Over The Mountains...to Her Son's Bedside

By Uta B.

My husband's ex-wife, Ellie, knows hardship first hand. She grew up in rural Kentucky before settling in Washington State. Her "rich"years were when she was in the Army. Her husband just had a stroke which made him blind in one eye, therefore making him unable to drive a truck for a living. She already gave back his car, doesn't know where the next mortgage payment will come from, laughs at the idea that they might take away their furniture, and ferociously hangs on to her old Ford Windstar, year unknown. What we do know is that it has 271,000 miles on it and just made it over the Cascade mountains in Washington so she could be at her son's bedside as he undergoes a operation. I just wanted to share this story with you. This mother drove to the other side of a mountain range in a vehicle that has 271,000 miles on it. A Ford Windstar. Put that into your records!
Uta Burke
H 05/11/2011
That's Wonderful!!!!! I hope the van keeps going and that she can rely on it for years to come.