guys are unbelievable!!!! Now Ford, can you give them a van?!?!?!
Rand 02/23/2012
I read the bobaflex story here on ford social and have looked up bobaflex on the internet, i heard a few of their songs and like what i hear. they are going to be in illinois on the 2nd of march, i will be seeing my first live bobaflex show then. according to most everyone on here it's a great live show, looking forward to it!!! I guess if i like the show i'll have to buy a ford!!!
Chad 02/23/2012
A Bobaflex fan here, loving the new CD I just purchased, they are starting to get really, really popular again, Rock on the Range is no joke, it's for the best and they are deffinately the best!
Dan T 02/23/2012
Kinda liking all these comments, and I have to agree, BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever heard, they are the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet and they do take a lot of time with their fans. They are a class act!!
Mike Z 02/23/2012
Rock the RANGE BOBAFLEX!!!!! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!
LLoyd 02/23/2012
I'm loving this!!!! BOBAFLEX you do rock better than anyone i've ever seen!!! You guys are blowing up at the right time, congrats on rock on the range, I'll be there with 20 not so sober friends!!!! We're hoping FORD can help you out, the white van needs a retirement home, how about the FORD museum???
Rob 02/23/2012
ROCK ON THE RANGE WITH BOBAFLEX, hopefully it will be something I will remember!!! Congratulations BOBAFLEX!!!!
Scott 02/23/2012
Ford, thanks for posting the BOBAFLEX story, one of my all time favorite bands. Bobaflex you guys have a lot of drive and desire which shows in your music. Just keep rocking!!!
Dan 02/23/2012
We listen to BOBAFLEX in our office on Fridays, it get's you moving. We love BOBAFLEX here!!!! Congratulation BOBAFLEX on the Rock on the Range invitation!!!! Ford, 100,000 screaming fans, that's some serious advertisement!!!
KAREN 02/23/2012
BOAFLEX, let's get a concert in COLORADO!!!! we're waiting!!! You probably need a better vehicle, hmmmm, I'd get a FORD!!!! How about it FORD, don't leave us hanging!!!
RICH 02/23/2012
BOBAFLEX, come back to the Chicagoland area!!!!!! FORD, give BOBAFLEX a VAN, please, and if you have anything left please give it to me, I'll take anything FORD!!!!
Bill 02/23/2012
Got to love BOBAFLEX, which i do!!!
Mike B 02/23/2012
Ford is the best product in the Automotive market. BOBAFLEX is the best rock band. I'm thinking they use one of BOBAFLEXS songs, give them a van then all of BOBAFLEXS fan buy a FORD and the economy is out of the tank . . . i amaze myself sometimes!!!!
Kevin 02/23/2012
Just want to say, BOBAFLEX you are the baddest rock band on the planet!!!!
Mike 02/23/2012
I have to comment here, I am a BOBAFLEX, Royal Biss and Machine Shop fan, and now i want to be a FORD fan . . . come on FORD, take the hint, how many FORDS do you think you'd sell if you gave BOBAFLEX a VAN?!?!?! Let me do the math for you . . . LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael S 02/23/2012
FORD thanks for posting this story, what a great band, BOBAFLEX, what a struggle they've been thru, keep it up, BOBAFLEX, we, your fans are behind you. We hope that you get caring ears, such as FORD to help you on your independant way!!! Keep on ROCKING!!!
DAN 02/23/2012
I've followed BOBAFLEX for a while and I live to see them live, I've met them on ever occasion that I've seen them live and they are, as everyone else has said, the nicest guys. They don't start packing up until everyone has left. You can't find that in this world today. FORD, i wold ask that you meet and hear these guys, they are as determined as you are, what a perfect fit.
TODD 02/23/2012
I'm asking FORD to give BOBAFLEX a van, work out a trade, they are the most talented rock band i have ever seen or heard. Everyone goes after pop stars, rock lives, rock lives with BOBAFLEX!!!
RICH 02/22/2012
I am now a BOBAFLEX fan after i saw them a few weekends ago at the machine shop in michigan. BOBAFLEX, you guys are awesome!!!! I'm glad I had a chance to read your story, Ford, thanks for publishing it, it was very enlightning!!!
Ron 02/22/2012
BOBAFLEX is more than a band, they are pretty darn nice guys, I've met them on several ocassions, and they really are as nice as everyone says. And I have to comment on their show, IT ROCKS!!! If you haven't seen BOBAFLEX live you haven't lived!!!! You have to see BOBAFLEX live!!! Come on FORD, meet and listen to BOBAFLEX!!!!
PAT 02/22/2012
Bobaflex fan for a long time, I want to bea Ford fan, I wonder how that can happen?!?!?!?!
Sandy 02/22/2012
we love bobaflex here in flordia, they need to get on down here now while the weather is tolerable, you can stay at our house, bring the new ford van with you!!!!
Tony 02/22/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX several times and am a big fan. Congratulations BOBAFLEX on you "Rock on the Range" invitation, that's awesome. FORD give them the VAN there!!!
Al 02/22/2012
I know the guys in BOBAFLEX pretty well, i've never seen a harder working bunch of guys to profect their craft . . . and they've done it, prefection in song!!! Rock on BOBAFLEX, let's get them a new Van, they could definately use a new one!!!! FORD!!!!
Rich 02/21/2012
Our company went to a BOBALFEX concert for our New Years Eve party, it was one heck of a party, it was a Thursday night and I don't think anyone made it in or came in late the next day, now that's what I call a party. Congrat Bobaflex on you invite to rock on the range, now that's going to be a gooooood time!!! I'm hoping, we're all hoping you and FORD can connect and work out a Van for you!!!
Michelle 02/21/2012
my husband and i are fans, followers, almost stalkers of BOBAFLEX, our favorite band, by far!!!! I'm asking FORD to give them a Van, the "white knight" needs to retire!!!
PAULO 02/21/2012
I hope are whole office comments, we love BOBAFLEX, lots and lots!!! We see them any time they are close. Ford you make a great product, BOBAFLEX is a great product, can you work with them????
Clive 02/21/2012
Our whole office listens to BOBAFLEX too, we love them here. We're all going to Madison to see them on the 1st, I think we're going to miss work on the 2nd . . . just noting that in advance. We have FORDS as company vans, they're a great vechicle, come on FORD, get them another VAN, have you seen that thing?!?!
Matthew 02/21/2012
I'm a big BOBAFLEX fan now too, after i saw them with ROYAL BLISS, I saw the van, oh my, it's seen some asphalt!!! I also saw ROYAL BLISS'S FORD, now that's a FORD TRUCK!! CONGRATS to BOBAFLEX on the Rock on the Range invite, that's a huge deal!!!
WD 02/21/2012
JIM 02/21/2012
I've been listening to BOBAFLEX for years now, I just saw them and met them a few weeks ago, the live show really is the best I've ever seen and they are very hospitable, they did spend a lot of time with their fans and we appreciate that, thanks BOBAFLEX for all your time and energy, you are as good as everyone else says. FORD, i'm with everyone else, give them a van!!! PLEASE!
EDWARD 02/21/2012
this is a plea for FORD, we all love BOBAFLEX, come on FORD< help us out . . . PLEASE!!!!
Dan O 02/21/2012
A huge fan of BOBAFLEX and now Royal Bliss, it was the first time I saw them together last week, you guys ROCK. I'm going to have to agree with a few other comments on the page. BOBAFLEX needs a FORD like Royal Bliss has . . . Now that truck ROCKS!!! FORD, can you give BOBAFLEX a hand on that??? WE would all be grateful!!!
Gina K 02/20/2012
I love BOBAFLEX, we all love BOBAFLEX at work, we listen in the morning, we listen in the afternoon. What a great CD to get you going. BOBAFLEX you really do rock. I'd like to see FORD get off a van for them, if anyone deserves it it them!!!!
CT 02/20/2012
Me and all my friends are BOBAFLEX fans, I think if anyone hears them or meets them feels the same way. Ford, see them and meet them, you might even then give them stock in your company!!!
Nichole A 02/20/2012
Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX killed at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan, Machine Shop it was the best I've ever seen there and I have seen a lot. Keep them rocking like that!!!!!
BOB 02/20/2012
Bobaflex, I love you guys, if you get a Ford van I'll change my e-mail address, lets just say there's a chevy in it!!!
Norman S 02/20/2012
You just got to love BOBAFLEX, just see them live, just meet them, you'll see.

We're hoping FORD can do something for them, we will all owe FORD a debt of gratitude.
Jim O 02/20/2012
BOBAFLEX is the best!!! Rock on DUDES!!!
Lisa 02/20/2012
Lisa from Minnesota, I am a big fan of Bobaflex, I have seen their white van and it definately needs a make-over or be retired, I say FORD, give them another one, i'm sure they'd give you the old one, it's a classic you know.
Christy 02/20/2012
BOBAFLEX is coming back to Wisconsin and I'm going to have my happy butt there, see you guys on the 1st of March!!! I'm all for FORD getting them a van!!! (I've seen the old one EWWWWWW)
Ray F 02/20/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX 4 times, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen, it seems as if each times the crowds are getting bigger and definately louder, crank it up BOBAFLEX!!!!
Sean F 02/20/2012
BOBAFLEX, I love you guys!! My all time favorite band, you guys bring it everytime!!! I'm hoping for a FORD van in your future!!!
Sharon 02/18/2012
VP 02/18/2012
My husband and I LOVE BOBAFLEX!!! We can't wait to see them again!!! See you in Madisn on March 1ST!!!!
Mike G. 02/18/2012
I hope we keep this ting going forever, I want BOBAFLEX to know how big of fan base they have, come on BOBAFLEX fans, lets hear your voice!!!!!!
Susan 02/18/2012
I'm a transplant to Flordia and like a few other people have commented, we love BOBAFLEX here! Bring your NEW FORD VAN next time you come, make it soon!!!!
Layne T 02/18/2012
My kids were listening to the BOBAFLEX CD and now me and their Father are fans, we can't wait until they are in the area. They are a band for all generations.
Lexus 02/18/2012
I just want BOBAFLEX to get a new FORD VAN, I've seen the other one, before I started drinking and geeze, it's a little road worn, I really believe they could use a new one!
MK 02/18/2012
I like BOBAFLEX alot and I like FORD a lot, FORD lets get these guys a freaking VAN, A FORD would be my next car!!!!
Mike 02/18/2012
BOBAFLEX, I was at the machine shop like a few others last weekend, I am just now getting back to normal, I have to agree, Kevin and Craig are party monsters! BOBAFLEX, that was the best show I have ever seen there. You need to get one of those FORD vans like ROYAL BLISS has, that thing really is bad as it gets!!!
RON 02/18/2012
I'm a big fan of BOBAFLEX also, as many others have conveyed, we love BOBAFLEX, seeing them live isn't just a good time, it's an experience. I would suggest to FORD, they hear them, they meet them, they are just the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet and passionate about what they do. Rock on the Range is the biggest and the best, it's by invitation only and they are some of the chosen few. BOBAFLEX congratulations on that. BOBAFLEX keep rocking, you guys really are as good as it gets!!!
Dennis I 02/17/2012
I would just like to see BOBAFLEX get another van, anything would help, have any of you seen the van?!?!?! Come on FORD, can you help?
Amy T 02/17/2012
BOBAFLEX, thank you for the most exciting concert I have ever been to, you guys rocked the house. If there is anything we fans can ever do for you like get a FORD as our next car if you get a FORD van, let us know. :)
Jan S 02/17/2012
BOBAFLEX, we miss you, come back to FLORDIA!!!! (NOW) FORD, we love you, can you help BOBAFLEX??
Sharon D 02/17/2012
I'm a huge BOBAFLEX fan and we play their CD at lest 3 times a week in our office, it gets the juices flowing!!! BOBAFLEX we love you and have our fingers and toes crossed for you, Ford, please help them out and give them a van . . . please!!!
Edward 02/17/2012
Bobaflex, you are the best live band i have ever seen and like so many have said, the nicest guys. You spend a lot of time with your fans, you wait until the last person is gone before you start loading up your gear and I know that takes hours. Thank you for all of the time, talent and energy that you have. You guys really are awesome. I hope Ford can do something for you, that would make us happy and when we're happy we repay those that have done such a kind act. FORD's for everyone!!!!
ART 02/16/2012
BOBAFLEX, you guys are the best!!!!! You work harder than any band I have ever seen and your shows are just the best. I hope that you can work something out with FORD so they can get you a little better van, I've seen the "white knight" and it kind of needs to retire!!!!
Gary R 02/16/2012
BOBAFLEX and now a Royal Bliss fan . . . FORD, post a picture of Royal Bliss's Truck, wow is that thing awesome, get BOBAFLEX one of those!!!!
Mike T 02/16/2012
Another Machine Shop fan here, and the concert on Saturday was definately one for the books. I'm surprised the building is still standing. SOLD OUT baby!!!! BOBAFLEX, I am a fan and i want the best for you guys, I hope Ford can see all the fans you have and see that the pay back will be worth it and get you a van.
Joe 02/16/2012
Ford is one awesome vechicle, you have out classed the world these last 4 years, you have come from somewhere in the middle to the standard. I love your cars, trucks and vans and speaking of Vans, how about it for our friends of BOBAFLEX!!!!
Sharon D 02/16/2012
It looks Bobaflex is loved by us in FLORDIA, Keep on rocking guys!!!! Where do they make the Vans, we'll go borrow one!!!!
Shawn 02/16/2012
All I want to say is "Bury me with my guns on"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DH 02/16/2012
BOBAFLEX, what else can I say that hasn't been said, we love you, we support you, we want you to get a van, but only a FORD van. The one you have has kept going and kept you safe, that's what you need. FORD, how about giving them a hand? From all of us.
Sherry S 02/16/2012
I want to comment on BOBAFLEX and Royal Bliss at the Machine Shop, I've been to a few shows there and this one was by far the best!!!! Kevin you can throw a party!!!! I'm from Michigan and we here are picking ourselves up, Ford you've done amazingly well in the last few years in the Auto industry. I think giving BOBAFLEX a van would be great publicity, I know BOBAFLEX fans would be indebted to you.
Jordan F 02/15/2012
Bobflex, what an awesome story, we as your fans never knew all the struggles that you went thru, and you are at your best every night! We love and support you, I hope Ford will realize the potential that you have and give you a shot.
Star 02/15/2012
I'm waiting to see BOBAFLEX again in Madison on the 1st of March, I can't wait, we in Madison love BOBAFLEX!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! Who do I have to beg to get BOBAFLEX a Van????
Sue P 02/15/2012
BOBAFLEX, we love you, keep on dong what you're doing, you will be heard! FORD, you really should hear and meet them, trust me, trust us all!
Linda K 02/15/2012
This is a plea from me to FORD to give BOBAFLEX a van, how about it????
Suzanne M 02/15/2012
My favorite rock band of all times, BOBAFLEX, you guys are the best, I can't believe all the issues you have had to deal with, it makes me respect you even more!! I'm saying to FORD, please give them a van!!!
Earl 02/15/2012
I'm a Machine Shop junkie and last Saturday with BOBAFLEX was the best concert I have ever seen there! FORD, you have got to see these guys!!!!!!!
Betty 02/15/2012
I have to add another comment regarding th concert at the Machine Shop on Saturday, WOW, that's all I need to say. BOBAFLEX you brought it!!! And if it were up to me and my friends, I'd give them a FORD VAN!!!
BB 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX!!!!!!!!! FORD!!!!!!!!! Let's have a marriage!!!!!!
Sandy 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX, you guys are blowing up!!!! 1st, "Bury me with my guns on", 2nd, "Chemical Valley", what's next???? Hopefully, "Sound of Silence", I love that song!!!!!! Congratulations on the Rock on the Range invitation!!!! FORD, 80,000 people watching BOBAFLEX perform at Rock on the Range wearing new Ford shirts, what do you think the reaction will be with the crowd if you were to give them a Ford van??? They would love you forever!!!!!
Gypsy 02/14/2012
Machine Shop brought it as usual, Kevin and Craig you guys are awesome!!! BOBAFLEX, keep rocking your brains out, you guys are just the best. FORD, they are going to the top, jump on board baby!!!
AAH 02/14/2012
Ford, thanks for the story of Bobaflex, they are a great group of guys that are focused on a great product, their music and preformance, such as yourself.
J krauss 02/14/2012
I am a big fan of BOBAFLEX and have seen them several times. I've seen the van and WOW is that a tough van . . . I guess built Ford tough rings true.
Angus 02/14/2012
Rock on BOBAFLEX, Rock on FORD!!!!! Let's get BOBAFLEX a Van!!!
Mike F 02/14/2012
I hope our whole group gets on here today and comment on our favorite band BOBAFLEX, you guys are just the best. Ford, you have to meet and hear these guys!!!
W Nolan 02/14/2012
Great band, Bobaflex you are my favorite band, we love you guys. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us before the shows, you guys are awesome. If I were related to the Ford family, I'd give you a van, heck I'd give you a bus!!!
Jennifer 02/14/2012
Believe it or not my Dad took me to my first BOBAFLEX concert, I am now a fan, they are one awesome show, the energy is second to none. I can't believe that they fit all the band members and equipment in that white van and white trailer. I think they need a little bigger one, how about it Ford????
Marc 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX is in the house and we want them in a new van, how about it FORD?????
Penny 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX, I just want you to know that we, your fans, adore you and support you the best way we can. Hopefully Ford is reading all of these comments and are willing to make an investment in you and then they will see signifcant results. Ford, trust us!!!!
kd 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX, Saturday night at the Machine Shop was AWESOME, you and Royal Bliss blew it up!!!! I got a good look at the van, we all got a good look at the van, you should have charged admission!!! Ford, if you can help them get another one, we the fans would be grateful. Get a FORD like Royal Bliss has, that's not only Ford tough, it's Ford kick azz!!!!!
BB 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX, come back to FL, you got to be freezing your Bobaflex off in Michigan and Wisconsin. I love you guys, you're some of the nicest people I have ever met. Ford, like a lot of people have said, you have to see, hear and meet these guys, they are the best!!
AH 02/14/2012
Ford, Let BOBAFLEX play at one of your many benefits, then give them a van, there's is running on borrowed time.
MIC 02/14/2012
BOBAFLEX see you in Madison on the 1st of March, can't wait, we have a party of 30 of us, SOLD OUT!!!! I hope you'll have your new van by then (hint - hint, FORD) (PLEASE!!!)
Bob L 02/14/2012
The Machine Shop was the place to be on Saturday night, Bobaflex you were the best I've ever seen you, what a show!! I saw the Van, we all saw the Van, a little road worn, just a little, I can't believe with almost 250,000 miles on it and it still runs, Ford great job! I think it's time to retire "Tank" though. Just a thought and a small hint to Ford!
DON 02/13/2012
My wife and I both love Bobaflex, we've only seen them a few time but are huge fans. Good luck Bobaflex on getting your van from Ford, we're praying Ford comes thru!!!!
TM 02/13/2012
Come back to Tampa Bay BOBAFLEX, you're way better than our football team!!!! Drive your new FORD down!!! Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!
Sarah 02/13/2012
BOBAFLEX, come back to Flordia, it's 80 today!!!!! I love you guys live!!! Come on FORD - I'll trade in my Toyota this year!!!!
GWS 02/13/2012
Ford, help BOBAFLEX with the van, like everyone else has said, the karma for you would be amazing!!!
Ed M 02/13/2012
We in the Navy love Bobaflex, at Great Lakes we listen to their CD all the time, BOBAFLEX, come to Great Lakes Navy BASE!!!
GS 02/13/2012
Bring on the snow, it made no difference, whether traveling near or far, the Machine Shop was rocking on Saturday night, they had people from Utah, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, it was unbelievable. Bobaflex and Royal Bliss brought it!!!! Bobaflex I have been a fan for a long time and now I'm a Royal Bliss fan too. Ford, look at the Royal Bliss's Ford Truck and Get Bobaflex on of those things, it is awesome!!!!
Janet 02/13/2012
10 years at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan and Bobaflex and Royal Bliss was the best show I have ever seen there!!!! Machine Shop, you did good!!!! Bobaflex and Royal Bliss keep rocking!!! My friends and i HAD to see the van, it's a little rough, built Ford Tuff!!!
R Gray 02/13/2012
Great story of determination, I've seen Bobaflex a few times, love the CD, love the live show, met the guys and talked to them for a while, a really great group of guys, Ford, I really think, like a lot of other people you should work something out with Bobaflex, see what their fans will do for you.
Rose 02/13/2012
BOBAFLEX come to Georgia!!!!!! We love you here!!!!! FORD, you can come to Georgia too, while you're on your way could you bring a Van for BOBAFLEX . . . Please!!!!!!
James 02/13/2012
I gotta comment too - BOBAFLEX you guys are the best, the live show is the best I ever heard, you guys are unbelievable, keep on rocking!!! Ford, you got to see and meet these guys you will be sold!!!
Kurt V 02/13/2012
THE BEST LIVE BAND EVER!!!!! BOBAFLEX YOU GUYS RULE!!!! I'm asking Ford to give them a Van also, Please FORD, give them a van, have you seen theirs?????
Frank 02/13/2012
Bobaflex good luck on getting the van thru Ford, they make a pretty good car!!!! Ford if anyone deserves a little help it's Bobaflex, they are the greatest guys!!!! Please help them if you can!
CAE 02/13/2012
I've met BOBAFLEX several times and they are the greatest guys ever, and their music in the best!!!
PLF 02/13/2012
Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, the Machine Shop, who could ask for anything more?!?!?!?! (Other than a Ford van for Bobaflex!!!)
KS 02/13/2012
I love BOBAFLEX . . . if you heard and met them, who wouldn't!
Henry D 02/13/2012
THe Machine Shop was on fire Saturday night!!! BOBAFLEX your best preformance. We all saw the van, geeeeeze, and it still runs?!?!?! Come on FORD!!!!! (PLEASE)
HD 02/13/2012
Rock on BOBAFLEX, despite the snow what a great concert in Battle Creek on Friday night. You guys bring it every time!!! Ford really should give you a van, there will be hundreds of thousands of people see you this year, great publicity Ford!!!!
Charlie 02/13/2012
Carrie 02/13/2012
Bobaflex, it looks as if you have a few fans, me being one of them. You guys are awesome, everone that meets you feels that you gave everything in your preformance plus we feel as if you care about each and every one of us. FORD, if you haven't met these guys or saw these guys you need to ,they are an incredible talent. Cogratulations on the Rock on the Range concert, only a select few get that honor.
Jim 02/13/2012
I was blown away at the Machine Shop this weekend, Bobaflex, this is the first time i haver ever seen you live!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! If Ford gets you a van, I'll be the official driver, the Van you have now is a little worn, I'll drive behind that one!!! Thanks Ford for keeping them safe.
RJN 02/13/2012
Bobalfex, thanks for hanging in there, thanks for all the enjoyment we get out of your CD's and live shows, we your fans appreciate you, we will suupport you forever. keep it up, it will pay off! Ford, we are limited with what some of us can do, we're asking for a little of your help, we will remember this act of kindness for a very long time.
Jeff S 02/13/2012
I don't how many people were at the Machine Shop on Saturday but holy crap was it packed. The best concert I have ever been to, BOBAFLEX, you and Royal Bliss are unbelievable!!!!! Kevin, you know how to set-up a show!!!! Now, lets get Bobaflex a van, come on people!!!!
JBR 02/13/2012
BOBAFLEX you blew up the Machine Shop Saturday night!!!!! Rock on!!!! Dang man, the van had just a little road salt on it, we took a picture of it, thanks Ford for keeping them safe and if you can get them a Ford like Royal Bliss has!!!! I'm going back to bed now.
SS 02/13/2012
Could the concert at the Machine Shop in Flint been any better!!! Kevin you and Graig thow on heck of a party, Royal Bliss and BOBAFLEX, the best I've eve seen you. BOBAFLEX, that van is one worn looking van Get a FORD like Royal Bliss has, now that's a FORD truck!!!!!!!!!
Jeff C 02/13/2012
I agree with everyone else, Bobaflex is the best live band i have ever seen, they spend so much time with us as their fans before and after the show, it feels like they are family. I know that road life is hard and i've seen them sleep in that van, Ford if there is any way you can help them out, i know that we would all be grateful!!! Keeo on rocking BOBAFLEX!!!!!
Lorenza V 02/10/2012
Bobaflex see you tonight in Battle Creek, We have a group coming over!!!! You guys are the rockingest band me and my buddies have ever seen. KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!
Robbie V 02/10/2012
Got to add my thoughts, Bobaflex, you guys do rock, you are the best live band I have ever heard, ever!!!! Keep on Rocking!!! Stay Safe and I'll see you next month!!!!!!
Chris 02/10/2012
I'm agreeing with everyone else!!!! The best live band I have ever heard!!! Bobaflex does rock!!!! Thanks for hanging in there for us!!!! Ford thanks for the safe and sound vechicle, and if you can help get them another one all of the Bobaflex fans will show you our appreciation.
Erik W 02/10/2012
I'm from Illinois and saw Bobaflex over the weekend in Barrington. They will be in Madison next month and I'll be there. My wife and I see them everytime they are close, they really are the best live band out there. I'd like to go to Madison to see them in my new Ford . . . hint - hint
shane 02/10/2012
BOBAFLEX fan for several years now, I've meet them several times and they are the most approchable guys I have ever met. They are so into their fans. Thank you BOBAFLEX for all the time you've taken with us over the years and I hope FORD is reading these comments and are willing to help in some small way, i know if they do we will be loyal to them for a very long time. Thanks FORD for building on heck of a vechicle!
jbr 02/10/2012
I was at Penny Road Pub on Saturday because it's our hang out, I have seen a lot of bands but Bobaflex and Royal Bliss are the 2 best I've ever seen there. Bobaflex you guys turned it up a notch!!!! Great live band!!! I hope you can get to where you deserve to go. I also hope Ford can give you a hand getting there, Ford is a great product as you can attest to.
David 02/10/2012
I was at the Penny Road Pub and saw Bobaflex for the 1st time, I saw the van and read the story. What a great group of guys, very charming!!! Good luck Bobaflex, you made a fan of me.
Bradley 02/10/2012
What an unbelieveable story, it's not something that I could do. I've seem BOBAFLEX several time and never cosidered the struggles, you guys are awesome. I'm grateful you were able to get thru the hard times and I realize it's not easy but we your fans appreciate all of your efforts. You are the best band out there!!!!
Matt F 02/10/2012
Had me a little BOBAFLEX on my way in this morning, what a great CD guys!!!! One of my favorites. I haven't seen you guys in a while but am looking forward to seeing you in Madison on the 1st of March. I don't know how you guys do it, but you are always on!!! Keep on rocking and hopefully Ford will hear our voice and get you guys a new Van, we will show our loyality to Ford for doing such a kind act!!!! Rock on Ford!!!!
alfred 02/10/2012
Bobaflex see you and Royal Bliss at the Machine Shop on Saturday, looking for a great time as always!!!! You guys are the best. Come on Michigan, lets take care of BOBAFLEX!!!! Ford, we're counting on you!!
Ben W 02/10/2012
Come on BOBAFLEX, let's get that van together!!! We love you guys, rock on forever!!!!!!
Bill B 02/09/2012
I like Bobaflex, I just want to see the van now!!!! Bobaflex keep up the good tunes. Ford, your cars are the best, give Bobaflex 1 or 2 of them from the dent and scratch line . . .
Mike 02/09/2012
Bobalfex is one rocking band, i have seen them several times and each time it seems as if they get better. I have seen them with some pretty big bands and they always seem to be better than any of the other ones. Thnak you Bobaflex for sharing your talent with the world!!! Ford, thank you for keeping them safe and keeping them going during some what seems to be pretty dark days.
Ellen 02/09/2012
Bobaflex, my whole family loves you, we're behind you 1,000%, keep on rocking like nobody has before. Ford, use one of their songs in a commercial, that will wake people up!!!! Ford struggled for a while and now is the premier Auto maker, Bobaflex is the best rock band out their, their crowds are growing and they ae being heard. You are one of the same!!!!!
DP 02/09/2012
Can't wait to see you in New York this month!!!! I love Bobaflex and I know they deserve anything they can get, they are so talented. Ford, can't you use their music in a commercial or something??? Rock on the Range is a huge deal!!!!!!
Will K 02/09/2012
Will from Kansas (since a lot of people are posting where they are from). I've seen Bobaflex a few times and can't get enough, they really are the best live band and the greatest group of people i have ever met. They made sure that if anyone wanted to meet or talk to them that they did and gave them their undivided attention. After the last person left, they then packed up all their stuff and left, that took almost 2 hours. Again what a great group of guys and we as your fans appreciate all that you do for us. hopefully Ford is reading these comment and taking them to heart, there will be a huge pay back to Ford.
Paul D 02/09/2012
Lets get this world wide web cranked up!!!! We love BOBAFLEX and we want to get them a van!!! FORD please help, we'll give back!!!!
jp 02/09/2012
Bobaflex, my new favorite band! Ford, my new favorite van! Let's work something out!
WD 02/09/2012
The Penny Road Pub with Bobalfex and Royal Bliss, what a great concert!!! Virgin Bobaflex fan but will be one for a very long time!!!! ROCK ON BOBAFLEX!!! FORD, I'd get them the Van.
JIM P 02/09/2012
I got to add my comment, I saw BOBAFLEX for the first time at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, Il . . . I was impressed, some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. The Van was there, people were looking at it all night, we have a picture of it. They were all talking about that van . . . unbelievable. Help them if you can!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Peggy B 02/09/2012
I'll be a FORD fan forever!!!! I love Bobaflex!!!!!
MARY P 02/09/2012
Ford, please help these guys out, it would be like helping us out. Give them a listen and better yet, hear them live, meet them, they are the whole package. They really are the nicest guys you'd ever meet and a great sense of humor. Bobaflex, I love you guys!!!!
CS 02/08/2012
TOP this . . . my family sent me the BOBAFLEX CD, I love it, come here for a concert, that would be Whales!!!!! I'd get you a Van but the steering wheel would be on the wrong side!!!!! One of the best CD's I've ever heard, rocking from the first song to the last!!!
mia 02/08/2012
Bobaflex is just the best band on earth!!!!!
Joseph S 02/08/2012
Looking forward to seeing Bobaflex again at the machine shop in Flint, Michigan. That place is the best place to see concerts!! Great job Kevin and Craig!!!!!! Bobaflex, I have to agree with a lot of people here, you are the best live band I have ever seen!!! We in Michigan need to take care of our West Virginia friends, lets get them that van!!!!!!
Jacky 02/08/2012
dang you guys have been thru it!!! i love you guys, bobaflex, everytime you're close i see you, keep on rocking and i'll keep coming!!!! Ford, how about a hand for these awesome guys!!!!
Jim 02/08/2012
I'm a big fan of Royal Bliss and saw BOBAFLEX with Royal Bliss last weekend, now i'm a big fan of BOBAFLEX too. Royal Bliss has one of those Ford 650's, Ford, give BOBAFLEX one of those!!!!!!
William 02/08/2012
Got to hand it to Bobaflex they are one rocking group, you guys blew away Pop Evil at the New years Eve party, blew them away!!!!! Looking to your next visit on March 1st, should we be getting our Ford shirts on????? Let us know!
Bill 02/08/2012
Ford, nice trucks, I'll be getting me another one next year!!!!! As for BOBAFLEX, one of the best bands i have ever seen, We saw them in Janesville last weekend, talked to the guys and tooks pictures of us and the van . . . kinda got a thing going on here with that van!!!!
Max 02/08/2012
At the Machine Shop on Saturday, I'll be there, Bobaflex will be in the house!!!!! Now that's going to be a great time!!!! Bobaflex, you guys are my favorite and you're starting to blow-up, I'm glad I'm part of it. FORD, pay attention to all of us, we're committing to you that we'll alllllll be driving FORD's as our next car!!!!
Matt 02/08/2012
GGGGGGGREAT show on Friday night, I'm still trying to recover!!!!! We brought the whole family to see you guys, this was my first time and I'm in, you guys are awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for taking time to talk to us, I didn't expect that. Ford, that is one tough van, but it's toughness is fading!!!!
Elenor 02/08/2012
Bobaflex, i love you guys, my whole family loves you guys!!!!! We saw you at the back bar in Wisconsin on Friday night, what a great crowd, you packed them in!!! We all had our pictures taken by the Van . . . i hope you don't mind. Ford, it's getting a little rough, can you help our guys get another one, please!!!!!
Charlie B 02/07/2012
Bobaflex you guys are inspirational to us younger musicians, the way you guys play together just works. I love seeing you guys live!!! And thank you for taking the time to spend with your fans. I hope that Ford can help you is some way, we as fans would appreciate it more than they know!
Al O 02/07/2012
I am a huge BOBAFLEX fan (about 350#)!!!! You guys are "on" everytime I've seen you!!! Keep on rocking!!!!! FORD, you guys rock to, a perfect marriage if you ask me!!!!!
MDW 02/07/2012
BOBAFLEX, it seems like everone has seen you lately, I'll be there at rock on the range, the best concert of the year!!!! I want to be wearing my BOBAFLEX and FORD t-shirt . . . need i say more??
Rick M 02/07/2012
Go BOBAFLEX, we are all behind you, greatest live rock band ever, Ford, really, check them out!!!!!
Mike 02/07/2012
Michigan born and raised!!!!!! Now let's get Bobaflex a new VAN and take care of them . . . Bobalfex ROCKS, see you at the Machine Shop on Saturday!!!!!
John D 02/07/2012
Well, I was in Barrington an Saturday night at Penny Road Pub and I am now a fan of BOBAFLEX, I went to see Royal Bliss and they both kicked it up. I got the BOBAFLEX CD and love ever song on it. I had to go out and see the Van, it does look like it has had some miles on it but Marty told me they had put 6,000 miles on it in the last month . . . that would kill me. FORD, nice job on the product, BOBAFLEX love's their van. I think they'd love a new one better!!!
John 02/07/2012
BOBAFLEX, See you on Friday in Battle Creeek, can't wait!!!!
LeiLani 02/07/2012
Jim 02/07/2012
Rock on Bobaflex . . . now can Ford give them a van???????
Hank 02/07/2012
Saw Bobaflex on Friday in Wisconsin, I'll be seeing you guys again on Saturday at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan . . . I love that place!!!! Michigan, home of FORD!!!! BOBAFLEX does ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Fred 02/07/2012
Wanted to add Flordia to the "we love you Bobaflex" list. Keep on rocking!!!! Whatever you can do Ford, we would appreciate!!!!!
Byron 02/07/2012
Ford, there seem to be a bunch of us that love Bobaflex, we are just asking for your help, please help!!!
Bruce 02/07/2012
I was at the back bar, what a great time!!!! Bobaflex, can you get any better?!?!?! Geeeeze, I'm still singing "bury me with my guns on", you guys keep doing what you are doing, we are listening!!!! Ford, you keep doing what you are doing and we'll keep buying, especially when you take care of our all time favorite rock band!!!!!
Andy 02/07/2012
Bobaflex, if you're reading these comments you will see what a huge fan base you have, we all love your music and appreciate that you take the time to talk to all of us, that means a lot to us. We all want to help and we all understand financial struggles today. Ford is a pretty stand-up company and i'm sure they are taking us and our thoughts into consideration. Hopefully something good will happen because of this. Bobaflex keep on rocking, Ford keep building those fantastic cars!!!!
Terry 02/07/2012
since there are a lot of comments from the backbar on friday night i guess i'll add my ents worth, what an awesome concert, Bobaflex, you blew the place up and i can't believe how many people were taking pictures of themselves by your van, too funny. Ford just imagine them taking pictures of themselves with the new van and thanking you by buying Ford products . . .
Brian 02/06/2012
BOBAFLEX you gouys are awesome!!!!!!!!!
alain j 02/06/2012
Bobaflex ou guys blew the place up saturday night in barrington, unbelievable concert, your best!!!!! I saw the van, we all saw the van, it's a little worn, I'd be afraid to wash it do to the structrial intergrity. Thanks FORD for making such a good, safe vechicle!!! if you get a chance, give them a Van, we would appreciate it!!!
TINA 02/06/2012
Bobflex, we'll see you at the machine shop next weekend, can't wait, can't wait to see the van!!!!! You guys are my favorite band, keep rocking and we'll keep asking FORD, FORD, how about it, from us in MICHIGAN!!!!!!!!!!
Troy 02/06/2012
I saw the concert this weekend in Barrington Il, SOLD OUTTTTTT!!!!!!!! What a great show, I believe my ears are still ringing. Thanks BOBAFLEX for a great time, tell Royal Bliss we loved them too. I'd like to ask Ford to get them a Van, the Van was deffinately a talk of the concert, I know I haver a pic of it!
Susan C 02/06/2012
I love the guys in BOBAFLEX, just hear them and meet them once and you'd get it. Good luck on hte van!!!!
Stephanie S 02/06/2012
I need someone to take me to a concert next time they are in Madison, any takers??? I've never seen them live but heard great things (especially on this site!), I love their music and think with all the miles that van has on it needs to be replaced. Please Ford, replace the van for them, you can have my first born :)!!!!!
stefanie h 02/06/2012
I'm a cheesehead that LOVES BOBAFLEX as do all of my friends, I'm not sure how many were at the concert on Friday night but I'm glad the fire department wasn't notified, what a great concert. Ford, give them a van and t-shirts, within a month they have sold enough t-shirts to pay for the van!!!!!!
SSH 02/06/2012
I went to the back bar concert on Friday and what a great time!!!! Bobaflex, if you guys ae reading this, we LOVE you here in Wisconsin!!! Great concert, the best I have ever been to. Ford people please help them get a van, I think the van got more pictures than the band did!!!!
Stan A 02/06/2012
Marty, I love you dude!!!! Bobaflex you guys rock like no other band, I went to the concert at the back bar in janesvile, I couldn't believe that you had such a diverse age group, I saw 18 year olds and there were 2 sisters that had Bobaflex t-shirts on that were in there 70's!!!! Great concert!!!!! I miss you guys come back soon! Come on Ford, PLEASE help them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Steve 02/06/2012
I saw Bobaflex in Barrington, IL on Saturday, what a great show!!!! You guys are awesome, keep on rocking, those songs you write are so good, Ford go see one of their shows, you won't regret it. Congratulation on The Rock on The Range Show, that's so cooooool!!!!
Dennis B 02/06/2012
I saw Bobaflex again on Friday night - man oh man did that show ROCK, Royal Bliss, you guys are awesome also!!!!
I want to help Ford give Bobaflex a van, I have a pic of me and the van . . . that's one i'll keep for a very long time.
Scott 02/06/2012
I saw Bobaflex again this weekend, they keep getting better and better and better, thank you guys for all your time and efforts, thanks for spending time with your fans.
Scott L 02/06/2012
I'm a huge fan of BOBAFLEX, I saw them again on Saturday night - SOLD OUT - Great show!!! I actually took a picture of the van, it's kind of been thru a lot!!!! Ford, it needs to retire, if you can help in any way we as BOBAFLEX and soon to be FORD fans would appreciate it!!!!!!
RYAN S 02/06/2012
Great live band in fact it's got to be my favorite, keep on Rocking BOBAFLEX!!!! Ford, our company has a few of your trucks and they are durable, no matter how bad they are treated :). I would like to add my comment on getting them a van, so if you can please do!!!
Ryan J 02/06/2012
Well, I finally saw you guys live this weekend and it was every bit of an unforgetable experience as everyone said it would be, Bobaflex you guys are unforgetable, keep on rocking!!!!! FORD, if you can't get them a van tell us how us fans can!!!!
Roger W 02/06/2012
Bobaflex, I heard you on the radio on Friday morning, great job!!!! i saw you at the back bar in janesville, wi, talk about a live show!!!!!!!! You guys are the best live band EVER!!!!! Come on Ford, let's do what you can for these guys, the van was the talk of the show, I think there were more people taking picture of themselves with the van than the band!!!!
Roger 02/06/2012
I saw Bobaflex at the back bar in Janesville on Friday night, I still haven't recovered!!!! What an awesome band live and to meet the guys and be as friendly as they are, they are awesome!!! Bobaflex keep on doing what you are doing!!!! Ford, keep being inovative in the auto industry, you guys are great and I work at Chrysler!!!!! Please get them a van!!!!
Robin 02/06/2012
Bobalfex, I heard you on the radio station on Friday morning, how entertaining!!!!!! I also saw you at the back bar in Janesville, yeah, you guys ARE the best live band me and my friends have ever seen, Keep on Rocking!!!!! We love you!!!!!! Ford if there is anything you can do, I saw the van and the trailer, both i think are needing replaced! Come on Ford, please help them!!!!
Robert A 02/06/2012
A gorup of my co-workers and myself saw BOBAFLEX for the first time in Barrington, Il. WOW what a preformance, What a preformance. It is better than anything we have ever seen before, and the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet!!!! Ford, if you can, please help them out, we all wanted to see the van and as "Ford Tough" as it is, I don't think it's going to make it much further, so PLEASE help if you can, as some one else stated, we'll all be getting Ford products!!!
Bernadine H 02/06/2012
I saw Bobaflex on Thursday night at a concert in Illinois, I have never seen them live and there was a "fog out" in the area and the place was still packed. The best live preformance I have ever seen. I just have to say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm of the opinion with all the loyal fans they have and with all the people that are going to see then on their own national tour and at rock on the range, you're going to have about 1,000,000 people that will be thinking of getting a Ford if you guys can help them, so please help them!!!!
ben a 02/06/2012
Bobaflex was in the house on Friday night at the back bar in janesville, wi. I'm going to have to agree with everone else, it truly is the best live show I have ever seen, the place was sold out and it was loud (just the wat I like it!) FORD, if you can please help these guys, I know that an independant rock band just needs a little help every now and then and they are really nice deserving guys, so FORD, if you can do anything you will get your reward by loyality from us their fans!!!!
Robert 02/06/2012
We saw Bobaflex for the first time at the penny road pub on saturday night, we are now huge fans!! we have never seen such a great preformance from anyone. rock on Bobaflex. You people at Ford ought to take notice, these guys are for real and are the nicest guys we have ever met.
Marty Ray Mccoy 02/04/2012
Love this band! You should give them a 650 super duty and build a custom lounge and bunk area. Just saying.
Greg Ras 02/04/2012
Believe IT!! These guys would truly appreciate it. Again, my family and I have known these guys for Years. I agree w/ the others if FORD would do some type of T-shirts / advertising for themselves and BOBAFLEX it would go over well. BFX for life. Braveheart
Tom B 02/04/2012
What can i say that hasn't already been said, I just want to add my voice. BOBAFLEX is the best band I have ever seen and the nicest group of guys that are "fan friendly" they make you feel like family! Ford, I think you know by now, we're going to help you help them so please help them!!!
Betty R 02/04/2012
I am a huge bobaflex fan and I like my ford, how about you 2 get together and work something out, it would be advantageous for everyone. Bobaflex, I love you guys!!!
TROY 02/04/2012
WOW, there seem to be a lot of BOBAFLEX fans and I am one of the biggest, what a great band and a great group of guys. I think they have been on the road over a month now and had to have driven 6,000 miles, by checking their site they started in West Virgina, Ohio, Illinois, Washington State, Oregon, California, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Wisconsin and I think now on to Michigan. While they are in Michigan, can they stop by FORD and pick up a new van???? Come on FORD, you know we as their fans will be grateful by getting our own FORDS . . . trust us!!!!
ben 02/04/2012
I went to the concert at the back bar last night and I was blown away! I saw Bobaflex a few years ago and they have definately picked it up a notch, I can't get the song "bury me with my guns on" out of my head, what a great rock song! Bobaflex I am a fan and want you to make it to the top. If Ford is listening, it would be great if you could help us fans help them get there!!! ROCK on Bobaflex!!!!
Angela 02/04/2012
I'm going to the Bobaflex concert tonight in Barrington, Il. I like the music and am a "virgin" (I hope I'm allowed to say this) concert goer, if there is such a thing. I like the Bobaflex CD and have started to hear them pretty regularly on the radio. I'm going to see what everyone is talking about. Wish me luck!!!! If they are any where near what everyone says they are, heck Ford, I'd give them the van!!
Amir 02/04/2012
There's a guy at work that has pumped up BOBAFLEX for a year saying "go see them", "you just need to see them one time and you'll be hooked", well, I saw them last night and I was amazed, what an entertaining evening, my ears are still ringing, but in a good way!!! BOBAFLEX what a preformance, a sold out show and fans screaming the whole time, I have to admit I let out a few yells myself. FORD, what a great group of deserving guys, I'm sold, if you can help them, my next car WILL be a FORD!!!! Now I need a nap!!!!!
Matt D 02/04/2012
I love BOBAFLEX live, FORD, you have to see these guys. Heck I'd buy a van if these guys get one!!! That van has 225,000 miles on it, how did you guys do that????? Just wanted to comment on the band, congratulations on landing rock on the range, now that's an honor!!!
Allen 02/04/2012
I went to the BOBAFLEX concert last night at the Back Bar in Janesville and I have seen them several times before, last night, at the sold out show, was the best I have ever seen them. If you guys were drinking red bull, I want some!!!!!!!!! What an incredible experience, an unbelieveable show!!!! FORD, you need to grab on to these guys, they are about to blow up!!! Thank you FORD in advance for anything you can do to get them to the top. I know they and all of their fans will return our gratitude!!!
Tyson S 02/04/2012
I heard a few songs of BOBAFLEX's from my friends CD at work, I heard BOBAFLEX a few times on the radio. I went to the concert at the back bar in Janesville, wi last night and WOW, I was blown away!!!!! When everyone is saying that BOBAFLEX is tle best live band they have ever seen or heard, i have to concur, holy #$*%!!!!!! The best concert I have ever seen!!!!! (I can't believe I got up this early!) FORD, if you're listening, you have to hear these guys and after the show they stayed and talked to everyone of their fans, I left at about 3:15AM. BOBAFLEX really does rock!!!!!!!!!
Don F. 02/03/2012
Come on Ford, these guys need a bus. Please give them one. Think of how many Bobaflex fans that don't drive a Ford that would switch to a Ford if you did.
Ryan J 02/03/2012
Bobaflex really is my all time favorite band, their live show is something to behold and experience. All those that read this that hasn't been to a live show, all I'm saying is you have to experience Bobaflex once if you like live music. I'm hoping the Van lasts and keeps them safe, it seems like it getting a little wear on her . . .
BOB 02/03/2012
Bobaflex, you guys are the best band I have ever met or seen, and I have seen several. Congratulations on the rock on the range invite, that's quite an honor, what a tremendous line up this year, better than any previous one. I'll be there!!!! FORD, what an opportunity for you to get some more fans for you, I know I'd be buying a Ford!!!
Kory 02/03/2012
I just heard Bobaflex on the Stone & TT show in Rockford, Il this morning, you guys killed it!!!! Awesome live rendition of "bury me with my guns on". I'll be seeing you tonight in Janesville. BEST LIVE BAND EVER!!!! Come on Ford, PLEASE, give them a van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
richard w 02/03/2012
I have to add my congratulations to Bobaflex on getting picked to play at rock on the range, the biggest concert of the year, you guys deserve it. I want to thank you for all you hard work and dedication, you guys are awesome!!!! Ford, i'm thinking the van would be a great idea . . . pplleeaassee!!!! I'll wait for my answer!!!!
Richard S 02/03/2012
Bobaflex, I saw you for the first time last night in Ottawa, IL, you guys are better than I ever expected, you guys rock!!! I'll be going to the show in Barrington, Il on Saturday now!!! I saw the white van, it's pretty worn. I'm glad it's keeping you safe!!! Ford i believe they are due for another one!!!! Be safe in the FOG!!!
William B 02/03/2012
Come on BOBAFLEX, get on up to Minnesota!!!!! We love you here!!!! I am a huge fan of the band and can't wait to see them again. Congratulation on the Rock on the Range concert, you guys deserve it. Come on Ford, please give them a van!!!!
Zach 02/02/2012
I love the band BOBAFLEX, what a great bunch of guys that are pasionate about their music and pasionate about their fans!!!! It really is the best live show you will ever see, FROD, go see these guys you'll get what we're talking about!!!!
Megan 02/02/2012
Texas loves BOBAFLEX, keep on rockin and get here when you can. Congrats on the rock on the range concert, what a huge honor!!!!! You guys are the best and I wish the best for you, got my fingers crossed on a van for you from FORD, let us all know how that goes!!
Ange C 02/02/2012
Great story!!! I've never had a car go over 80,000 miles!!!! I guess the van is built "Ford Tough". I've never even heard of Bobaflex until now, I looked them up on line and like what I heard. I'll be getting the CD and next time they are close, I'm going to a show, I will hopefully get to meet them too . . . good luck Bobaflex on your van, I'm behind you.
Bob 02/02/2012
I was at the Iowa show last weekend too and it was the best show I have ever seen, the energy level was something i've never experience before at a rock concert . . . BOBAFLEX, how do you do that, package that type of energy!!!! I'm proud to be a fan, Keep on rocking!!! And like everone else I'd love to see FORD give them a van. I actually took a picture of the van as it is now at celebrity status!!!! Having said that, I really believe they could use a new one, it definately needs to go out to pasture! Good luck BOBAFLEX!!!!
Nicolas P. 02/02/2012
Hey FORD I just want to agree with all of these comments. BOBAFLEX is the best live band. And they are the nicest guys you will ever meet. So come on FORD please help these guys with a new van.
Tom 02/02/2012
I would like to thank FORD for posting this story and showing the trials that a rock band goes thru, it's more than just getting on stage, writting music and preforming. I know that BOBAFLEX is on a national tour right now and have logged about 6,000 miles on their Ford Van in the last month . . . not something i want to do but I'm glad they have the dedication to do what they are doing. For us that go to the shows we are deffinately satisfied beyond expectations on what we hear and see. As everyone else has noted that met them, they truly are the nicest guys. We as fans would like to give back and some of us don't have much but if our voices could reach Ford and have them give BOBAFLEX a Van, we would owe you Ford, big time!
JL 02/02/2012
Lyden 02/02/2012
ditto, ditto, ditto, Love BOBAFLEX, Love FORD, want to see FORD give BOBAFLEX a van, tell them it's from me . . . thanks for posting the story!
Brad C 02/02/2012
Ford, i'm a big fan and have had ford trucks for the last 10 years, i would like to ask you to give BOBAFLEX a van too. As for BOBAFLEX, the best band i have ever seen and the nicest guys, my wife and i go anytime they are close. Bobaflex see you friday night in Janesville at your SOLD OUT show!!!!
Tiffany 02/02/2012
BOBAFLEX, congratulation on the Rock on The Range invatation, I'll be going now, the biggest rock venue of the year and the best band (Bobaflex) will be there. You guys are awesome!!! Keep on Rocking!!!! FORD, come on now, please, please, please, please get them a van!!!!
Paula 02/02/2012
Ford Social thank you for posting the story, I've seen the band a few times and didn't realize how much trouble that rock stuff is. I'm grateful you guys put the time and effort into your music. After reading this I am a bigger fan than before, please keep on rocking!!! Now Ford, i'm with everyone else, please give them a van, I'll buy Fords from now on!!!
Rick LaMay 02/02/2012
Ford, I work for a very large company that leases over 1,000 vehicles from you, now I am asking for your support. Everyone has told you about how awesome this band Bobaflex is when they are on stage, and I agree they take your mind somewhere else. I am going to tell you about Bobaflex off the stage. These guys will talk to and listen to anyone they come into contact with, and they do it not because they feel pressure to do it, they do it because its natural for them. They respect our world and everyone and everything that has the pleasure to be apart of it.
My company is very succesful because of our Brand Image and who we Support. Now that Ford is into the music industry, this band Bobaflex would be a great addition to your Brand Image. This band will someday be a worldwide smash hit and all their fans will want what they are driving. I no if my company produced vehicles we would support their efforts. So please give these guys a serious consideration and do yourself and their fans a favor. GET OUT AND WATCH THIS BAND (BOBAFLEX) ON AND OFF STAGE SOME NIGHT.
Thank you for the dreams you are giving so many musicians.
Paul 02/02/2012
BOBALFEX, come on back to California, we miss you here!!! Great band, Great CD, Great concert!!!! Come on FORD, I'll trade in my Toyota if you give them a VAN!!!!
Ron O 02/02/2012
Ford, PLEASE give them a VAN, we love BOBAFLEX and they are the best band there is, they are climbing their way to the top and they will be there again. BOBALFEX, you guys are awesome!!!
NORM 02/02/2012
I was at the BOBAFLEX show in iowa and i'm still not right, that was the best show i have ever seen. BOBAFLEX to say you guys rock is an understatement!!!!! Congratulations on the ROCK ON THE RANGE GIG. FORD, these guys are never going to stop, please help them, we as fans well be eternally greatful!!!!
MAX 02/02/2012
BOBAFLEX, congratulation on the rock on the range concert, the biggest concert in America and what a great line up, there's like 100,000 people that go to that thing! FORD, have a VAN and some t-shirts ready, just bring enough t-shirts!!! I'm telling you we'll all be getting FORDS as our next cars!!!!
Marty S 02/02/2012
(Not the Marty in the band, even though that would be awesome!) BOBAFLEX, I'm a huge fan and have been for several years now, I have heard all of your CD's, I have seen you guys at every concert that was close, you guys have an incredible sound that is new, it just works. I know this is hard work but we as your fans appreciate you more than you know. Keep on ROCKING and we'll keep asking FORD for a van for you!!! How about it FORD, can you help us fans help them????
Milt 02/01/2012
Bobaflex you do rock!!!! I've been a huge fan for a few years now and listen to your CD often, when are you guys going to release your next CD???? Ford, i've never owned one but i'm pretty sure it will be my next car. Please help them if you can!!!!
Mike N 02/01/2012
BOBAFLEX, see you at the Machine Shop on Feb 11th, can't wait!!!! Bobaflex the best rock band ever. Come on fans in Michigan, we want Ford to give them a van, you know all of us here in Michigan owns FORDS!!!!
Mike 02/01/2012
Since everyone else is on the BOBAFLEX band wagon, let me jump on board. I've only been a fan for about a year and I'm sold, what a great live band!!! Bobaflex definately rocks!!!! Ford give them a van from me and the rest of the fans!!! (You won't regret it!)
michelle 02/01/2012
Not a closet fan here, I love BOBAFLEX!!!! Bobaflex, keep on rocking and we'll keep going. I'm hoping someone from Ford reads these things to see how dedicated of fans we are to Bobaflex, we will show the same loyality to Ford!
Michael R 02/01/2012
I'm going to see BOBAFLEX Friday night at the back bar, me and 20 friends will be rocking our brains out, BOBAFLEX is the best live band I have ever seen, the energy level surpasses anything I have ever seen before. BOBAFLEX, keep up the hard work and dedication, we are all behind you. FORD, please help them out!!!
Mattie 02/01/2012
BOBAFLEX, I'll be seeing you Saturday Feburary 4th in Barrington, Il. Ford, I'll be seeing you in my driveway in 15 minutes. BOBAFLEX, you guys rock, I'm looking forward to my head exploding on Saturday :) !!! Ford, if you can get them a van all of us, and it seems like there are a lot of us, would owe you!!! ROCK ON BOBAFLEX!!!!
Matt M 02/01/2012
I went to the show in iowa this weekend and i have to say something . . . WOW!!!!!! I've heard BOBAFLEX on the radio and my friend Bob has the CD, which i listened to a few times, I really like the music, it's new and refreshing. There were 2,500 screaming fans at the show and talking about picking it up a notch . . . WOW!!!!! BOBAFLEX, you guys are far above any band I've EVER seen before. FORD, you guys ought to see and use these guys they really are incredible!!!
Matt S 02/01/2012
FORD, I appreciate you posting the story and will be buying a FORD as my next truck. I am a fan of BOBAFLEX and just wanted you to know they are a great bunch of guys with incredible talent. I'm agreeing with everone else, you have to hear and see them. BOBAFLEX, we appreciate your undying efforts!!!
David H 01/31/2012
I saw BOBAFLEX in Chicago a little over a month ago and I'm now a fan, I even bought a concert t-shirt, my 2nd one ever (nice shirts). I'm going to agree with EVERY ONE else, they are the best live band I have ever seen!!!! FORD, I'm adding my plea also, please give them a van!!!
Jo 01/31/2012
I agree with one of the previous writers, the guys in the band are hot!!!! After getting focused, Bobaflex is the best live band I have ever seen and I have seen them a lot, if there are within a 400 mile radius I'm going! The nicest guys I have ever met. FORD, please help them any way you can and I'll make sure even my kids buy FORDS!!!
Mark 01/31/2012
BOBAFLEX every song you've done is awesome, even the remake of Sound of Silence. You guys are incredible musicians, keep on rockin"!!! Ford, I'd like to add my request of getting them a van!!!
Leonard 01/31/2012
We cold retire the van and use if for a ride at DISNEY WORLD!!!!! BOBAFLEX YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! FORD, I'm a fan, can you gvie them a van????
Jerry W 01/31/2012
Well I'm from Tennessee and I love BOBAFLEX, they ROCK!!! I concur with everyone else. Keep up the hard work, it looks as if it's paying off. I also am asking FORD to give them a VAN!!!
Jeff C 01/31/2012
I have to make a commet too . . . BOBAFLEX, you gus ROCK, I've seen hundreds of bands and met hundreds of band members and these guys really are the best out there, it's just a matter of time before they "blow up"! BOBAFLEX keep on doing what you're doing, your voices will be heard. FORD keep doing what you're doing, you are the standard, i have owned FORDS for a while and they keep getting better. You guys really do need to get together!!!
JAY 01/31/2012
I've been a musician all my life, my son is in a pretty sucessful rock band and have toured with BOBAFLEX, BOBAFLEX rocks!!! Good luck guys in your future, you have a great sound and are pasionate in what you do. FORD, everyone deservers a hand every now and then and these guys are deserving.
Jason 01/31/2012
BOBAFLEX ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Make us all happy and get them a van, PLEASE!!!!!!!
James N 01/31/2012
All those that are reading this and haven't heard of Bobaflex, get the CD, go to the concert and experience BOBAFLEX, they are AWESOME. The best band ever!!! Ford work with them, please, and your generosity will be rewarded by alllllllllllllll of us!!!!!
Jacob 01/31/2012
I wondered why we "lost" Bobaflex for a while. What a top knotch band, nice guys and unbelievable music. Bobaflex. I'm glad you're back and I'm sure I'll see you a few times this year. Your music is so original and fresh. Bobaflex, we your fans will be here for you, keep on doing what you do best. Ford you are the best to, personally, i'd like to see you give them a Van, I'm sure after this you will get it paid back several fold.
Greg F 01/31/2012
I have to chime in here . . . 1st thank you Ford for posting the story of Bobaflex, I am a fan, they are a great group of guys and are very deserving. They pour their hearts out into ever show, you guy need to see them live. I'm not much on advertising but Ford, you can't get a better blue collar band to use as any type as advertising. Bobaflex will be seen by 1,000,000 people this year. Just think of how many of those will buy a Ford product after they've heard what you did for them?
GLENN 01/30/2012
Nice Story, never hear of the band until now, I ordered the CD, I did listen to them on line, I liked what I heard so far. It kind of stinks that they got going and their world turned upside down. I applaude BOBAFLEX for getting back on their feet. The next time they are near here I'm going to go. Good luck BOBAFLEX and FORD if you can help, you got my vote.
Gene W H 01/30/2012
FORD thank you soooo much for posting this story of BOBAFLEX my all time favorite band and i'd have to say, over the years I have seen them at least 15 to 20 times, their music never gets old and the energy at their show is just incredible!!! BOBAFLEX, keep ROCKING. Ford keep building those great truck and the other vechicles that you have been building lately are pretty impressive. Work something out between you 2.
James E 01/30/2012
I'm going to have to admit it was was 21 year old son that took me to my 1st BOBAFLEX concert last year, that band is phenomenal, I am hooked. If any of you haven't seen BOBAFLEX live, you have to get to a show!!!!! You guys at FORD, use some of BOBAFLEX'S music in your commercials, just listen to their music, it's insprational.
W Garcia 01/30/2012
Bobaflex come on back to Rockford, we miss you here, if you were to have a show every week, I'd be there, best rock show e v e r ! ! ! !
We are the home of Chrysler but are FORD fans - NOW!!!!
Dwayne 01/30/2012
I got to agree with everone else, I've seen BOBAFLEX live and the are as good as any band I've ever seen. And sincere, they stay and talk to the fans until they are all gone, they sign anything and everything. I got me a few drumstick from Tommy, what a great drummer! Ford we love BOBAFLEX and it sounds as most of us on here are FORD fans, we just are asking for a little help from you for our favorite people!!! Thank you!!
Doug B 01/30/2012
Love BOBAFLEX, Love FORD, How can we as fans help BOBAFLEX get the van????
TOM W 01/30/2012
I've seen Bobaflex in Rockford, Chicago, Janesville, Madison, Chicago Heights and I will seen them in Barrington on Saturday night, looking forward to getting BOBAFLEXED again!!!!! Come on FORD, give us all a hand by helping them out!!!!
Donna 01/30/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX in Rockford, Il on several ocassions, I've seen several other live bands also, so when I say They are the best live band I have ever seen I believe I have enough experience to be able to judge. The energy in there show is unbelieveable, FORD, you have got to see these guys!!!! And if you can help, please do.
Don G 01/30/2012
Bobaflex, you guys are awesome, your story is unbelieveable, we didn't realize how hard it is to do what you do then put all your energy into a live show. Your guys are AWESOME, you guys ROCK!!! FORD, we are fans of you too, how about giving them a Van, as everyone else has stated we'd be grateful and trust me, we'd show our appreciation!!! ROCK ON BOBAFLEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DJ 01/30/2012
We went to Iowa to see BOBAFLEX over the weekend . . . . GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEEEE, what an awesome preformance!!!!! I'm going again on Friday in Janesville, and Saturday in Barrington. If any of you haven't seen them, you're missing the time of your life! GO SEE BOBAFLEX!!!! I'm a FORD man and I love their trucks!!! Let's get these 2 together!!!
Dan H 01/30/2012
We in indiana love BOBALFEX like the rest of the country, keep on Playing, keep on writting that unbelieveable music, keep on (FORD) trucking and most of all, KEEP ON ROCKING!!!!!!!!!
Shawn 01/30/2012
BOBAFLEX, we have been fans for year and plan on remaining fans, Ford we have been fans for years and plan on remaining fans. FORD I'd like to make a plea also to help Bobaflex, PLEASE!!!!!
CS 01/30/2012
BOBAFLEX, I have your CD in major rotation too, Keep on ROCKING, I'll be seeing you at ROCK ON THE RANGE in Columbus, Ohio. I'll be wearing my BOBAFLEX and FORD t-shirt as was suggusted earlier, I love you guys!!!! FORD, you're tthe best out there, please help BOBAFLEX out . . . . PLEASE!!!!
Conor 01/30/2012
BOBAFLEX live is the best band ever, their CD is great too, Ford, come on, help them out, me and my family for generations will owe you!!!
CL 01/30/2012
I just saw Bobaflex this weekend in Iowa, SOLD OUT, 2,500 screaming fans, a concert you don't want to miss!!!! Bobaflex, you really do ROCK!!!! Ford, we like you too, see if you 2 can get together, what a great team!!!
Brenda 01/28/2012
Bobaflex, I love you guys!!! You guys are awesome!!!! I can't wait to see you again!!! Keep on Rocking!!! Ford how about a Ford van for Bobaflex . . . we'll all owe you a debt of graditude!!!
Bobbie 01/28/2012
Great story of drive and determination, I do know the band, I've seen them live, I've seen the van and am grateful it's kept them safe, they are an amazing talent. People at Ford, you have the best product out there and we, Bobaflex and Ford fans would be so happy if you would help them out and give them a van. Thank you!!!!
Bob E 01/28/2012
Come on FORD give BOBAFLEX a Van . . . What a great story they have, they reached #1 on the charts, that was taken away from them and through determination they are one their way back, that's a FORD story!!!
Ben 01/28/2012
Bobaflex I saw you in Rockford, Il, you guys blew the place up!!!! We had to wait until 12:30AM on a week night to hear you play, you guys are great! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, your fans! Work the next day wasn't so fun but it was worth it. Ford, I hope and pray you can do something for these great guys, you won't ever regret it!
Becky L K 01/28/2012
I need another CD too!!!!! Bobaflex, you guys are awesome and your voices, distintly different are unbelievable. You guys are the most versitile rock band that my friends and i have ever seen. Also thank you for taking the time that you spent with us after the show, you really are the nicest guys, keep up the good work. Ford, you have to meet these guys, they are the best!
Andrew 01/28/2012
I have to put in a word in for Texas, we here in Texas love Bobaflex too, even though I've never seen them here . . . Hey Bobaflex, come to Texas!!! As for Ford, is there any otyher kind of Truck???? (I don't think so). I say give the whole band Ford Trucks!!!!
Alberto M 01/28/2012
A lot of us that are originally from Mexico love Bobaflex!!! We met you in Columbus, Ohio. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, it met a lot to me and my friends. Ford, go ahead and give them a Van!
Adam H 01/28/2012
I saw the band at the New Years Eve concert in Madison, Wisconsin (2011) where they played with Pop Evil, I still am a huge fan of Pop Evil, but BOBAFLEX blew them away, i heard BOBAAFLEX a few times on the radio and liked what i heard but their live show is something that you have to experience!!!! If anyone from FORD is reading these things please help us help BOBAFLEX out and give them a van, as everone else noted, we as fans will pay you back.
Becky K 01/27/2012
I am a BOBAFLEX fan too, I like their music, I like the CD, I like them live, it really is an incredible show to watch, really and truely the best I've ever seen. I don't own a Ford (sorry Ford), but with all the models I've seen i believe it WILL be my next car. I'm asking, like everyone else, for Ford to give BOBAFLEX a van, use their music in your commercials.
Amanda B 01/27/2012
You men of BOBAFLEX are HOTTTTTTT!!!!! Your music is insprational, WOW are you guys awesome!!!!! I'd like to ask Ford to give them a van too!!!
Joe F 01/27/2012
Bobaflex, you guys should be on the American Music Awards, you guys are awesome!!!! I guess as an independant lable it's heard to be heard, I know you guys are working your butts off and I promise you with your talent and your drive you will be sucessful, thank you for your perseverance. The same with Ford, thank you for your drive and perserverance.
Mark B 01/27/2012
I'm sure all of you have heard "sound of silence" as noted in the blog, that song gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it, Bobaflex, you really are the best band out there. Congrats on the rock on the range gig!!!
Ford, great cars, great trucks, great service, we just need you to help Bobaflex out, we will appreciate it!!!!
Tony B 01/27/2012
Well us folks from Iowa will be seeing BOBAFLEX tonight!!!! I can't wait!!! It will be my first time, I love the CD and I can't wait to see them live. I'm looking forward to seeing their Ford Van too. Monday morning i'll be wearing my Bobaflex concert t-shirt to work. FORD, help them, all of us will show our appreciation!!! PEACE OUT!
Michael 01/27/2012
I'll be seeing Bobaflex at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on February 11th and am looking forward to it. i've see them a few times before and i have to agree with a lot of comments, it IS the best live show i have ever seen!!! Michigan, home of Ford, what can we as fans do to get Ford to give them a VAN??? Thank you Bobaflex for your contibutions and Ford, thank your contribution to the car and truck world and thank you in advance for anything you can do for Bobaflex!!!! (Machine Shop, you guys rock too!!!)
JWK 01/27/2012
Yep us Cheeseheads from Wisconsin are true Bobaflex fans, Bobaflex rocks our state, I'm thinking "Bury me with my Guns on" should be the State Song!!! I've seen Bobaflex live, they were awesome! I've meet all the members of Bobaflex, really down to earth guys. FORD you do have the best thing going in the Auto world, how about making us happy and giving them a Van, the white one they drive is good but dang it's getting some serious miles on it.
Scott H 01/27/2012
We down South love Bobaflex too, Keep on rocking Bobaflex, you guys are awesome! Ford, can you get them a Van? It sounds as if everybody will own Fords from now on!!! Thank you Bobaflex for your contribution to the music industry. Ford keep keeping them safe and thank you for anything you can do!
Mark 01/27/2012
I had to trave from North Dakota to Idaho to see Bobaflex, it was worth ever mile, you guys are the best rock band I have ever seen live, thank you for taking a few minutes with me and my wife. Ford, they are the most deserving people i have ever met, see what you can do, I will be indebted to you. Bobaflex and Ford what a great team!
Karleen 01/27/2012
Heck yeah we love Bobaflex in Wisconsin!!!!! I can't even remember how many times "Bury me with my Guns on" has been the song of the day on our radio station, what a great song. Bobaflex I've seen you guys live I think 10 times, each time it gets better, thank you Bobaflex for all your time and energy. Ford, thank you for anything you can do, as everyone else has noted, we the fans will pay it back 10 fold!!! Bobaflex and Ford ROCKS!!!
Don B 01/27/2012
I've been to Rock on the Range for the last 5 years, I saw Bobaflex there a few years ago, they were great then, I've got the new CD, I've seen them live since they are awesome!!!! Ford I think that you ought to do something for them at rock on the range, it is the biggest concet of the year. Anyone that's anybody is there. Ford please give them a Van, I'll be getting Fords from then on, I promise!!!!
Gregg 01/27/2012
Great band!!!! Bobaflex, i love you, my whole family loves you, heck, all my friends love you!!! Your music is the best out there, I would love to hear you more on the radio but we the fans can take care of that. We fans need help from FORD to help get Bobaflex their van, Ford can you help, please?!?!?!?!
Dan L 01/26/2012
Bobaflex you really are the best live band out there!!!!!! I love your CD, I love you live and the passion that you put into your music is beyond compare!!! Keep on Rockin'! Your fans are behind you 1000%. Ford, lets have a Bobaflex concert at Ford field!!! Ford, if you can help them PLEASE do, you'll reap the benefits of such a kind act, we promise!
Nancy 01/26/2012
Bobaflex, I love you guys!!!!!!!! Keep on ROCKING!!!!!!! FORD, i could love you, but it's going to take some bribing . . . (hint - hint) :)
PAUL O 01/26/2012
Thank you FORD for you now known participation!!!! BOBAFLEX you guys ROCK!!! Ford can you help again by getting them a van????
Nate 01/26/2012
My wife and I both love Bobaflex, we met them, we saw them, we experienced them. It is deffinately an experience. Bobaflex has a sound unlike any other band, it's new, it's refreshing, kind of like Ford. Ford the last few years you have raised the bar in the automotive world. I, like everyone else would love to see you help out Bobaflex and get them a van . . . please.
Ruth A 01/26/2012
I recently went thru a lose in the family and i have to tell you there music got me threw a very hard time. I met Bobaflex about 2 months a go and they really are the nicest guys you'd ever want to met. Heck if I could I'd buy them a van. Ford, if you can please help them, we (the fans) would owe you big time!
Terry 01/26/2012
I've never seen Bobaflex, I want to. The CD is as good as any I have. I know that you independants have an uphill climb and with the help of sponsors like Ford you guys can do it. I know Ford sponsors American Idol, well, Bobaflex is America's American Idol. Come on Ford, give them a van and sponsor a tour!!
Sam 01/26/2012
BOBAFLEX, we love you in Flordia too!!!!! Don't leave us out! I got the CD on line, I've seen them live, and they really are the nicest guys I've ever met and there music is just the best. Our company has Ford trucks too, I love the product, I love the band, come on Ford, get them a van and we'll all end up with Ford products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JP 01/26/2012
Bobaflex thanks for taking the time to spend with your fans at the concerts, you really do make us feel like we're "part of the family". I love you guys, your music is incredible! Ford, we love you too, please get Bobaflex a Van, we as fans will support you (Ford) as we will Bobaflex forever. You'll be selling Fords to us for generation!!! Thank you Ford for anything you can do!
Jim T 01/25/2012
Come on FFOORRDD, help us help BOBAFLEX, you need to meet them, they are the nicest and most talented guys I have ever met in my life. BOBAFLEX and FORD ROCK!!!! Give them a van!!!!
Robert W. 01/25/2012
I would like to comment on this story of a bunch of great guys. Combining BOBAFLEX and FORD is a wonderful idea. Their music is awesome and I along with all these others would love for them to receive the help that FORD can give. Thanks FORD!!
Wayne W 01/25/2012
Bobaflex, you guys really are built Ford Tough . . . geeeeeze, on the road 200 days a year!!!!!! I've seen Bobaflex and they really are unbelieveable live, unbelieveable!!!! I've driven a few Fords and I have to say after they posted this story it will be my next car. Thank you Ford for posting this story and Bobaflex, thank you for all the joy you've brought to me, my family and friends. Can Ford give them a hand with the van everyone else is asking for?
Chuck 01/25/2012
I'm glad to hear that Bobaflex is on it's way back, "HOME" is my favorite all time song. I like the new CD, I like the live preformance, I guess you have to see it to get it. Ford, we as fans would love for you to contribute to the rise of BOBAFLEX, they are awsome guys, very approachable, just good guys that pour their heart and soul into their music. Ford, give them a Van . . . PLEASE!
Scott 01/25/2012
Hi all - Scott here, working on my BOBAFLEX fix for the day, cranking "Chemical Valley" and loving it. BOBAFLEX, you guys are the best I've ever seen, the best out there, it's only a matter of time before you're heard by everyone. FORD, you guy are the biggest and now I believe the best, I love your products, they're durable and as the slogan says "Built FORD Tough", I think you need to make BOBAFLEX part of your team, we fans would appreciate it. PLEASE GIVE THEM A VAN!!!!
Chris 01/25/2012
BOBAFLEX you guys ROCK!!!!!!!!! Keep on traveling, keep on writting, keep on playing. I know that life is hard, know that you are appreciated by your fans like me. Ford, you guys are awesome, please help us help them, we will inturn show are appreciatioon to you one vechical at a time. We'll never forget your generosity!
JJ 01/25/2012
Got a Ford truck with my Bobaflex CD in it, could you ask for anything more? Bobaflex, I love your music and the passion you put into it. Ford your truck is the best on the market. Bobaflex, i will support you as a fan anyway I can, Ford, if you can help us as fans and help Bobaflex, we wold appreciate it. Please Ford give them a helping hand, it will come back to you.
Manuel 01/24/2012
BOBAFLEX, you guys ROCK, keep on going, we your fans will be with you forever!!!!!!!FORD, you guys have the best truck on the market, Toyota trucks can't touch you! And your regular vehicles . . . please . . . you were the 1st in the 21st century. Now lets get down to business . . . Let's get Bobaflex a van . . . PLEASE!!!!!!
NGH 01/24/2012
I've never seen the band but heard them on the radio, so I ordered their CD, the CD is greattttt. I live in Missouri, HEY, when are you guys coming to the Branson area!?!?!?! We'd love to see you here. On a side note, Ford, you guys are great too, how about getting Bobaflex a van, come on now, you know we'll all be getting Ford's as our next vechical!
H D 01/24/2012
I was in a company Ford van just like that one and we had an accident in it where it was totaled, even though i ended up with a lot of bumps and bruises we were all safe, i felt that the engineering of the vechical protected us. I've heard and seen the band bobaflex, what a powerful show. I can't even imagine what it take to start your own record label and travel all those miles, it drives me crazy to go back and forth to work every day. Ford, I thank you for keeping me and bobaflex safe, I am asking with everyone else to give them a Van, i know we as fans would appreciate it and I'm sure bobaflex would too. Thank you Ford for anything you can do for these great guys!
Ed 01/24/2012
Don't leave us older people out of the story, I'm in my 60's and i saw the band last year and am a huge fan, Bobaflex you guys are for all generations and Ford so are you. Ford give em the van!!!!
Judy W. 01/24/2012
These are the nicest guys ever. BOBAFLEX is a band that will forever be great just a FORD will forever be great. Please help these guys as they will forever be gratefull. Thanks FORD!!!
Ron 01/23/2012
We're 3 generation Bobaflex fans, my Son likes "Bury me with my Guns on", I like "Home" and My Mom likes "The Sound of Silence", even though we all listen to the whole CD. And we're 1st generation Ford fans, it's a start. Ford how about helping Bobaflex out?
Brian 01/23/2012
Enjoy the hell out of my BOBAFLEX CD, I can't wait to see them live in February in Kenosha, WI. a friend gave me the CD, I played it and now listen to it all the time - THANKS JOHN! Anyway thank you BOBAFLEX for the music it's very new and exciting! FORD, if there is anything you can do for them, we as fans would certainly appreciate it. Thanks for posting the story.
SEAN 01/23/2012
We have 2 company outings every year, last year 16 of us went to the White Sox Game. For our New Years Eve part there were 33 of us that went to the BOBAFLEX concert at Bar 3 in Rockford, il. What a good time!! That was the first i saw them live and they were as good of live band as I've ever seen! They are due in Southern Wisconsin the first part of February and I'm there. BOBAFLEX, thank you for all your hard work and talent, FORD, thanks for a mighty fine vechical. FORD I'd love to see you give them a VAN!
Theresa Baughman 01/23/2012
FORD rocks with BOBAFLEX!!!!! Please help the guys with a new van.
Laurie M 01/21/2012
I loved the story and am familar with the band, WOW it seems like a lot of work! I really am a fan of Bobaflex, I really am a fan of Ford. Bobaflex, your musical talent is second to none, keep on rocking. Ford, if you are listening, listen to our voice, please help Bobaflex out and I promise you will get your investment returned at least ten fold.
Diane 01/21/2012
Great story!!!!! Bobaflex your music inspires me, you guys keep doing what you're doing and you will be heard by everyone. Ford, you have come a long way in the last few years with great products, I believe that your Van has come a long way and needs to be put to the test. I have an original idea, give one to a deserving rock band (cough, cough - BOBAFLEX) and see how it endures! :) Bobaflex you and Ford ROCK!
KIM 01/21/2012
I hate working on Saturdays!!!! Having said that it gave me a chance to read this article forwarded to me from a friend about my favorite band BOBAFLEX. BOBAFLEX, you guys rock!!!! I am in agreement with everyone else, it is the best live band I have ever seen, they are the nicest guys you'd ever want to me and I wore out my CD like a previous person did, I'll be picking one up at The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan next month. Ford seriously, if you can help them get another van I'm sure they and all of us fans would be grateful!!! Thank you FORD for ANYTHING you can do!!
Karen 01/21/2012
We love BOBAFLEX here in Michigan!!! Home of FORD, HMMMM, let's do something for BOBAFLEX please FORD. (BOBAFLEX, we'll see you at Planet Rock on Feburary 10TH!)
RICK 01/21/2012
We're going to see BOBAFLEX again at the back bar in Janesville, WI on Feb 3rd, then going to the Brat Stop in Kenosha, WI on Feb 4th. A weekend of BOBAFLEX is a good thing. Ford, I love your products come on and give BOBAFLEX a FORD van!
LS 01/21/2012
I saw Bobaflex for the 1st time in Madison WI, last year and man did they have the crowd pumped. They really are the best live band out there. I will see them everytime they get anywhere near here. Ford, the company I work for has nothing but Ford's, great product, I even bought a few of my own over the years. Bobaflex and Ford make a grat team, can you guys work something out?
stefanie h 01/21/2012
Thank you BOBAFLEX for all the entertainment, what a great band and the talent they have . . . please. I've seen them several times in the last few years and all you have to do is see them once and you get it. The passion they put in their music in beyond compare. BOBAFLEX keep rocking! Ford keep building those great vechicals and FORD if you can help, please do. We'll owe you for a very long time!
Rich 01/21/2012
I didn't realize that BOBAFLEX's record label went bankrupt. I saw them at "Rock on the Range" I believe in 2008, and have seen them several times since. They have always been great with us and all of their fans. They always have taken the time to talk with us and really are the nicest guys. I know there are hundreds of stories of struggling musicians that could use help but this one has FORD written all over it. FORD tell us what we as fans can do to help get them a FORD van . . . We appreciate you posting the story!!!
Roger Williams 01/21/2012
I'd say give BOBAFLEX a Van . . . does our voice count???
BOBAFLEX ROCKS. Thank you FORD for ANYTHING you can do, karma will do the rest.
Jorge G. 01/20/2012
Bobaflex is one of the best live acts i've seen in a while. They are all good guys and well deserving to be sponsored on the Ford tour. I can't wait to see them back at the Shop.
Paul 01/20/2012
I've been a fan of Bobaflex for years and they ROCK!!!! They deserve a Ford Van for all of the years they have been entertaining us.
scott h 01/20/2012
I had to make a comment - I've seen the White Ford Van and like a previous comment said, every time I see a white Ford van I think of BOBAFLEX. They truely are the hardest working rock band I have ever seen. Keep on (FORD) trucking!! You guys are awesome!!!
SAM 01/20/2012
Things have changed!!! It used to be Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet !
t's now:
FOOTBALL (The Lions at FORD Field)
and FORD!!!
That's what I'm talking about!
The power of the internet!
Thank you BOBAFLEX and FORD!
Richard 01/20/2012
I live in Wisconsin and BOBAFLEX was here about 4 times last year, I went to all 4 shows, what a GREAT live show, we love them here. I heard them on the radio and liked what i heard so some friends and I decided to go to the show . . . we were hooked. It's a shame they don't get more radio play, heck I love every song on their CD.
Doing what they are doing on their on must be difficult and we as fans are trying to do all we can for them and would like to ask FORD if they can help also. THank you FORD for anything you can do.
Matt 01/20/2012
I saw BOBAFLEX for the 1st time last year in San Diego, as everyone else says, What a great live band, I love their music, I love their CD, I loved the concert. I like the suggestion of a FORD sponsored tour . . . and FORD if you can get them a van, all of us "little people" (the fans) would definately show our appreciation to you. ROCK ON BOBAFLEX, ROCK ON FORD!!!! Thank you for posting and sharing this story!!!!!!!!
steven 01/19/2012
My kids are in their 20's and took me to a BOBAFLEX show, as everyone has commented, it was great! I consider myself a fan, they took the time and talked everyone of us, they are a great bunch of guys with incredible music talent. I guess like everyone else, I'd like to see FORD give them a van and the band and all their fans would be eternally greatful. Thank you FORD for posting their story!!!
Evelyn 01/19/2012
I like the idea of doing a FORD national tour, how about it????? I LOVE BOBAFLEX!!! (FORD, you're great too!!)
john baughman 01/19/2012
I would love to see BOBAFLEX get a Van from FORD . . . please, please, please FORD!!!!
Mike S 01/19/2012
BOBAFLEX, we'll see you at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan on February 11th . . . FORD, can you PLEASE give them a van?!?!?!
teresa 01/19/2012
I agree with all of the other comments, they are on there way to the top and as an independant it's difficult unless they have sponsors. I say give them a van!!!! (BOBAFLEX, i wore out your CD, I need to get another one!)
Kristina 01/19/2012
I love those guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a nationwide Ford tour!!!!!!!
Rick 01/19/2012
I've seen BOBAFLEX a couple of times last year in Wisconsin, they seem to be big there, we had a chance to meet them after the show, what awesome guys, they took a lot of time with us and signed everything we asked them too, Ford, you can't find a nicer group of guys and there music is so powerful, I'd say give them a Van, what the heck, give them all a car too!! :)
Jerry B 01/19/2012
I'm just a fan of the band i saw them in Chicago once and can't wait until they come back, they have new refreshing music. If you can Ford, help them out and give them a van.
D Olson 01/19/2012
Bobaflex is the most versatile band I have ever seen, live they are awesome, and their new CD is in my major rotation. If Ford can do anything for them it would be great, I concur with all the other comments that are asking Ford to give them a Van, I am including a plea to do so. Thanks Ford in advance!!!!
Cody 01/19/2012
I like the band, I like the band, I like the band. Can Ford do something for them, it seems as if they could use some of their music and trade for a new Ford van. All our company trucks are Ford and we wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks Ford and see if you can help them out.
Brenda 01/19/2012
I've seen Bobaflex once and can't wait to see them again! They are probably the best live band I have ever seen! Thanks FORD!!!
tanya 01/18/2012
Any time we see a white Ford Van driving around we instantly think BOBAFLEX!What better publicity/ advertisement for the Ford company than one of their vehicles traveling from coast to coast year round.I suppose it would mean that BOBAFLEX is built Ford tough.
Brad Hesser 01/18/2012
Give them a new Ford van! It would be great publicity for the band and for Ford!!
John Baughman 01/18/2012
Can you imagine giving them a Van at "Rock on the Range" in front of thousands of screaming people, Ford take notice, you can't buy that type of publicity . . . and the "Rock on the Range" website is seen by millions!!!! We'd all be wearing BOBAFLEX and FORD t-shirts!!!!
Cory 01/18/2012
Sounds like a band that is on the right track!!!!!!!!! I think giving them a Ford van would help them get there that must FASTER!!!! Sometimes people need alittle help from such a giving company like Ford, this sounds like a group of guys that sure could use the help !!!
Wally K P 01/18/2012
Great band, especially live!!! Ford really should do something to help them on there way . . . Come on Ford, we love your products, what a perfect match!!!!!!!
Shavon 01/18/2012
Hell yeah!! They deserve it. I have been with these guys since back in the day. They have come a very, very long way and are going very strong. Keep up the good work guys. I hope u get a new FORD Van. The old saying is you work hard, it pays off in the end.
Richie 01/17/2012
I agree...Ford should give them a new van...they have worked so hard, they deserve some reward after what they've been through!
Greg Ras 01/17/2012
Cool Story, Thanks for writing. That is a true story of a Ford van driving coast to coast for years now, keeping great people and musicians safe so there loyal fans are able to see them perform all over the United States. I have been a fan and a friend to these good guys for several years now. If you get a chance to see Bobaflex in there Ford van you would enjoy your time meeting them and watching them perform.
Don DeChant 01/17/2012
I have seen/met this band, They are great down to earth guys who deserve a new van(HINT HINT FORD) But they should have to donate the van they have to a new up and comming band, unless they have driven it into the ground and it is about to die. A good reward for all their hard fought battles and determination, and a way to help the next band.
Larry Grogan 01/17/2012
I can remember several dates or recent tours that the ford van needed repairs and the band canceled shows. This band deserves better, i agree with John , give these guys a new van, hell it may just inspire me enough to buy a new ford truck!
David 01/17/2012
These guys are some of the hardest working musicians I know. I have had the pleasure of getting to know all of them and I call them very close friends. I’ve ridden in this van on occasion. They deserve every bit of recognition they have and so much more. That van has been much more than home, at times it has been survival. It is holding up, but with age any vehicle starts to just plain wear out. A transmission failure lead to some down time mid tour for recently. As hard as it is to make a living in the music industry these days, show cancellations and extra vehicle expenses really hit hard. The guys really need a new Ford as this one has served its time well. If anyone at Ford is reading this, a donation of a new van to the band would go a much deserved blessing. They deserve the help and Ford deserves the loyalty of customers like Bobaflex.
Theresa Baughman 01/17/2012
This is a great story about determination and drive to succeed. it would be so wonderful if FORD would give them a new van for their new start. Thank you FORD for keeping them safe!
john 01/17/2012
give them a ford van!!!!