Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

Hello everyone out there in Ford land. I am writing because I am very sad that my van has finally stopped working. She has been with me through it all. I brought her just after hurricane Katrina from a private owner. Who took very good care of her. I was her second owner, and sadly her last. After I perchused her in New Orleans we moved to Charlotte, Nc over 7 hundred miles away. We then moved back to New Orleans then moved back to Charlotte, back to New Orleans again and then to Mississippi.. our final destination. At one point I even became homeless.. and my Ford was right their with me providing me with shelter and getting me from one job to another.

She has almost 3 hundrend thousand miles on her.. so yes we have been their and back. She was even with me when I deciced to start my foundation called "Poetry In Motion Care Bears" where we visit sick children in hospitals and the elderly in nursing homes bringing smiles to their faces by handing out stuffed animals, gift bags and quilts all along the Gulf Coast.

I can no longer drive her because she has to many problems that I just cant afford to repair anymore, so now I just sit in her and listen to my radio and remember all the good & bad times we have had together. When I need to escape and need a break from it all.. My ford was always there... it was my comfort zone. This is really heart breaking to me because now I am very limited in the hospitals and nursing homes I can visit because I no longer have a car. I will say this... when ever I am able to afford another car it will be a ford.. they truly are built FORD Tough. I truly truly love my van. Her name is Nelly ( my 3 children named her)