My Windstar!

I bought my Windstar brand new in 2001. I certainly had other vehicles in the past but by and far this has been the best and most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned. I currently have 234,000 miles on it. There has been almost no repair work required despite all the miles I have driven. The majority of the vehicle is original...transmission, etc. The guys at the garage where it has gone it's entire life, mainly for oil changes and routine maintenance, can't get over what a dependable vehicle it has been. Sadly, I'm beginning to think about trading it in for something new. It still starts every time I turn the key and runs beautifully but Maine roads are hard on a vehicle. It is in need of some front end work and has a few rust spots that are spreading. I'm actually sad at the prospect of giving up what's been such a worry free vehicle. I'm also sad that Ford no longer makes the Windstar. I am actively involved in dog activities and the cargo space of a minivan is perfect for my use. I've been looking at the Explorer as a possible option so that I could still stay with a Ford. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about an extremely satisfied customer.