Fantastic Fords!

I love Ford and its vehicles for many reasons! The Dallas Ford plant gave my Granddad a chance for an income in the 60's. He was over 60 when he was hired by a kind-hearted plant manager and worked for them for several years! He expressed his pride in and appreciation for Ford until his death at 100 years old!
My husband and I are also big fans! We have owned an Explorer, an Expedition, an F-150 Supercrew, and a Windstar and loved them all! ! In February 2009, my amazing 2001 Windstar SEL protected me from serious injury ! I was stopped at a red light when I was rear-ended at full speed. The strong impact knocked my Windstar (and the three large SUVs ahead of me) forward several feet. My beautiful minivan took the majority of the impact and and protected me and the other drivers! I feel I owe my life to the strength of the Windstar!
Now that our son is a teenager, we are searching for a vehicle that we can trust with his life! ... and our first choices are Ford products!