Keeps On Going...

By Dan R.

My 03 Windstar was a Ebay purchase, with over 70K miles.  Took out seats and use it every day for delivery and long distance.  I have carried over 1500 pounds, over 1100 miles, one way.  Has over 467,000 miles and going strong.  Replaced a trans, fuel pump, shocks and struts, couple axle bearings, steering parts, etc. but one of the most reliable, money making cars I have owned. 
The car gets oil changed every 3 wks.  Gets new tires every year.  Very dependable.  I see well over 550 to 650K coming up.  She's strong in snow or rain, comfortable when I drive over 12 hours straight through, and I get over 21 mile to a gallon.  I never thought a Ford could be so reliable, but I sure am glad I bought this one.  A little rust on the door, but good paint, everything 3works, and I think Ford needs to believe in their cars enough to issue a badge for high miles.  Listen UpFord....It's American, I own it and I Keep it running.   
Ford Social 09/02/2014
Hi Dan - Sounds like you and your Ford Windstar make a great pair! Thank you so much for sharing your story! - Social.Ford