My Engine Is Almost At 200,000 Miles ! Yea ! Never A Problem !

I have never driven nothing else but a FORD ! and this is why. My 2001 Ford Winnstar is close to 198,000 miles ! I've never had any issues with the engine ! This has been the BEST Ford I've ever driven.
Upon turning over to 200,000 miles We will have a PARTY, with many Blue Ford Balloons !
Thank you so much for an awesome friend that has taken such good care of me and my family. She, " 2001 Winnstar" has been with us on all our vacations and trips to see the Grandbabies ! She has been my reliable friend for all these years. She is becomming tired and is in need of a rest. I think she will rest better in knowing that she will only be replaced with another "FRIEND" just like her. So if money permits, I will drive another FORD ! I will add a photo and or a video when time permits, Or you all may come and I will be most honored to introduce you to my friend ! 2001 Ford Winnstar

Donna Winn, Greenville, Texas