Our First, And Certainly Not Our Last Ford!

By Pam G.

Hello, I am not sure who this letter should be directed to, but I felt compelled to write it. We purchased a 2001 Windstar in 2004. It was our first Ford product. The van had @65,000 miles on it. To date, we still have the van and it currently has @110,00 miles. While driving the other day, I started thinking about the mileage and reliability with it as well. I was thinking honestly, about how satisfied we have been with this vehicle. Aside from a few mechanical, and/or electrical issues here and there, we have been very satisfied with it. I have spoken with several friends who ask now that my children are grown will we downsize our van, and I usually respond that I like my van, and have no desire to get rid of it. It just seems nice that this day and age, after owning this van for @8 years, I still like it and am completely satisfied with it. I see many nice new vehicles out there that are truly beautiful, but I am content with my Windstar. We owned a Chrysler mini-van before this one, and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I just thought a little good news and a "thank-you" for a job well done would make your day a little better. Also, 3 years ago, my 19 year old son purchased a 1996 Ranger. Its a little 4 cylinder, that probably has @200,00 miles on it, is certainly not driven as easily as my van, and runs like a top!! Keep up the good work. Some of us still appreciate a well built, solid product!! Sincerely,