The Mighty Mini Van

I was watching a comerical on another manufacturer's mini van and they claimed that more people who purchased their van said that they would repurchase another one. I thought to myself, now why would I want to rebuy another van? In my home our van is almost like our family pet, now can you replace a pet or a person? No! You see, I've raised my 2 sons in this van, traveld to Mexico and feed the starving children, brought them Christmas gifts, drove to numerous vacations in this van. My son brought home his first and only puppy in this van, I had 5 boys changing from school clothes to Karate clothes with socks flying over the seats in this van. We've taken this van to every significant event in our lives including the emergency room to bring home my sick mom. We have laughed, eaten, cried, argued and blasted music till we were all seat dancing in this van. My son just learned how to drive in this van and we watched the odometer turn over 180,000 miles. I am a teacher and I've driven to the southern parts of my city to teach 2nd grade to students who wear the same clothes all week, find broken toys in the street and play with them like they are new, and this van was with me there. I will not replace this van, we will keep it until the wheels fall off, but I will say that one day when I grow up, I want to down size and upgrade at the same time. Next, I want a LINCOLN. Next time the life story will be of my next phase in life, my grandchildren!
Brad B 10/03/2012
Hey Ford ! In the Star Trek Universe they speak of *Generation Ships meaning a space flight that will take a generation to make. Sounds like this loyal Ford owner has a generation van, and also another satisfied customer.