A Good Traitor

My father has lived in the same house in Dearborn, Mi home of the Ford headquarters since 1974. He worked for GM, one of three automakers in the surrounding area where many residents worked at. He only drove GM products and I remember as a boy only seeing buicks and cadillacs in our driveway. There was, however, one car that appealed to me, that stood out beside the rest and that was the 1971 Ford Mustang that was enshrined within the garage. Our bikes were to be kept in the shed because he did not want any scratches on it. When my father retired from GM and opened up his bike shop on the eastside of Detroit, he bought his second Ford vehicle, the 1993 Econoline 500. It was used to transport bikes from Detroit to Dearborn and vice versa. When I turned 16, my father asked what kind of car I wanted, I told him a Pontiac firebird. He said that would not happen and leased a 2000 Ford Explorer which I loved. When I graduated high school, the lease was up so we obtained a 2002 Ford Explorer, also a lease. When the lease was up on that, my father attained a used 2003 Ford explorer. He was tacitly becoming an explorer fan, but I think we was becoming a better fan of Ford. In summer 2009, he finally got rid of the econoline, the most reliable vehicle he will tell you about. However, he got rid of it to obtain the 2010 Ford Fusion through the cash for clunkers program. The car he uses now to transport the bikes is a 1998 ford explorer. While he loved and respected GM and never worked for Ford, he will gladly tell you that Ford products are superior to GM. I happen to agree with him.